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  1. I used to park in that garage when I had to drive in. I didn't know you could still see the flooring and where the counters were though. I love when you can see the remnants of what was once there in old buildings. Since I never shopped there (maybe I was too young?), I guess I'll have to go there and use my imagination as to what it once looked like. Interesting stuff. Have you ever visited the old Nabisco building on Almeda and Holcombe? Same thing- you can see, on the floor, where the old machinery once was. The factory floor is actually kind of nice, considering it was a factory. It
  2. WOW! Great pictures! I can't wait to see what our new addition is going to look like!
  3. What I meant is that I'd rather have a monument to Bush the elder in Houston rather than to his son.
  4. At least there are no statues of "Dubya" planned. (not yet anyway)
  5. Spring branch area. Typical burbs- you can go weeks without seeing a soul. When I leave Houston in '06, I'm definitely going to look for a more urban area to live in. I just can't take the burbs anymore.
  6. I'd be afraid to walk in my neighborhood. 1. Because I'm a woman and I'd be the only one walking in my neighborhood. I think it would be different if I lived in a bustling area full of people. 2. The crazy hillbilly drivers. In the last week, I've seen two people almost get run over because somebody in a car was in too much of a hurry to stop and look around. You have to have a death wish to walk in this neighborhood. When I worked downtown, I really used to enjoy my lunchtime walks around the city. You see so much when you get out there and I really miss it.
  7. Great article! And I love your sarcasm. I never liked Walmart (or any big-box store) simply because they are such eyesores in the neighborhood and they're awful to spend any time in. I do shop at Target for household stuff but I generally try to avoid the whole big-box thing. It's nice to hear from other folks who feel the same way.
  8. 20sGirl

    Jeff Davis

    Who knows- maybe once there is life there again, the "activity" will lessen or cease altogether. It will be nice to see this beautiful building restored to a happy place. Maybe it will even out some of the suffering that happened there in previous years.
  9. "Beautiful work, Danny! Bravo!" Thanks for the great photos, Hunter!
  10. I heard that they were discontinuing that rail line. Anyone hear the same? Is it true?
  11. I agree- the radio in Houston sucks with a capital "S". I'm probably showing my archaic tendencies but, thank God for CDs.
  12. Well, upon reading your post again, I see that you mention that the bones remain undisturbed. How did you get such great photos though?
  13. Thanks, Hunter, for the info and photos. Those pictures are right in the middle of the action. Are you on the crew? The bones that they find; do you know if they are taken and buried in another cemetary or left undisturbed? Just curious.
  14. I've seen forests (as I'm sure many of you have) that were cleared even before specific development was planned. One day, the beautiful forest that was there has disappeared and in it's place is a sign that says "ready to build" or some such advertisement. I imagine that Houston was very lush at one time. Parts of it still are I guess, around Memorial/River Oaks. Funny that the expensive parts of town hang on to their trees while the cheaper parts of town clear cut theirs.
  15. Another difference between Walmart and Target: Target has lower, wider aisles and brighter lighting which gives it a more comfortable feel. Walmart's aisles are very high and narrow, giving you a feeling of being trapped in a maze. Also, the lights are dimmer in Walmart which gives it more of a dingy feel. And, yes, the customer service in Walmart can't compare to Target's. I think, for some people anyway, physical environment has alot to do with their moods. Imagine having to spend 8+ hours a day in a Walmart. Shudder.
  16. Men in large trucks who bully women in small cars. Give a girl a break, guys! There's no public transportation here! People who choose sexual morality (as opposed to ethical morality) as the sole criterion for choosing the most powerful man in the world. People who claim to be for a "free market" yet oppose consumers shopping Canada for cheaper prescription drugs.
  17. Do think all the pavement in this city has anything to do with how hot it's been?
  18. That's not so bad. It could be worse, they could be building another "gated community". Also, at least they're going to put some mixed-use buildings in there. It doesn't sound like it's going to be more of the same suburban style apartments. It's a good place for development- there's not much there right now. I don't know if people will want to live so close to the freeway, only time will tell I guess.
  19. Oooo, looks like I hit a nerve. I still think it's an overblown design.
  20. What ever happened to the restaurant they were going to put in place of that market on Main and Lamar or McKinney? Have they removed those awful circa 1965 panels yet?
  21. Just thinking aloud...There's no way to freeze the property taxes for current residents? (similar to rent control in other cities)???
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