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  1. Building demoed over the weekend https://www.chron.com/business/real-estate/article/KHOU-property-on-Allen-Parkway-being-sold-to-SCI-12944734.php
  2. I go to that Specs and Half Price Books a lot and have used that emergency care spot too. This would look good in that spot but I wouldn't mind seeing the spot where Burger Kind was redeveloped first. Not sure how much people will love staying at such a nice hotel with the crowd that is always at the Valero and bus stop out front. Even the Valero locks it's doors at night thanks to the addicts using the bathroom.
  3. I like the view of this this tower taking the flyover from I-10 east to 45 south. It would be nice if it was taller but it still is great infill and has an impact on the skyline from certain angles. I really look forward to block 57 and 58 getting built. Those should really make an impact.
  4. I think it stays. Too bad they couldn't just shift the whole project closer to the corner and have Becks lease in the new tower.
  5. The solution in complicated. You can hope people will want to improve their lives and not live on the streets but that doesn't just happen. There has to be better mental health care, substance abuse programs, education systems to lower dropout rates, and so on. There is no one magic bullet. Even police can only throw them in for a short time and they are back on the streets. They need programs to improve prison systems to give those who a released a step up to get back in the community and not back on the streets. But at the end of the day even improving all those and there are still people who are okay with that lifestyle. All development does is push them to a new area to hangout.
  6. Kind of odd to see seniors getting kicked out like in the movies. This is an interesting location. Across from a school and next to neighborhoods. It is close to the Central Market and those shopping areas over there but still feels like a addition that is off the main path. I drive by here daily for work so my little shortcut with less traffic will be lost.
  7. I agree with you. I just thought it was interesting because of the rush at the time. I look forward to this one being completed as it has really been a fantastic addition to that part of town and what was there before it started.
  8. Remember the rush to get a portion of this ready for the Super Bowl so they could host one of the TV networks in the park? After they missed that window, they have given up on finishing anytime soon.
  9. For me, this is the most exciting project in Houston in the 10 years I have lived here. I think it elevates the city so much and solidifies Houston as the medical research center in the county.
  10. Looks like this story is urban legend https://www.chron.com/entertainment/article/Lisa-Gray-Sears-eyesore-hides-an-Art-Deco-delight-1763773.php
  11. They are working everyday. Mostly inside at this point but still some activity on the facade as well.
  12. Oh wow they are serious about this one. Moving forward much more quickly than I expected.
  13. These two would be a major focal change on the skyline. I really hope these kick off in the next year or so.
  14. Yes. I love craft beer and have tried a lot so there wasn't much on the menu I haven't tried. Places like Hay Merchant are still better but for this location, I am happy. There is a mix of Houston (8th Wonder, Karbach, Lone Pint, Southern Star) and Texas beers (Shiner, Oasis) along with some larger national brands like Brooklyn, Sierra Nevada, Goose Island, and Ballast Point as well as a few German beers. They also have 12 or so beers in bottles you can buy. If someone is looking for Bud or Miller, you won't find those here.
  15. I went to Craft F&B yesterday. They had 24 beers on tap and a list of cocktails. Good prices on the drinks. The food is well priced as well for this type of restaurant. $12 burger and the brick oven pizza is a little more. But you get a good size pizza for the price. I really liked the place and will be making many more trips. I walked the rest of the hotel lobby and conference area. It is extremely well designed with a ton of white marble. It is one of the nicest if not the nicest building I have checked out in Houston. The French place isn't really for me but had some nice looking pastries and coffee. The high end cocktail bar was nice as well. Props to Tillman for putting together a very nice and cohesive structure.
  16. Exactly. What frustrates me is RD seems to release fantastic renderings, sell 50% of units based on those renderings, and then change them for cost. I expect change from what is first shown but this project is a great example of one that would have been easily the best residential tower in Houston to feeling like it is unfinished. Clearly he knows what he is doing because he has been able to sell and build multiple projects but I just want the best and not what could have been.
  17. It would be so much better to take the River Oaks Country Club. More central location that is already heavily visited and is near the arboretum. But as others have said, the River Oaks folks have enough cash laying around to hold it up in court. It is much easier to take from the poor.
  18. If you are referring to the red brick building on the other side of Fairview, it is offices. An architecture firm and others are located there. There is a 5-story condo building a block or two away on Hyde Park that seem to be high end. But in reality it is probably not nearly as fancy.
  19. It is a shame this didn't stick with the original design. His obsession with white stucco and no clue how to hid a podium ruin so many of his projects.
  20. Here are other Tradition Living properties http://www.traditionseniorliving.com/houston.html
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