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  1. Lovely infill building . Love this building in the late afternoon.
  2. Nice sunny afternoon . The fins are being constructed out of concrete block and a metal frame today Here is a nice pic of the ensemble of bldgs on this side of Post Osk .
  3. It looks like this project is going to replace a surface parking lot. Too bad they didn't go for broke and buy the empty lot next door where the a two story Tudor-style garden apartment condo used to be circa 2012 when I lived in the Cosmo. I'm 64 and my body is better now that it was when I was in my 30s and working 24/7 at a Manhattan law firm and commuting 2 hours a day into the city from the burbs. Three hours a week in the condo fitness center and walking on alternating days seems to work for me.
  4. Love the skinny profile while looking north on Post Oak blvd. E571C10E-CB17-482C-8723-82E9F1F0FE66.heic
  5. Owning makes sense if you intend on living in some place for at least 7 years. The transaction costs in and out, and the fluctuations in the market , make short term ownership risky and expensive. If you are a consultant, lawyer, investment banker or corporate professional and your career path includes moving from office to office or moving from one employer to another, potentially in another city, then ownership isn't that desirable.
  6. I think that Post Oak Central would be a great location for an upscale event space. The evening and weekend use would complement the office development day use, the park would be a lovely place for a wedding and there could be rooftop bars, terraces on the rooftops of the middle building. I often walk there and use the space to call my family or read my mail. The fountain is roughly the size of the one at Lincoln Center in NY and is a great place to cool off and reflect on the day. I also like the way that the triangular park is offset by the one at the Hilton and taken together is a great
  7. The retail area beneath the parking garages at Post Oak Central has large vacancies and could be revitalized. It would be great to get some restaurants in there and would be a decent location for the educational supplies store, Whole Earth Products and the Container Store. There should be sufficient parking available.
  8. Uptown has three parks: the Water Wall, Grady Park and the small pocket park on San Felipe.
  9. I am about to lose my view of the Upper Kirby District, but since I am both a voyeur and an exhibitionist, having neighbors living behind glass walls is a win/win for me. 😉
  10. I'm afraid this is not going to be like Fred and Ginger, but more like Fred and Shirley Temple. As I type this my Spotify algorithm served up Marley, singing Redemption Song. Power to the People.
  11. The only thing I know about structural engineering is what I learned by osmosis after spending a night at the Boll Weevil Motor Inn, in Elba, Alabama, but an inquiring mind asks: Do the columns taper as the building ascends or is it my imagination? I could probably identify three or forces they have to deal with, but that's about as far as my knowledge base extends.
  12. Remarkable cloud cover right now. Project is in lower left of landscape. The more I see of Hsu' s work the more I like it.
  13. Working on the pool today. Quite a cloud ceiling today.
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