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  1. The retail area beneath the parking garages at Post Oak Central has large vacancies and could be revitalized. It would be great to get some restaurants in there and would be a decent location for the educational supplies store, Whole Earth Products and the Container Store. There should be sufficient parking available.
  2. Uptown has three parks: the Water Wall, Grady Park and the small pocket park on San Felipe.
  3. I am about to lose my view of the Upper Kirby District, but since I am both a voyeur and an exhibitionist, having neighbors living behind glass walls is a win/win for me. 😉
  4. I'm afraid this is not going to be like Fred and Ginger, but more like Fred and Shirley Temple. As I type this my Spotify algorithm served up Marley, singing Redemption Song. Power to the People.
  5. The only thing I know about structural engineering is what I learned by osmosis after spending a night at the Boll Weevil Motor Inn, in Elba, Alabama, but an inquiring mind asks: Do the columns taper as the building ascends or is it my imagination? I could probably identify three or forces they have to deal with, but that's about as far as my knowledge base extends.
  6. Remarkable cloud cover right now. Project is in lower left of landscape. The more I see of Hsu' s work the more I like it.
  7. Working on the pool today. Quite a cloud ceiling today.
  8. The glass comes alive at sunset.
  9. Window wall installation reminds me of Leger, greyed out. It’s definitely happening . It’s interesting watching a bit of the learning curve as they begin putting the glass in .
  10. Crane jumped . Glass walls startIng on the 8 th floor .
  11. The rendering of the residential bathroom looks like the tub is positioned in an elevator lobby. Great for both exhibitionists and voyeurs.
  12. We have a 20% vacancy rate on office space in this city and the major tenants ( 0il and gas and related businesses) are consolidating, reducing staff and using less space. I addition, there is a helluva lot of sublease space on the market. One would think that start-ups can find a deal in Class B buildings or in short term subleases in downtown, uptown or energy corridor buildings. At current absorption rates we have a dozen years of excess office space and building this space for start-ups appears to me to be ill--conceived.
  13. I don't think the walk from east to west under 610 is difficult at all. I walk to Target, ROD, Central Market and Highland Village from my base in Four Leaf Towers. It would be nice if the space under the freeway was occupied by flower stalls , but this isn't Paris or Amsterdam or Mexico City and people in their cars in Houston are in inert bubbles and rarely acknowledge that there is a world outside the interior of their SUVs.
  14. Agree. Unlike the feud between the owners of the Fountainbleu and Eden Roc hotels in Miami Beach. In that case, the developer of the Eden Roc hired Morris Lapidus, the architect of the Fountainblue to design his hotel. When ER became a popular hang out and developed more buzz than the FB, the owner of the latter struck back. He built a tower at the property line that blocked the sun at the Eden Roc pool during the afternoon and presented a blank concrete wall with no windows on its northern elevation, except for a windowed suite on the top floor, where the owner of the Fountainbleu could look down and get satisfaction from the deserted Eden Roc pool area below. Nasty.
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