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  1. It is being used to erect the tower crane
  2. The tower crane is currently being erected
  3. I am curious what will happen to many of the older high rises as they age and tenants move to newer ones. Employees, young ones even more so, have an expectation of what an office environment will be. Many of these are built into new structures. Some of these older ones will try to upgrade but at some point they won't be desirable. Rent can only be lowered so far.
  4. Looks like it is a competitor called Drive Shack https://www.driveshack.com/
  5. This one looks great and unique coming up 610 from the south. I still like the top half better but in the end this turned out great.
  6. The lobby is very classy and then the mural makes me think of a carnival game booth
  7. Some of the scaffolding has come down on the eastern building. Slow progress but progress.
  8. That address brings up the Harris County Public Health office. I have voted there.
  9. I count 30 floors. Great design like Kirby Collection. I hope this one comes together.
  10. The pedestrian bridge is no longer on the renderings on the website
  11. Every time there is a post in this thread I hope it is an update on the other two towers. I love how quickly this project got moving and is being built. I have full faith in this developer.
  12. And Harris County permitting floodplain requirements changed at the start of 2018 following Harvey. You are probably right that adjustments had to be made.
  13. I always wonder what the inside of RDs house looks like
  14. They really are trying to call it River Oaks. To me Uptown is only on the other side of 610.
  15. They do multiple layers of this stucco whatever finish. There are different colors until they hit the final coat. The same thing happened on their other projects.
  16. I agree this is great for that area or really any area. A couple of the building designs look like cooling towers.
  17. For how popular Midtown has been for those graduating college and being part of Greek life, the whole area hasn't grown much. But with all the new projects, Midtown is finally starting to look like what I would have expected years ago.
  18. It looks like they fenced off a small portion of the surface lot of the construction trailer, parking, and lay down.
  19. A geotech drill rig is taking samples in the surface lot next to the tower and behind Willie G's.
  20. It has been like that since it was installed. Haven't been able able to figure out why. It annoys me to look at so I was hoping there was a logical explanation.
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