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  1. Trashy trailer with boarded up windows is now onsite
  2. Ugly but would find it funny if it was in River Oaks.
  3. The lot is cleared and the strip center next door is almost complete.
  4. Drove by around 6:30 this morning. Had all the equipment in place. Looked really cool.
  5. They have been doing a lot out here recently. They "officed" onsite last month and have the fence up, and mowing and other crews working daily. Should be neat and tie in nicely to a sidewalk that finished recently along Sims.
  6. I have worked in this area since 2015 and have seen: BHP, Post Oak, Arabella, the ugly RD one (I forget the name), Amegy, Skyhouse, the one next to Skyhouse, the other one going up next to that, two Hanover towers, and I barely missed the BBVA building. Plus the 4400 Post Oak that just started.
  7. I went once because I could walk there during the World Cup. They weren't sowing the game and finally put it on int eh corner for us and said we aren't a sports bar. I looked around that there were two other people there. Anyway, I wish it would have lasted since it was easy to get to. It never caught on.
  8. I can confirm there is a helipad on top of The Post Oak. I have watched a few times as the helicopters come and go.
  9. This looks like a twin of the wrap next to The Post Oak.
  10. I like the "view" from an 8 story building and the high rise life and high rise view hashtags
  11. After seeing no movement on this site for months, they have been onsite the last couple weeks moving slowly but moving. Maybe this will wrap up this year.
  12. I may be wrong but the "yellow cranes" in the back of the second picture is a separate building. I think that is a football (soccer) stadium). The angle makes them look like one structure.
  13. The two new Hines towers are really going to transform the skyline. Coming in town from I-10 east and 45 south will look really neat.
  14. I love that it hides two parking garages at once
  15. That is just a construction stormwater permit. Means they have authorization to start disturbing soils and they have a plan in place to prevent sediment or contamination from discharging offsite during construction. The permit has to be in place from the initial point of land disturbance and ends when the have stabilized the area using grass or concrete etc. If you could see the reference SWPPP you would be able to see their construction timeline and what is included in this portion of the construction. Of course they could have a poorly written SWPPP that provides no details.
  16. Very cool looking building. 17 stories is still a good height. This area is getting dense.
  17. Oh cool. I was wondering why it wasn't just being knocked over but could see activity.
  18. Haha they were pretty bad and lazy. Not saynig I liked them but it wasn't this white wall. Either way RD has no idea what to do with garages. He's slowly improving. At least the new development on San Felipe will had Arabellas white wall on the east side.
  19. This one at least used to have some gray art murals on the side. They got taken off after the leaking or whatever issues and they resided the garage. Now its lost the little character it had.
  20. With this building and the old boat shop at the corner of Montrose and West Grey slowly coming down, U-Plumb It is about to be sandwiched between to developments.
  21. They are hauling a lot of dirt out. I really didn't expect this one to start so quick after the demo.
  22. I agree that parking there is already awful. You are lucky to find one street spot that isn't permitted.
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