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  1. I drove by 1916 West Gray this morning and it does not look open. Construction fence still up and no activity.
  2. UGLY and dated looking. Looks like an office for a failed dot com company.
  3. I like the Galleria and Williams tower in the background when the view is to the north and not the west.
  4. I was at U-Plumb It on Montrose this weekend and the owner talked about this project saying he got an invite to the public meeting. He just told me 20 stories and the setback. Same info that is posted here.
  5. Losing Kirby Mansion for a car dealership is awful. It isn't as bad a storage unit but it sucks.
  6. I think part is that it is full of so many people not from Houston or Texas and there was never an identity to rally behind. Dallas is the same but the show Dallas really gave it a national identity. Houston is huge but never the focal point of a tv show or movie. Atlanta has an identity that has come from music and entertainment.
  7. Schools is the biggest factor for sure. And if you want a yard.
  8. The highways can't really be expanded anymore unless you do a funky underground thing like DFW did with 635. Point being that mass transit, light rail especially, must be more heavily considered. I cannot believe expansions like 288, with all that room they had to work with, didn't integrate a light rail extension from the Med Center.
  9. This one will look a lot better now that the podium will be blocked from view. The west side of the podium isn't as bad since it is the entrance and they added some glass.
  10. This topic is brought up a lot in my office. I am currently in the Uptown area. The majority of those that live in suburbs live in Katy. Those in Katy want to have the office in the Energy Corridor. Those in the loop want it to stay where it is. And those in the other parts of the city aren't as vocal. Polls have been done to see if people want to move to Energy Corridor or up 290 to split to the Katy/Woodland difference. The loop wins for now and more so with younger workers, who make up the majority of the office. The big negative that management sees with a suburban location is it kills recruiting for people living anywhere but the loop and that one suburb. A central location helps bring in the most talent from throughout the metroplex. People in the loop are more willing to go to a suburb just because it is against traffic but from what I can tell in a larger office is that going to suburb to make one group happy makes that majority unhappy. It is hard enough to commute from Clear Lake to the Galleria. But it is much worse to do Clear Lake to Katy.
  11. I saw that today as well. It's not the actual Target parking lot but the space behind Arabella and next to the Skyhouse parking garage. I was worried that plot would be forgotten and happy to see it will be filled.
  12. I like the design. It is unique when wraps can feel cookie cutter.
  13. They just need to build that parking garage already
  14. As long as they don't end up like that vacated building downtown that no one wants to tear down or renovate. I agree it will be interesting to see how cities across the country deal with the issue of aging towers 40+ floors in height that have no architectural appeal.
  15. I am pretty sure Allen House can't be touched. Low income housing and historical.
  16. https://www.houstonarchitecture.com/haif/topic/31270-gables-westcreek-high-rise-15-floors/
  17. With how fast this is moving they should have FAA permits filed soon
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