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  1. I took a walk in the park on Sunday at dusk. The walls of the outdoor rooms had gone to seed and berry. The swamp was moist. The families sitting on blankets and individuals walking the planks seems at peace. To the landscape architects who repurposed and replanted for the public's use and enjoyment , kudos. 22CC5225-0DE3-4FE9-A4A6-10A3482F287E_1_201_a.heic 59F3820E-42EF-4F16-9B86-5D36AF86541E_1_201_a.heic DB93A080-B325-4B7B-B626-464257C5DD7E.heic 8FA25F4F-EBF3-4B1A-B641-E9C38B62FEF0.heic DE267947-2936-4602-8736-6C0EE62D6DAD.heic ACE556CD-4392-4A31-9F21-197952539397.heic
  2. I'm no expert, but it looks like the parapets and screens on the roof are done. Maybe some lighting? The only part that looks crappy from my 37th floor perch is near the San Felipe side of the tower where there is exposed sheet metal ductwork. I'm probably only one of a handful of people who can see it. It's not going to be visible from the ground or from miles away.
  3. I'm staring straight across from the fins as I type. What you see is what you get. It looks like the punched metal screening material that accents the fins has been installed. They have some scaffolding around this assembly now.
  4. I watched them do this when they started work on the foundation of the Aspire residential tower. They "dewatered" the perimeter of the building site and drove metal pilings to create a relatively dry bathtub-like space two stories below the surface before laying down a massive amount steel and concrete.
  5. I paid $30 to park my Roofnest at El Cosmico last Thanksgiving. Do you think they will set aside spots for campers like me? 0B266E84-6475-485C-9542-7BA5FB99B872.heic
  6. I live in a 2690 sq. ft. unit at Four Leaf, a quarter of the floor, which was the standard 3 Br, 3 and 2 1/2 bath unit for the top 18 floors designed 40 years ago. A 10K sq. ft. unit in this new tower will be a whole floor, the 5K a half, etc. The only reason it will demand fewer public services is that there will be 100 people living there, and if its marketed to those overseas, many apartments will be empty for most of the year. I live alone with a cat, and this apartment is too big for my needs at the moment. With digital media, there is no need for a library or a wall of shelving to house one's lp collection. I"m not sure how residents are going to fill up 10K sq. ft. of space, even giving the servants a wing of their own. In Four Leaf, we have residents who live in Mexico and who spend a few weeks a year here . They own more than one apartment and travel with their servants. I guess in the new condo, when they ring a bell, the staff will respond more quickly, not having to ride the elevator to attend to the needs of their employers.
  7. If its the same Blue Nile that has been on Richmond near Gessner for 20 years, since I've been here, then it might do well. When I last ate there a decade ago it was the go to place for ithe Ethiopian community here, which probably has grown, with a second or third generation that has its roots in Houston, not in Addis Abbaba.
  8. Rainbows over the corridor work too! Happy Pride month. 46C1D54B-40F3-4BAD-9570-541C1886A8E3.heic 510F3851-225C-403E-8D7A-D5065AFD3EC6.heic
  9. When they broke ground they anticipated a first q 21 for leasing. My hunch is that we are looking at Sept
  10. Looking good . FA9B3336-1898-449F-A17C-D175360C1DE6.heic
  11. The building reminds me of the entrance to the Shah's palace overlooking the great square in Isfahan. one of the treasures of the Safavid era. I was last there in 1977 , but I remember an elevated open air terrace under a roof supported by tall thin columns facing the irrigated gardens in the center of the square ( more of a rectangle ). The fractal geometry of the tile work and niches and other decorative elements were at least impressive those one might find on a Gothic cathedral in Western Europe. It's nice to see the continuation and modernization of an architecture that has historical resonance with this religious sect.
  12. I like the way Aspire helps define the front plaza of Four Leaf Towers. For many in our condo it was a view killer. Luckily my unit looks out over the top of the Cosmo and Aspire just frames the view instead of blocking it.
  13. Love this picture! Did you know that there is an open to the public pre-Civil War cemetery a few courtyards over from the one in the picture? Quite a juxtaposition of styles and uses along this street.
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