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  1. One would think that after thousand years of confusion, god would finally realize that "shoot, I better go down and tell them myself, maybe do some real in-your-face miracles, so they believe me and wouldn't get it wrong". But no, he wants to go through the message through dreams thingy again, so we end up with even more more denominations, hooray. Based on this, one should already conclude that either there is no god, the christian version anyway, or this dude is really bad at communicating, or errr, god works in really mysterious ways.
  2. And less ugliness might also increase tourism dollars. Ok, nobody knows.
  3. This is a popular one floating around the internet since forever. http://forums.somethingawful.com/showthrea...mp;pagenumber=1
  4. Looks like Obama camp took the smart road, addressing the number one issue economy and attacking John at the same time: http://www.keatingeconomics.com/ To be unleashed at 12:00pm eastern time 10/06/08 Brilliant, and props to the use of technology too. This election, Obama has utilize the internet like no other. They even have a Obama TV channel just came up too. McCain ... well ... technology internet ... nevermind
  5. I wish Palin would answer questions though instead of trying to match scripted talking points to questions. Many times it just seem weird when the scripted points totally didn't match up to what was being asked, even though it was delivered nicely.
  6. What the hell is everyone panicking about? The fundamentals of the economy are strong.
  7. It didn't look like a 100% Bush 3rd term until McBush added a fundie nutjob to the ticket. Have you folks seen the video of her 'Jesus Camp' church and her speech that Iraq is a task from God? This christian extremist certainly seals the impression that this is a Bush III ticket.
  8. Jeebus and also Ummm, mr not getting it, First, don't try and lie again saying that their job is for protecting me from my enemies, that's what they sign up to do, but definitely not deployed to do. And sure, they are creating a product, but for an artificial demand, made possible by wars, created courtesy of the government so they can have jobs. Still, welfare, just special blend. And how sick is this. To continue the war so folks have jobs. Especially the bolded words of Jeebus. Both of you know which other government in history professes the same love you have for military keynesianism?
  9. And just like your business example, your employees will be productively working on staring at their desks, but it doesn't do anything overall for your company.
  10. You are talking about empty jobs and projects that does nothing productive for the US. That's a type of welfare. Since you are thinking of doing business. That's would be like you hiring a bunch of ppl to do a job like staring at the desk, or basically anything tasks that doesn't bring productivity to your business. Would you be so nice as to give away your money like that unless its to provide some sort of welfare for his or her family?
  11. The biggest welfare system is our slippery slope preemptive wars. It gives money away to empty projects and military jobs does nothing beneficial to the US. And Jeebus. read in context: If we are to believe that getting dictators will end up protecting us, then we can also believe that social programs will end up protecting us. I won't be voting for McBush for his neocon confrontational stance on foreign policies, which ends up being one big welfare program for overseas contractors, war profiteers and military.
  12. I think I said it before, it was my constant farting that save America. Easy huh, No evidence needed to supported it. But seriously, seems one attack did a pretty good job of turning our surplus into deficit, made us attack another country that had no connection, loss of civil liberties, etc. Maybe they saw that we did a better job at making things worse for ourselves. Maybe that's why there is no need to do another one for a long time. There could be a thousand reasons. Or it could be my constant farting, or Bush's.
  13. Well, its kind of your plan based on your reasoning, keep america safe, all slippery slope ways to protect our country are valid. War welfare programs are valid, so are domestic welfare programs.
  14. You are actually trying to pass these slippery slope reasons as valid? How about this one, if we expand our domestic social programs, ppl won't be stuck in a rut, and therefore they won't cooperate with outside terrorists for money and we will end up being safer, therefore let's expand our social programs to keep America safe from bombings. Hypocrisy is a necessary virtue for republican nomination
  15. Don't try to justify unnecessary wars with necessary ones, preemptive defense may work, but not slippery slope preemptive wars, which this one is pretty obviously, except to the clueless. To throw money to empty jobs and projects that does nothing productive for the US is welfare. And you are right that even without the war, we would still be throwing money at 'defense', which is also welfare considering that our military budget encompasses what other countries use combined. You can e-imitate me cowardly behind the computer all you want, I can handle myself pretty well, even with welfare war profiteers. The 'keeps other countries at bay' and 'remove dictator' argument is as as slippery slope as can be, and very reckless and irresponsible, by this line of reasoning, we can also justify nuking 50% of the world, because then, we will be 50% safer.
  16. Ya right, our defense spending benefits a lot of ppl, like mostly war profiteers, war equipment manufacturers, and the military folks. Only few clueless still buy that slippery slope preemptive 'defense' approach is really helping us, as they continue dishing out the biggest welfare program in history.
  17. There is so much spin in this one it boggles the mind. Severely cut? Do you know our defense (if you can really call it that, more like offense) spending in 1999 was actually 33% of the total world military spending in 1999. How much more should it be? And now its like 630billion or something, which is more than all the other countries' combined. Talk about welfare, web contractors, war profiteers, war equipment manufacturers and the military folks are reeling in this the 630billion war welfare. And its welfare from debt, owned by Japan and China. And I have heard too many of these 'God did it type reasoning' to explain why there are no attacks. Unless you can provide some direct evidence as to the cause and effect of why we are not attacked, any reason is a plausible one, even my constant farting can be said to be stopping terrorists. As for the surge, how long have we been hearing it is working? Years since mission accomplished, The ultimate proof that the war is working is when the troop levels go down and troops come home. This kind of 'the surge is working' argument sounds like a gambler in Vegas. 'I am winning, I am winning at his table', 'Yeah, how much have you lost overall?' 'Who cares, I am winning at this table right now, and I will make it all back. Give me a couple of years.' 'Sure. here I will borrow more money to give you so you can finally make it all back.' And the religious right aren't just yelling like the Al Sharptons. The Al Sharptons' are pretty good at getting media attention, but that's nothing compare to the power of the religious right in influencing our government policies and decisions to control ppl's way of life.
  18. After reading up on her, it makes it harder not to believe this ticket is a vote Bush all over. If you thought McCain wasn't Jesus loving enough like Bush is, or neocon enough, Palin sure seals that for you. Plain is as ultra social conservative as they come, definitely more so than McCain. New slogan coming out all over for her too, the anti-women female candidate.
  19. Whether they vote that way or not is moot, we are talking McCain's ppl's intentions, they are hoping that they might. The worse thing is she wants to teach creationism in schools ... well, that would perfect for you.
  20. I think its even more naive to think he didn't elect her to 'steal' Hilary votes. The republican party would have never put a minority as VP (whether woman, younger person, non-white etc, different religion, bi-sexual, etc) if not for the fact that Democrats had produced two promising candidates not of the same white old dude with christian background variety.
  21. Or the ones living, but without arms, legs or have a host of other handicaps and ailments, that includes civilians and soldiers. Looking at McCain's speeches and ads on Iran, Afghanistan, Russia, and Iraq, it seems that his foreign policies will be more more confrontational than Bush's. I think US has enough of that. We have to put the defense back in national defense, and put our money for domestic stuff like borders, and put soldiers in harms' way when there are real threats, no more slippery slope preemptive reasons or made up reasons, no more policing the world.
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