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  1. Great point about detention requirements. Looks like a creative way to meet them and not just have a giant detention basin onsite.
  2. That is one heck of a foundation for the entire site seeing that the building is only on a portion.
  3. Thanks for the photos and labels. I was finally able to figure out which buildings are going up.
  4. Good luck with all that. The COH is already looking bad for it's shortage and new cycles over affordable housing and bidding for new affordable housing. Tearing down a bunch of units while you wait for new ones is just going to be bad optics, even if the end outcome is better. Look at The Ion and multiple it by a ton. Second, that area is so historical, Freedoms Town, that it is nearly untouchable.
  5. I didn't even think about that. Thanks for the info on the flying. I was aware of the airport and petrochem plant limitations but didn't even think about the medical air traffic.
  6. To some extent guests won't care. Most don't use the pool and there are other pools in Houston that are the same or worse. The pool at the Marriot on 610 in Uptown is indoor with a glass roof and surrounded by buildings or a parking garage on three sides.
  7. A drone flight of this project would look really cool and show the scale of all the work.
  8. Renovate already? I guess at that price point you have to stay current.
  9. Big gap in the middle of the skyline from that angle. Right side needs more density. Cool shot.
  10. I saw them pour the little part of the second floor around 3-4 months ago and nothing sense. I drove by a couple weeks ago and the only person onsite was security.
  11. Seeing that Houston tears everything down and saves virtually nothing, you could argue any building that lasts that long could be considered significant.
  12. Is there GFR going in this one? I thought there was an expectation of a restaurant in the front area with the glass curve or maybe I just made that up.
  13. I always assumed they were in the import/export business. Felt like a company George would have made up.
  14. It is structures like this or surface lots. This is better. Hopefully, the garage is hidden a little better.
  15. This is another project that seems to be going at a snails pace or no work at all. Hopefully, it gets done at some point but they haven't built another floor in almost two months now.
  16. More like welcome to the modern world of politics where each side takes a hardline stance and refuses to negotiate and compromise. Started with Newt in the 90s and is really peaking now. It is either not far right enough or not progressive enough. Meanwhile, the majority on the bell curve in the middle get ignored or screwed. I hope this full development happens but after Caydon made promises and backed out, I will wait for groundbreaking before I get my hopes up.
  17. Love it. It reminds me of the Menil, the new Modern Art Museum expansion, and little bit of the McGovern Centennial Gardens. It seems like it would fit in better at in the Museum District but love that it adds to a different part of the city right off Buffalo Bayou.
  18. Looks like another one from RD that has changed from the rendering. It appears the distinctive angles are gone.
  19. I think I don't mind the fa├žade. The interior is not my taste though.
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