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  1. I really hope it is like when school ISDs move into old grocery stores and it looks really bad. Hopefully, they do a full face lift.
  2. That area is historically important. It shouldn't be moved or discounted because the ultra rich moved in. They can coexist. The City does need to go in a repair some the apartments but they do look much better than they did 10 years ago.
  3. This one looks great driving by but that parking garage is trash and is on prime real estate. The whole City Center development is pretty cohesive overall but I feel this garage ruins it unless they put an exterior on it.
  4. That is good to hear. I hadn't heard anyone talk about it since the pandemic started but I am going back to work next week and was curious.
  5. I haven't been to that location yet but heard negative feedback from those that have. Said it was bad compared to other Ninfa's locations and terribly slow service. Hopefully, it was just new restaurant issues that work out. It is super close to my office so I plan on going.
  6. You are right he cost would go to the developer. If the lines need to be raised for traffic going in and out, the developer will pay for that too.
  7. I knew Mr. Hines was highly influential but never realized he and his company designed basically every major tower in Houston not to mention the Galleria and Water Wall. Truly an icon not only here but worldwide in the business.
  8. Do we know what restaurant will be in the Post Oak/San Felipe corner yet?
  9. That is really bad. They will have to repair that sooner than normal.
  10. I am excited for Williams to not stick out so much. This won't be as tall but will compliment it well.
  11. I am curious where they are moving to that is ROD-like. Not sure where a bubble of wealth exists where you don't have to see people wearing GAP and Brooks Brothers. God forbid..
  12. The Jack in the Box Lot is also owned by Westmont according to Harris County Appraisal District. Plus the article mentions the Jack in the Box. I had a co-worker see a homeless person take a dump in the middle of the day behind the Jack in the Box.
  13. I hope they view this as a legacy for McNair and go all out
  14. Yeah that time frame is an estimate and doesn't mean much if you end early. They have to allow time for restoration as well if they don't just pave it all or move to the next phase right away.
  15. That project task on the Site Notice says they are moving utility poles and relocating McCue. That would only happen if this was moving forward. This is the early works stuff they have to get out of the way. I don't see how that takes five months but glad to see movement.
  16. Great news. I used to live right there and would walk over quite often. I don't get around there as much as it is great to hear they are coming. I read about the Voodoo Donuts as well. I think they are taking over the old Radio Shack.
  17. Nidda Thai needs to come back. Loved that place. I heard the owners were back in Thailand for now. Hope they reopen one day.
  18. This got moved to another thread and no longer relevant.
  19. They will have to work with CenterPoint to move. CenterPoint will have a backlog of this type of work and will put it on their schedule. If the builder didn't reach out about this early on then they could have this situation where it isn't moved yet. The builder could speed up the process by doing the engineering work for CenterPoint and then they will move it up their backlog.
  20. I think some may come around but seems like it has been very quiet lately. Though this one came out of almost no where. I really hope Shanska happens. I just feel like we might hit a lull until the next wave. A lot of companies are hitting pause with COVID. I hope I am wrong and some race to beat others to open like you see on Allen. I just feel like the list you listed was always more of hopes instead of expected to happen.
  21. This may be the last one to break ground for a little while. A lot of backlog of proposed towers is drying up around town. There are still some great ones but less in Downtown and Uptown. Med Center, Museum District, Midtown, and along Allen Parkway going strong.
  22. I like it. A lot of the ~30 story buildings are looking similar. It is a nice change of pace.
  23. I saw a neat one in Mexico City and always wanted one here. There is one on the backside of Tillman's car dealership at the Post Oak. It is nice for when you eat at his restaurants in the tower you aren't staring at a concrete wall. I think this parking garage will be amazing because of the size that the vertical garden will be.
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