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  1. According to a resident at Parklane Condo Tower, this will be a Hines apartment complex.
  2. I will still be happy if the development goes through without the abandonment of Palm. But... to me, it's more sensible/usable if the street is closed to automobiles and bikes because it would be safer for customers, pedestrians and especially for families with young kids. I do strongly support bike lanes but wouldn't want a bike lane where Palm would be abandoned. The distance between Wichita and Southmore is 0.1 mile, seem inconsequential especially on bike.
  3. I am baffled as to why there is opposition to to closing Palm especially after seeing the developer's presentation last night. I could not even dream of something better. A few highlights from the meeting in no particular order: Early stages of design - design will take another year Development would be like City Center 3 buildings to be constructed in this order: medical tower, residential tower, luxury boutique hotel (the most luxurious in Houston or at least top 5) Each building would have their own parking; underground is being considered but may not happen because of cost All buildings would have first floor retail/restaurants with outdoor seating - this is why they want to close Palm street The vision includes a performance stage Palm street greenery would be open to the public but privately owned. One option they will explore is having the city turn Palm street into a public park Palm street greenery would be enjoyable/designed to be used year round Targeting all types of restaurants: family friendly, casual, fine, coffee shop, bars Multiple entrances to buildings - all entrances will be attractive Existing oak trees would be kept and additional trees and greenery would be added Closing Palm street to make it all green space would be a beautiful entrance to Museum Park and would serve as a link between Museum District and Museum Park Developers will continue to involve the neighborhood as plans progress Neighborhood concerns and/or stupid comments: Traffic - some peeps continue to believe Palm street is heavily used and that closing Palm would increase traffic on nearby streets How will the developers deal with homelessness - uh.....if anything this would disband the homeless on that block Development would push homeless people towards midtown - what will be done about eye sore near wheeler/Sears Will the city add more rail lines Lack of parking Southmore is currently designed to a service entrance this would make Southmore unattractive and increase traffic I made it clear that I am a member of the neighborhood associated and that support this project and the closing of Palm 100%. I'm extremely pissed that the neighborhood association has taken the position to oppose the closing of Palm street. They do not fairly represent the neighborhood. In Feb. there were 161 active members in the association yet the neighborhood consists of 3,000 residents (see MPNA Feb. meeting minutes). The other annoying thing is that some people do not understand that this is early in the planning phase and the developer stated design would take another year. Some people interpret this as the developer being purposely ambiguous and schemers. The developer and the city need to hear from people that support this project and the closing of Palm street. I believe the development fulfills a huge gap in the MD/MP and perfectly complements the $400mil renovation of MFA. Perhaps I should start a petition to show support of this…..what do you all think? Attachments: 1. Palm street closed 2. Palm street open 3. Ariel view of development
  4. There was a neighborhood association meeting yesterday but I could not attend. I'll report back once I get scoop. BTW - the association posts their meeting minutes here... http://www.museumparkna.org/Minutes Also, the association is against the abandonment.... http://www.museumparkna.org/page-1212374/3798921
  5. yep, you're right about that. This is exactly what new construction looks in Brooklyn.
  6. It looks TBG Partners (aka Vernon G Henry & Associates) requested the abandonment of Palm St
  7. I suppose you could write the councilman (District D Dwight Boykin) to express support of abandoning Palm St., just like the folks who are writing him to express opposition. He may only be interested in feedback from only Museum District residence. But please go ahead and give it a shot
  8. This is still a possibility. The developer is asking the city to abandon Palm street as depicted in the renderings. The NIMBYs are are starting to band together
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