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  1. One would think that after thousand years of confusion, god would finally realize that "shoot, I better go down and tell them myself, maybe do some real in-your-face miracles, so they believe me and wouldn't get it wrong". But no, he wants to go through the message through dreams thingy again, so we end up with even more more denominations, hooray. Based on this, one should already conclude that either there is no god, the christian version anyway, or this dude is really bad at communicating, or errr, god works in really mysterious ways.
  2. And less ugliness might also increase tourism dollars. Ok, nobody knows.
  3. This is a popular one floating around the internet since forever. http://forums.somethingawful.com/showthrea...mp;pagenumber=1
  4. Looks like Obama camp took the smart road, addressing the number one issue economy and attacking John at the same time: http://www.keatingeconomics.com/ To be unleashed at 12:00pm eastern time 10/06/08 Brilliant, and props to the use of technology too. This election, Obama has utilize the internet like no other. They even have a Obama TV channel just came up too. McCain ... well ... technology internet ... nevermind
  5. I wish Palin would answer questions though instead of trying to match scripted talking points to questions. Many times it just seem weird when the scripted points totally didn't match up to what was being asked, even though it was delivered nicely.
  6. What the hell is everyone panicking about? The fundamentals of the economy are strong.
  7. It didn't look like a 100% Bush 3rd term until McBush added a fundie nutjob to the ticket. Have you folks seen the video of her 'Jesus Camp' church and her speech that Iraq is a task from God? This christian extremist certainly seals the impression that this is a Bush III ticket.
  8. Jeebus and also Ummm, mr not getting it, First, don't try and lie again saying that their job is for protecting me from my enemies, that's what they sign up to do, but definitely not deployed to do. And sure, they are creating a product, but for an artificial demand, made possible by wars, created courtesy of the government so they can have jobs. Still, welfare, just special blend. And how sick is this. To continue the war so folks have jobs. Especially the bolded words of Jeebus. Both of you know which other government in history professes the same love you have for military keynesianism?
  9. And just like your business example, your employees will be productively working on staring at their desks, but it doesn't do anything overall for your company.
  10. You are talking about empty jobs and projects that does nothing productive for the US. That's a type of welfare. Since you are thinking of doing business. That's would be like you hiring a bunch of ppl to do a job like staring at the desk, or basically anything tasks that doesn't bring productivity to your business. Would you be so nice as to give away your money like that unless its to provide some sort of welfare for his or her family?
  11. The biggest welfare system is our slippery slope preemptive wars. It gives money away to empty projects and military jobs does nothing beneficial to the US. And Jeebus. read in context: If we are to believe that getting dictators will end up protecting us, then we can also believe that social programs will end up protecting us. I won't be voting for McBush for his neocon confrontational stance on foreign policies, which ends up being one big welfare program for overseas contractors, war profiteers and military.
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