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  1. I agree that parking there is already awful. You are lucky to find one street spot that isn't permitted.
  2. The parking is typical for old affordable units in this area. I had to pay for one of the limited parking spots at my old place near Cherryhurst. This part of Avondale has some really old apts that need to be replaced so I do like that they are keeping rent prices in mind.
  3. It is crazy how fast Caydon went up in comparison this this one. Caydon really went after it.
  4. This continues to fill in San Felipe with high rises. Nice to see one on the north side that far west.
  5. An ESA must have been done or the owner is really stupid. USTs show up easy in these surveys unless it went unregistered and wasn't from a historical gas station where you can assume all USTs leak. If the company that did the ESA missed it, then they can be held responsible. Or the owner could have been informed and said screw a Phase II to save a few bucks hoping the contamination was minimal and are now paying the price. Having seen ESAs from that part of town, it is a good bet you'll hit contaminated soil.
  6. The podium is very RD but I don't hate it quite as much with the glass and breaking up the wall to look like paneling. I look forward to renderings of the rest of the tower.
  7. The real question now is if and when construction will start
  8. All buildings are now down. Just piles of debris remain.
  9. I will gladly buy a bus ticket for you to go somewhere else so we can keep people like you out of Houston and make it a better city.
  10. Same thing happened on The Post Oak one day. All the workers had a stand down and gathered in the parking lot and the HFD did something out of my view. No visible smoke. My guess was a small fire from equipment and that is just the standard procedure until an all clear is given. My guess is the same for this one. Treat it like you would any fire but was probably something small and workers are not supposed to attempted put anything out for the most part.
  11. Lime. It is used to help stabilize the ground since the rain and digging help soften it up.
  12. I don't see any equipment onsite or progress from my office window. But i can only see the east side.
  13. That is the most likely answer. And if if it going ot be there a little while it is easier ot permit through Harris County with the stricter foundation and other permitting requirements post Harvey.
  14. Move out in a month and we won't build for years. Dolce seems to move at a snails pace or slower (and also name their projects "Midtown" when they aren't in Midtown, i.e. West Gray project).
  15. No movement on this site since it was on the demo report
  16. It is being used to erect the tower crane
  17. The tower crane is currently being erected
  18. I am curious what will happen to many of the older high rises as they age and tenants move to newer ones. Employees, young ones even more so, have an expectation of what an office environment will be. Many of these are built into new structures. Some of these older ones will try to upgrade but at some point they won't be desirable. Rent can only be lowered so far.
  19. Looks like it is a competitor called Drive Shack https://www.driveshack.com/
  20. This one looks great and unique coming up 610 from the south. I still like the top half better but in the end this turned out great.
  21. The lobby is very classy and then the mural makes me think of a carnival game booth
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