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  1. The building reminds me of the entrance to the Shah's palace overlooking the great square in Isfahan. one of the treasures of the Safavid era. I was last there in 1977 , but I remember an elevated open air terrace under a roof supported by tall thin columns facing the irrigated gardens in the center of the square ( more of a rectangle ). The fractal geometry of the tile work and niches and other decorative elements were at least impressive those one might find on a Gothic cathedral in Western Europe. It's nice to see the continuation and modernization of an architecture that has historical r
  2. I like the way Aspire helps define the front plaza of Four Leaf Towers. For many in our condo it was a view killer. Luckily my unit looks out over the top of the Cosmo and Aspire just frames the view instead of blocking it.
  3. Love this picture! Did you know that there is an open to the public pre-Civil War cemetery a few courtyards over from the one in the picture? Quite a juxtaposition of styles and uses along this street.
  4. I've been doing take out from all three. TOS delivers free in the area if its more than $25 dollars. The last two time I ordered from them I had some friends over and spent about $100 , and had enough leftover to feed me for another couple of days. Just finished the twice cooked pork and the eggplant dish tonight.
  5. I'm glad that the Uchi spin off is on track. Right now my three go to Asian restaurants in the neighborhood are Uptown Sushi, Jennis Noodle House and Taste of Sichuan Bistro. It will be great to get another one in the rotation.
  6. The metal clad building plays EPCOT to Michael Graves' Main Street Fed Reserve building. I'm curious what goes on in the great hall now that its intended use as a workspace for the batching and swapping of checks is not needed as much due to the electronic transfer of funds.
  7. It's such a big box. I wonder if it is equipped to offer charging stations in a quantity to accommodate a changeover to electric cars during the course of the next decade. I live in Four Leaf with a vast below grade parking deck and right now we don't have enough demand to bring power to the people on a cost effective basis . I think there is a business opportunity for a third party to install the wiring and buy the power in wholesale and get its investment back through fees and the spread on power purchases/sales in apartment complexes , but I haven't run the numbers.
  8. Looking through there developer's portfolio, I think they should put something like the Poplar Grove Plantation clubhouse, with pool and lounging areas on the site of the Disco Krogers, entrance purchased on a daily, monthly and annual basis.
  9. This evening as I walked past the green lawns that flank the Whole Foods unit and the two unbuilt sites on the western side of Post Oak Lane and through the Apache parking lot, it struck me that its been a good 15 years since this project got underway and that a good amount of it is still undeveloped. Would this be considered a failed project in the development world? Granted not as disastrous as the mall built in the Jersey Meadowlands that opened just in time for Covid to shut it down. And to the extent that the developer sold all of the land and got a return on his investment, then it
  10. I enjoyed sitting in the Adirondack chairs and ordering sushi to go on my iPhone earlier this month.
  11. I walked through the Eastern Glades two weeks ago. I was very impressed with the landscape, water features and the hard scape used to define outdoor rooms and to provide a place for group activities and individual reflections. Here are a few more pics.
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