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  1. Only update i have is that the crews have been working onsite again. So the project isn't shut down.
  2. They put a chain link fence up around the property late last week
  3. That's the four story ballroom / showroom that's attached. Second crane going up today. Same place as the gray crane but this one is yellow.
  4. It looks like they are still welding on contact points for the glass. They were making good progress until the rain. They have added one row of glass in the last couple weeks.
  5. Hes just using the leftover paint and stucco from the Astoria project. This is a shame. It's amazing how far away from the renderings these projects end up.
  6. Amegy, Arabella, Wilshire, and The Ivy deleted photo
  7. There are guys on the gray crane, looks like they are preparing to jump it. I bet both get raised this weekend.
  8. At least there is a plan to develop even if the street isn't abandoned. Or that's how it seems. Just leave Palm St, keep the neighbors satisfied with their win and build the thing.
  9. That is a fantastic rendering. I love the unique design. Houston is already a leader in the medical field and this should help push it to the top.
  10. I've eaten at Hopdaddy in Austin. It's a good burger but it tastes like most other gourmet burgers. It was a nice spot to catch some college football though. I'll check this location out for lunch one day.
  11. I think this is the only pool. Arabella has individual pols for some units.
  12. From the article Construction on the new Galleria hotel-condo project is expected to begin next year and take two years to complete. Contis said the company is in negotiations with several hotel brands.
  13. Foundation being poured today. Or I think it is. Lots of concrete trucks and a couple boom trucks.
  14. This building is no longer lit up. Maybe residents complained it was causing too much glow in their units who knows. It is too bad because it was great to look at lit up and was unique for the city. Too many buildings in Houston don't have good light displays and this one was unique. Hopefully, they will light it up again but I haven't seen the lights on in weeks.
  15. I live right by there. I know a girl that was living in the house on the corner. She was given a short rental contract with the anticipation the house would be demoed. That was months ago and she has since moved out. I still see that people live there so it seems the timetable was stretched.
  16. I have to stare at this mess every day at work. I feel like the renderings were a sham. I was excited for a while but now that the paint color and design are so much different, I can't stand it. I hate the weird silver are the top with the obvious and random door, It makes no since to have such a different color then the rest of the building. The weird designs at the bottom seem off. I have watched them paint over them and redo them many times. It would look slightly better if the left he alternating ray and white stripes to the bottom over the solid gray block they settled on. If I had bought a unit in this building I would feel ripped off. I agree the bigger windows would be better all the way down and if it was not so horribly asymmetrical.
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