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  1. All westbound lanes of I-10 from 610 to BW8 are open! Awesome. It now takes me about 25 minutes from inside the loop to energy corridor. Amazing. Love it.
  2. I noticed some westbound lanes right before beltway 8 have been opened. Now we just need the westbound lanes right after 610 open! Slowly getting there.
  3. No drama, and I'm not special, just spreadin' the word.
  4. I don't think the original question was ever answered. When will the WESTbound lanes of I-10 be open? Eastbound lanes are already in final config. At the moment, I think I-10 heading away (westbound) from downtown is worse than heading into downtown (eastbound) in the morning. As a reverse commuter this kills me (Inner Loop to Energy Corridor). BTW, the northbound and southbound ramps to BW8 from I-10 eastbound are now open. Finally.
  5. I have a couple of friends who own UrbanLofts townhomes. I haven't heard any complaints from them. Don't have any direct experience with HHN except from what I've read and an open house. I will say the owners of HHN appear to value customer service. Do a search on HHN and you'll find a thread where one of the HHN owners actually posted on here. That speaks volumes to me. Having been to my friends' UrbanLofts homes multiple times, I would say HHN and UrbanLofts offer two completely different styles though. UrbanLofts offers a very contemporary "urban" look." HHN, on the other hand, has a more t
  6. This is a good thread. I always wondered the same thing. However, I think you need to adjust the 300k number. If you want to live in the most desirable places Inside the Loop (aka West U, Braes Heights, Bellaire) 300k won't buy you much at all. I live in Braeswood Place and always wonder what kind of people are buying these 800k+ new construction homes. But it's just not Inside the Loop anymore either. Try looking for homes in Memorial, Energy Corridor, or Spring Branch. 300k won't get you much anymore. But if you look in other parts of the country, people like us wouldn't even dream of livin
  7. I hope I am not too late. I would avoid Intown Homes, as it is a Frank Liu company. I have some friends who own an InTown home and their experiences was not good. You can read about my experience with another one of his companies in another thread. Just do a search on Lovett Homes. Outward quality of these homes may appear good, but once a problem develops you are out of luck. Customer service in a Frank Liu company is non-existent. Please private message me if you have further questions.
  8. As I have been accused of only posting in my own thread, I've decided to take the big step of posting in other threads to enhance my "credibility." Now this post is what I am talking about. A homebuilder who appears to be committed to customer service and does not want to hide behind a legion of sales reps and attorneys. You can tell company's who care about their reputation when they check forums like these and actually post on them. Although, I've only walked through a few HHN homes, outward quality seems to be good. But more importantly, the company owners seem willing to talk face to face
  9. Really? How have I offended him? I haven't attacked his personal character, judgment, intelligence or anything. I just want him to get off my case. You are entitled to your opinion of my believability and credibility and I respect that, but I'm positive that at least one person has read this thread and had second thoughts about going with Lovett. Just read some of the posts. Oh, and I hope I never buy a home next door to you either. Sheesh, now the real characters are coming out of the woodwork.
  10. Well, hello there BuilderBob. Once again another inflammatory post by you. I don't understand this insistence by you and editor to "move on." I have "moved on" from the incidents of several years ago, but as I said, I'm keeping the thread alive to inform and advocate. Nor am I jaded. I still consider custom building, and if I do choose to do so, I'll be going in much the wiser. At any rate, if you gain anything from this thread, you should learn the lesson to treat your clients right because, who knows, your next client could be the next me. I don't think you would be happy seeing a thread en
  11. Mr. Editor, have I offended you in some past life? If you are so sick of my warning others about Lovett, why do you even bother reading this thread? And besides, this is really my party since I was the original poster. Most people who are not enjoying the party usually just leave. Nobody is forcing you read this thread. If it's because your job, well, I'm sorry, I have no control over that. With possibly the exception of my response to BuilderBob (whose post I must admit irritated me), I don't think I've ever made any personal ad hominem attacks on another poster. Furthermore, I've only pos
  12. It's still there. Lovett tried to cover it up with black paint and some bushes. It's still an eyesore to me. We, of course, walked away from the home after losing in arbitration. PM me if you are interested in seeing it. The home is in the museum district. They should've made the utility bank perpendicular to the street. I've since seen many patio homes with this proper configuration. Instead, Lovett made the utility bank parallel to the street completely blocking the view to the street.
  13. Well, that's the rub, isn't it? I'm not really gaining anything from the views. However, if this thread has given at least one person pause before buying a Lovett home, well, my mission has been accomplished. No way to tell for sure, but before this thread, there was nothing about Lovett on the web besides its website. Furthermore, it's not just about an incorrectly tiled bathroom, it was the customer service. I think people have been misunderstanding my main point. I've admitted that there are probably some decent quality Lovett homes, but as a company, their customer service stinks. Interes
  14. I would also like to proudly note that this thread has over twice as many views than any other thread under the Houston Real Estate topic. So obviously being the "loud and rude" one in the corner does have its benefits.
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