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  1. Man that is a letdown. You can barely see them from your view let alone the ground. I have been watching from my office and was worried when the metal frames weren't too big. At least the rest of the tower didn't change from the renders.
  2. Still waiting for the fins on top to really make this pop. It looks unfinished.
  3. Some people are going to book the hotel online and just seeing the photos they provide and the location. They will have no clue about the construction. So they will likely still get business but then have guests complain and ask for a comped night or something. I once stayed at the Double Tree near downtown Dallas over Thanksgiving. I was thinking I got a great deal then learned hundreds of Kuwaiti college students were staying there while colleges were closed over the holidays. It was like being in South Padre for spring break. So much partying and noise. I got a free night out of it because it was so hard to sleep.
  4. I went to a ping pong bar in Denver a few years back. It was packed and pretty fun. I figured one would show up here eventually.
  5. According to The Hay Merchant's Facrbook page the bar is closing. Massive loss to the craft beer scene. The Resturnat next door is moving to Regent. So, you have probably heard the big news…After 10 years at 1100 Westheimer, we will be departing our current location—home of Georgia James and Hay Merchant—and Georgia James will relocate to Regent Square HTX. With this new change, the obvious question that comes up is "what will happen to Hay Merchant?" While the OG Hay Merchant is closing, we are going to do our very best to keep the Hay Merchant spirit alive throughout the company. While we are unsure if we will be able to open a new location, we do want to continue having weekly trivia nights, hosting watch parties & sporting events, as well offering a place to gather with friends to enjoy a good cocktail or beer. Additionally, you’ll still be able to get a damn good burger at the upcoming Underbelly Burger that will be opening at the Houston Farmer’s Market soon. Trust us, we love Hay Merchant just as much as you do. We are committed to preserving the elements that make Hay Merchant so special, and we will continue to share updates as we know more about what this transition looks like. Until then, we have until the end of the year to celebrate this amazing place. We plan to go out with a bang, and we hope you will join us!
  6. People sure do love to complain when something affects them directly. Lane closures have existed forever and now it matters to them. Yeah it is super annoying and I used to commute on these roads and it will back up. But no worse than what the Post Road bus project did and countless others in the area. It is part of construction and growth. Not only that but the streets within Tanglewood have been closed off and on for months as they just got repaved.
  7. My understanding is that R&D in the medical field is pretty low in Houston. If anything it is pretty cancer focuses. But to get to the level of say Boston, we need biotech and such to really take off here. I am hoping this will help with that. Though they have schools like MIT around there so not sure if Houston will ever get into robotics to that degree.
  8. Kind of funny they blocked a 22-story building to end up with a 33-story building
  9. Sure but CenterPoint isn't going to want to pay to do that. Plus all the connections would have to be routed to the new location as well. Anything is possible but I say it getting moved will probably never happen.
  10. Too bad there is a substation there next to the Hilton and Toyota Center. That would be another great spot for development.
  11. I was frustrated with the redesign, but with the glass going in, this tower is beautiful.
  12. The crane has been coming down the last couple days for this one.
  13. All of our attention has been on the north side of downtown and now we can shift our focus to the south with two projects on this end.
  14. Fine. Voted against renovating it. The point remains that demo costs are too high to get rid of worthless structures unless the developer is willing to pay a premium.
  15. I was implying the residents. And it was Harris County.
  16. It costs millions to demo so it'll just sit there until someone figures they can recoup the costs with a new development on top of the demo costs. They already complain the margins are thin. It is the same reason the City voted to demo the Astrodome and then the City and County looked at the costs and nothing happened.
  17. On the radio, they mentioned this project is taking the next step forward and was approved for $25M(?) support from Harvey federal aid. It will be a 6 month demo and 24 month rebuild. I will believe it when it starts but it is edging closer.
  18. Couldn't it be converted to affordable housing? So what if the ceilings aren't as high, it could still be a way for a different demographic to afford living downtown.
  19. This building is an example of what is going to happen to a lot of buildings around town that are aging. The owners will have to find ways to adapt or there will just be old empty buildings from the 70s/80s that no one wants to rent.
  20. From that view it looks almost the same height as Market Tower and that one is 40 floors. Not like there are elevation changes in Houston to account for.
  21. I know it has to do with floor height but it is crazy to me how much shorter this look compared to the Travis and it being 2 stories less.
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