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  1. Yeah it is as easy as saying work and you can work. Sarcasm. These are areas with low high school graduation rates let alone college degrees. So it is not easy to get a good job. Not to mention a ton of other factors that never affect areas in the suburbs. And yes roots should be respected and not whitewashed. Gentrification can happen without wiping out history and just putting up Shake Shakes and Steel City Pops. Look at the Fourth Ward and the history of Freedmen's Town. That history should never be forgotten. It can be kept in tact while also moving forward. These types of investments can create higher paying jobs in area like this and when those currently living there have access to those jobs they can raise their standard of living. It helps everyone. It is better then sweeping the problem under the rug and pushing it to the next zip code. East End is doing pretty good at it. They have kept and embraced the graffiti and such. Is it perfect? No. But they are trying to keep the culture and grow the area.
  2. It looks to be an alley or single lane width or so between
  3. At the same time those living in the area are getting priced out. They have been there for decades and ignored. Now that area is seen for upper middle class development, people want to push them out. Where are they going to go? Many can't afford to move or are in rent houses and won't get anything if the property is bought up. Some don't have cars or other means of transportation and have jobs in the area. A commute will not be possible for many. At what point is low income housing considered far enough from the project. If you allow townhouses or condos to buffer the new development, then those homeowners won't want the low income to be against them either. The NIMBY effect goes on and on. Gentrification is complicated and there is not a single solution to the issues caused by it. It shouldn't stop development from occurring but should also respect the neighborhood with roots in the area (like East End). Create jobs for the locals and help them lift up with the development.
  4. Wait is that for real??? Heck yes. Are the buildings in the background part of the future development?
  5. I like Fiesta. The one by NRG is huge and has a great selection of international foods. The Wayside location I have been to many more times when I used to work over there. It is a lot smaller and is like the small Kroger off Polk. It serves it's purpose but needs more.
  6. That is a shame. Would have been one of the most interesting designs in the country. Really lessens the excitement from me. I am glad this type of project is coming to Houston and it is still amazing but from a design perspective it disappointing.
  7. Midtown Park along the rail was brilliant idea that has spurred development around it. Seems everyone wants to have easy access to it. It is a nice little spot to visit too. Really ties the area together.
  8. It is crazy that in four years these six plots are now three completed structures, one under construction, one breaking ground, and only one left to develop.
  9. I keep forgetting how "thin" the tower will be.
  10. The Rangers copied Minute Maid Park for their new stadium and now the Astros are copying their mix use around the stadium
  11. I like that it claims 360 degree views of downtown but in reality downtown is only on one side of the project.
  12. Two Rows! $1 Wednesday and free appetizers.
  13. You are correct. They are part of the red crane for mud rotary installation of pilings.
  14. Are they a public company? It almost seems like they getting these projects set up and started to show they have an active portfolio and then cut funding and let it sit. At least the one on West Gray is all but wrapped up.
  15. Assuming it is accurate, it may have cost more because of the pace of construction. Remember the insane foundation pour?
  16. Really happy to have Hanover and Hines building in this city.
  17. I think it'll be white 95% of the time, kind of like The Post Oak diamonds. Then for major events or something they can be changed. The Post Oak went red for Rockets playoff wins. The only changing LED colors I support are the arches on 59/69. It adds a lot to an otherwise barren "canal" on the highway. Of course it looks bad when some of the lights go out or don't change correctly.
  18. I think that was why the crane in Dallas blew over a couple weeks ago. It was locked in place and unable to rotate when the high winds hit.
  19. Please build. Time to get my hopes up yet again for them to be crushed.
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