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  1. If I were you I would check crime statistics for that block. You might find out why people don't want to stay there, or haven't in the past.
  2. Hi all...can anyone share who the developer of the W Hotel project is going to be? I know Starwood for the hotel operations but the building and residences are usually built by/with a partner? Thanks in advance for any help!
  3. I often go to Hermann Park to relax in the golf course across the street from Mosaic. Seriously, it's a half mile to Miller, the zoo, reflection pool...and that's if you cut across the golf course.
  4. I heard they are now renting unsold units. Can anyone confirm? Can't make the buyers too happy.
  5. Drove by today and they are actually starting to go above ground now. Looks like the first floor is going in.
  6. From my info The Woodlands, Dallas and Memorial projects are all dead. And they've all been removed from their Web site.
  7. Interesting news...anyone have access to the whole article? Denver Pavilions shops for buyer The Denver Pavilions is for sale. The 350,000 square feet of retail/entertainment tenant mix, located on two blocks of the 16th Street Mall, could have a new owner within 90 days, said Pavilions co-owner Bill Denton of Entertainment Development Group Inc. (EDG) in Los Angeles. "It will be an institutional buyer," Denton said. "With the state of the U.S. dollar, it might be an overseas buyer."
  8. DEAD - Condo project flops as seniors fail to buy in http://houston.bizjournals.com/houston/sto.../31/story5.html
  9. I know you're trying for a reaction/to be funny, but I would have LOVED Walgreen's to put up an urban store on this corner. It would have had to be two stories to fit, but it would be up to the street and walkable...and have been a very interesting design with underground parking. The best thing is that they would have closed the Walgreen's across the street, allowing for redevelopment of the HUGE (by the area's standards) lot they have over there and extending Highland Village. Great idea Niche! Even in this alternate universe CVS would probably have bought the Walgreens property.
  10. "Less people" is the opposite of "more people." People who use Wachovia bank < People who drink coffee People who use Wachovia bank < People who eat Hope that 'splains it.
  11. A coffee house? A flower shop? A restaurant? A dry cleaner? SOMETHING to enhance and expand the Highland Village area, which is already a mixed-use area...and to provide a use for MORE people, rather than LESS people. Until Houston starts to understand we have to be MORE intelligent about density we're going to keep seeing CVS and banks all over the place. They ruined the area around Post in Midtown with this kind of thinking. Other than that I have no opinion.
  12. This is ~probably~ just the zoned version of Time and Newsweek. You don't have to buy national to get into those publications.
  13. I spoke with the old owner of the property and he said it is going to be a bank. What a waste. We needed 3 banks on that corner...along with a Chase and a Bank of Houston less than a block away. At least I could get gas, an oil change, and an inspection at the Shell station previously. Having banked with Wachovia in the past, I know I won't get any use out of the property now. And yes, it's all about me.
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