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  1. Over two years ago. Very Odd deal. The developers needed changes to the structure for different support for what they wanted to do. The "quazi PM firm" that was managing the job the office building/garage project that was going on at the time (who was a developer that lost the hotel project) rushed the contractor to make it impossible (or very costly) to make any changes to the structure. I just can't see one more hotel going over there right now or in two years.
  2. The did and made an award. It is a quazi ground lease deal with HOT Taxes and block availability - very complicated deal. Will it ever happen - I would say Yes, when is the answer. I can tell you that Marriott getting lured to build what they did by Houston First - then subsequently Houston First wanting to put another hotel together probably didn't go over so well.
  3. Correct... It was more of preventing from you waiting outside in the rain when they have a pool they are picking from. Let's say it is more of convenience and knowing that your tax dollars are being well spent.
  4. They learned their lesson! Especially with the Jury Issue. They had to build a separate building just to house the jurors before they could go in. But you have to remember that was all master planned and their are tunnels that go from jails to criminal courthouse - it allows for seperation. 800 Bell would not allow that. They were also talking about 800 Bell housing the police HQ at 600 Travis. The original deal that was in place was a really complex delivery. The bottom line is that the COH needs new "social infrastructure", but they do not have enough money to pay for it. They would have to go to the voters asking to get 500+ to rebuild their jails, courthouses, and police center into a "campus". It is spread out right now, where Harris County is bundled together nicely. Not sure what the voters appetite would be on a large bond program for those types of facilities?
  5. The study was done, high rise court facilities do not work. Major problems with conveyance of people, i.e. inmates and jury members. Also parking becomes a headache, people end up being late, etc...
  6. The top level is structural steel, long steel trusses, to eliminate columns. I believe the majority of the holding of the "processe's" will be on the top level.
  7. You need to look at the whole market. Softening conditions might make it close to that. Especially, since it does not look like they are going underground for parking!
  8. Never said the practice facility was going to this location, I stated a Mixed-Use that includes Texan's offices would be included. The practice facility would be elsewhere - there are two options with a mass amount of acerage.
  9. Good connections. I can say it is very hush hush - by the time we publicly hear about it, it will be halfway built. Time will tell if it does happen - I side with Monarch. It is is a lot of talk and little action, it has been discussed for about 2-3 years now and nothing to show. I will believe it when I see it.
  10. Yes. That inflatable bubble has to go. Have you seen what Jerry did in Dallas, or what was done in Denver? This has some justification of why Mcnair is looking to relocate and create partnership "permanent" facility - not a inflatable balloon. This development being most likely a destination for a "Texans Headquarters" in post oak, would also put the practice facility location into question. Truly, the model that just happened in Dallas is one that other owners across the NFL may look at as the best way to earn extra revenue, but also provide world class facilities to their team, i.e. not a big bubble.
  11. No updated renderings available. ZCA to my understanding is no longer involved, a international boutique architect has been selected. The red box on the map, might be one of the partners that were in discussions early on. They were planning on handing off the "apartment" component to a builder/developer combo. I would suspect that this will go, but with the news of practice facility relocation, etc. the rest of the space could be a ways out.
  12. Merely looking at the facade vs. structure production for high rise construction. They have challenges.
  13. This is a next cycle project. Renderings I saw showed High End Hotel, Residential Towers (2), and an office. If market conditions get better, this might be one of the first big projects that gets out of the ground first for next cycle - to be the first to deliver.
  14. Would be so curious to see if there was a time lapse video showing the start of construction - I would be curious to see how 609 Main looks in a time lapse video - for some reason I think that 609 Main was built extremely fast....
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