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  1. I hope to see more and more of these mix use with grocery stores in the loop. This and the one with Whole Foods are a great start. I also hope this lowers the traffic in the Montrose HEB just a little bit.
  2. The crown looks halfway acceptable from the from. From every other angle it is a mess.
  3. https://www.dezeen.com/2015/08/12/kengo-kuma-rolex-building-office-tower-underway-dallas-texas/
  4. I've been to one in that location. Super pricey but I like the artsy scene in that area as well. I am more just hoping the things that make Montrose unique don't slip away. I like how there is Midtown, the Heights, Montrose, etc that each have their own flavor.
  5. Don't Midtown my Montrose! I hope that area keeps all the things that make it great the antique shops, bike shop, etc. I'd hate to see it just become more "trendy chains" Steel City Pops and Shake Shack.
  6. I like it. It is similar to the other residential towers but unique.
  7. Some heavy equipment has been moved onsite and have started to move some dirt around. Signs for the construction company have been posted on the fence.
  8. The crane has been jumped. I would attached a pic but it will only let me attach 10 kbs so it's too small.
  9. 425 was the deepest center field, 409 is now 6th deepest.
  10. Interesting. While it was under construction, their website kept claiming there was only one or two units left. I wonder if people backed out? I could see that just because they were trying to attractive foreigners to invest here. That can easily fall through.
  11. Yes, but the date can be changed at any time by submitting a Notice of Change to the TCEQ. So take with a grain of salt.
  12. I agree with the new ones in Houston that you like as well. My main gripe has been the block pillars of the newer residential towers. I want more like the one off Waslayen and less like Hanover Montrose, the new one near Kirby, the new one one Montrose, or the other recent ones that are almost indistinguishable. I jope the new one planned next to BHP Billiton gets built,. That one has a unique crown and would stand out on the skyline. Hanover River Oaks will be a great addition as well.
  13. There are a couple shorter ones near the "bridge park" downtown with the scrolling lights. Austin is better but most of the new ones near AA Center stand out better then this design. The W is good and the Westin hotel. The Westin here isn't bad but it's lost off Memorial.
  14. I agree that Austin and Dallas get much better designs and lighting on their new construction. Nothing about the majority of these towers stand out. Just another boring blocky pillar. It's a shame that Montrose is getting some of the most plain designs.
  15. Does anyone know what the steel frame in the bottom of this picture is for? In the renderings for the site, this area is a parking lot.
  16. Nothing like taking away the some of the views from the Hanover tower quickly.
  17. They have completed the 18th floor so they are halfway to the top (assuming it's still 36 floors).
  18. I agree the prices were too high. For a 2 bedroom at Ivy you could spend around the same or a little more for a three bedroom house in the same area and avoid the monthly fees.
  19. I forgot about the proposed Whole Foods in that area. That is going to be nice.
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