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  1. Got a bunch of these trophies along any highway in the city. Bringing the 'burbs to TMC.
  2. As far as landmarks go, a lot of people knew about Disco Kroger for better or worse. I do wish the new development here kept a grocery on the street level. I loved being able to walk here and get groceries for years.
  3. It could have also been permitted as a med waste incinerator similar to the one in Galveston
  4. I mean this is attached to a medical facility. I doubt any residential part of this project or hotel guest that aren't clients of Mann-Eye will just not use the skybridge since they have no need to go to the medical building. Thus they will go to street level as we would hope they would.
  5. I feel this is the wrong project to get mad about skybridges. He is catering to clients and making it comfortable for them. They will come out post-surgery and be able to get to rest with ease. They can avoid direct sunlight after eye work and the heat in Houston summers. It is bougie but that is the point. I will also say I have enjoyed the skybridges in the med center. It is easier to push someone in a wheelchair in a skybridge. My wife was still in her hospital gown and would have never wanted to go outside and appreciated the privacy of the skybridge. I get it downtown or for the Marriot but in the Med Center they serve a different purpose.
  6. A mix is best. They could use a downtown bar scene by the stadiums. Right now you leave a Rockets or Astros game and go out by PNC or across downtown. If they build some mix use hotels/apts/condos with bars and restaurants on the bottom then you could draw crowds.
  7. Lead Products owns the "mound". That site is a TCEQ VCP site (Voluntary Cleanup Program). This is the most recent update. Looks like the had lead contamination in the groundwater (shocking) but TCEQ no longer requires GW sampling. However, there is still soil contamination (shocking). 9289238 PROJECT PHASE REMEDIATION 05/07/2001 1008459 APPLICABLE PROGRAM RULES RRR 09/05/1996 1010658 CURRENT FACILITY TYPE RECYCLING 09/05/1996 1000230 SITE SIZE 6.15 ACRES 09/05/1996 9292207 SOILS CHEMICAL OF CONCERN CLASSIFICATION METALS 09/05/1996 9305221 SOIL INDIVIDUAL CHEMICALS REQUIRING REMEDY LEAD 09/05/1996 9292208 GW BEARING UNIT DEFAULT GW BEARING UNIT 1 09/05/1996 9305222 GW INDIVIDUAL CHEMICALS REQUIRING REMEDY LEAD 09/05/1996 22284087 GW REPORT DATA YEAR 2021 12/14/2017 22241303 GW CONTAM CONFIRMATION DATE 09/09/1996 11/28/2017 22284088 SITE SUBJECT TO GW MONITORING YES 12/14/2017 22241306 GW REPORT DATA QUALITY E 11/28/2017 22241305 GW REPORT HORIZONTAL ACTIVITY STATUS 5 11/28/2017 22241304 GW REPORT VERTICAL ENFORCEMENT STATUS 0B 11/28/2017 22414332 NOTICE PERFORMED UNDER TWC 26.408 NO 01/30/2018 22414333 NOTICE PERFORMED UNDER TWC 5.236 NO 01/30/2018 23935488 ANNUAL GW REPORT ADDN INFO SITE IS ADDRESSING A REMAINING SOIL CONCERN. TCEQ HAS ALLOWED GROUNDWATER MONITORING TO BE DISCONTINUED. 01/25/2019
  8. What does the final fa├žade on the tower look like? I thought I remember it was cover with a film in previous photos but wasn't sure if it was visible in parts now?
  9. The growth in this area from Post Oak to Arabella to PNC (BBVA) to BHP is just impressive. I have worked in this area for 7 years and have seen around 12 towers go up.
  10. I flew over this project last night on Southwest. It is so impressive in scale. It was nice to get that viewpoint add see how it is coming together. No pics, it was late dusk and I would have gotten horrible photos.
  11. I've been to open markets with tents just like this in Helsinki and Bergen. If they were to build a long term open market then sure make it nicer but this is what a temporary one looks like. Dallas has one downtown near Deep Ellum that has a roof over it and makes it look a little nicer but that space isn't reserved for a larger build. For now this is fine and fits the area.
  12. Quite possibly. I just like being able to see something with them next to each other since before only the completed render was released.
  13. It'll probably just be temporarily used as parking until they start construction at some point.
  14. I've worked with Ali and Best Drilling a few times. Wonder if he is going to move or hang it up. I reached out for a bid from him late last year and didn't get a response.
  15. Don't ruin the idea of the building giving us the middle finger.
  16. I bet it'll spill over 288 into the Third Ward as well as more affordable housing is sought. There are already new apartments and houses being rebuilt over there and this will increase that.
  17. Thankful this is being saved. It is my favorite place to see a movie. Now that I had kids and moved to the burbs it won't be as easy but will still make sure to see movies here.
  18. Looks like two plots left. These five were developed in the last 7 or so years. Too bad that little wedge with the strip center was just redone and something bigger didn't take its place. If I have my bearing right, the building west of the Crimson is a City of Houston building. I have voted there. So that is not going anywhere.
  19. Yes. In the parking lot area to the east of the Wells Fargo. That middle triangle of property is just left and begging to be developed.
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