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  1. Anybody see this on SNL the other night? I do believe that is Houston getting destroyed by giraffes. http://maniacworld.com/truth-about-Giraffes.html
  2. HAAAAAAAAAAAA!!! Yeah, Republicans are never angry and bitter.
  3. HA! I'm not turning on him, I'm criticizing his choice of Rick Warren. I criticized Howard Dean too. Doesn't mean I'm turning on him. Believe me, Obama and Dean aren't going to turn me into a Republican.
  4. I was talking about appeasing Rick Warren's audience not Rick Warren himself.
  5. If only Howard Dean hadn't been so stupid as to not count those delegates. DUH! I'm a Democrat too and agree that Rick Warren is bad choice. Why are we always expected to cater to these right-wing nuts? They never cater to us.
  6. Does anybody else think they are asking too much $$$ for these? http://www.thebrownstonesatcitycentre.com/plans.html I mean, it's the suburbs, next to a giant freeway interchange. I guess they have a lot of square footage? Am I missing something?
  7. Yeah, there's already a sign up announcing Spec's in that location. So, what about the Toys R Us? Anybody know that location's fate?
  8. Yeah, we probably do live near each other. =) I agree about the Kempwood HEB. I used to shop there when it was Albertson's and continued when it became HEB. About a year ago, I started doing my shopping at the HEB on Fountainview after my weekend workouts at Memorial Park. I haven't gone to that Walmart in ages but I remember not liking it because they don't have any fresh food. It's all bagged, ready-to-eat stuff with tons of sodium, etc. Which is OK if you have a big family and not much time I guess. Anyway, I can't wait for the novelty of the new HEB to wear off so it won't be so crowded.
  9. Have you tried anything from their bakery? Everything I've gotten there is DELICIOUS!!
  10. Resurrecting an old topic here. Does anyone know what's going up where the Beatty West building was? I was very sorry to see this one go. I had hopes someone could bring it back. I know it was considered run-of-the-mill ugly by many but I kind of liked it. (Without all that banner crap wrapped around it.) Please don't say they're building more lofts/condos. I think I'm just too sentimental to live here. HAA!
  11. 20sGirl


    Arne's is CLOSED?? Oh no! Yeah, I agree - Party Boy isn't as good.
  12. Oh yeah! Westbury Square was awesome! I visited the ruins a few years ago and took some pictures. It was very sad. But oddly enough, there were still a few businesses there!
  13. Yeah. If it's a "sick" building, why are they making people work there for another 3-4 years. Wouldn't they be in a hurry to evacuate that building before the lawsuits start rolling in? Sick, my ass.
  14. You mean like the space needle on page 13? HAA! Fun reading. Thanks for posting!
  15. Unfortunately, they filled that pool in so it's just a plain old patio now. I was in that building last night and it's not so bad inside. Yeah, it's old but there are some really nice curved wood walls in the lobby. It also has a circular open balcony overlooking the first floor. The big mural is very ugly IMO but I understand why people want to save it. There is lots of marble on the walls in the upper floors. I'm assuming they would salvage the marble at least? And the windows actually have the capability of being opened. (MDA locks them so you can;t open them though). The elevators look li
  16. I'm coming to this thread a little late in the game but thank you for posting that beautiful photo of Market Square. Why why why did they tear this down?? It's pretty neat to see it in context to where La Carafe is today.
  17. Don't mean to offend anyone here, but I was mugged, stalked and my house broken into in Sharpstown. My car was also broken into by the stalker. Also had a flasher show me his goods while I was walking to school. And several neighbors had their houses broken into as well. I left in the mid-90s because I no longer felt safe there. I'm glad you like living there but I would tell anyone considering moving there to check out the neighborhood well. There are many different parts of Sharpstown and some neighborhoods may be safer than others.
  18. Wow! You would've been my neighbor had you stayed. I lived on Darnell Circle from mid 70s to mid 90s.
  19. Wow, I didn't even know this was slated for demolition. I'll miss this one.
  20. If you do end up going there, go during the "off hours". If you go there on a weekend afternoon, it's crazy. The whole west side of the store is produce and ready-to-eat food: Fresh breads, deli, sushi, fish market, etc. They also have the cafe-on-the-go (like Central Market) although not as big as CM's selection. But it is in the suburbs so don't expect any kind of "urban" experience.
  21. What a great house! How extensive was the remodel? Did you do the backyard as well or was it like that already?
  22. Agreed. Only go there for the view and people watching.
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