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  1. Finally getting around to posting the pics I took. All the photos are above the 10MB size limit, so I'm posting an Imgur album. Hopefully, that's permitted. http://imgur.com/a/sFoPZ I would say my overall impressions are very good but not blown away by the actual apartment finishings. The amenities, the view, and the downtown lifestyle are definitely what sell the building. The finishings are not much nicer than most other apartment buildings around town. But my fiancé and I have been looking to move into a high-rise downtown since moving to Houston. Renting is a good way to see wh
  2. Just put a deposit down to move here when it opens. Schedule date of move-ins is October 1, so there's quite a bit more to be done on the site. At the moment, I can't even get a tour because the only working elevators are those on the outer sides of the buildings. I'm pretty stoked though. The full list of amenities is mind boggling to me as someone who has never lived in a high-rise. They're only leasing to early invitees at the moment, but if anyone is interested let me know, and I'll give a referral. Also, I have a few pics of the model unit and some shots the manag
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