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  1. closing our office in the Conroe area, selling 2 copiers for $500 each. Xerox 2510 Blueprint copier with velum and paper. Xerox 5018 Copier. 281-660-0965 call and leave a message and I will return your call. Jon
  2. I actually worked the shows the night of Rainbow Bridge.. The guy who was in the film interviewing Jimi on the staircase was also there. We sold the first show out so quickly that we decided to do additional shows that night.
  3. I believe my father, Robert Miller, was one of the neighborhood residents who started the movement to get the pool built. He and a few others aroung the area had parties there quite often. Sometimes we would ride around the neighborhood on the back of a flatbed or on a trailer with music playing advertising upcoming parties. This would have been 66-69 era. We lived on Silverwood as did Dr. Kaufhold. Jon Miller
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