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  1. The man dresses like his podiums. He really does love white.
  2. But there is no reason to push the poor to the worst areas of town. Many poor people live in this area now and have jobs in this area. To push them away can cause some to no longer be able to access their jobs and assume they could find a new one. There are low paying jobs in this area and they need work staff that can fill those jobs. This allows that to happen. Also, the affordable housing typically has vouchers and they can be lost if tenants aren't following rules of the complex. So fears of it becoming ghetto or some other fear of poor people is often misfounded. Isn't the Hamilton Apartment complex and the 45/59 interchange affordable housing as well? I said this in another thread but it is amazing how the park that was built in the area has attracted so many massive projects. It is sort of like of Discovery Green ended up surrounded by a lot of residential towers. This project looks great and I hope it happens.
  3. I love this development and the other one as well but man traffic is going to get bad. It already backs up on Shepard during rush hour between Allen and West Gray. This area is pretty much a parking lot during peak hours.
  4. And the second crane is coming down now. This one is all inside work now and should be on track to open in the spring or maybe summer.
  5. Start here. You may have to did further into the citation provided to see if it has been updated. This is a city by city comparison from Austin but includes Houston. http://www.austintexas.gov/edims/document.cfm?id=253779 Section 30-16(5) establishes an affirmative defense for: “the erection, excavation, construction, or demolition of any building or structure, including the use of any necessary tools or equipment, conducted between the hours of 7 a.m. and 8 p.m., which activity did not produce a sound exceeding 85 dB(A) when measured from the property line of the residential property where the sound is being received. “
  6. Yeah I don't see that happening. There is the Montessori (that just completed a major expansion), a daycare, and many new town homes built in the last three years.
  7. Almost everyone has an entitlement complex. People on here wanted Amazon for all the things it would bring. Entitlement is also ignoring those who don't have access to the things they have and assume they did something special for what they have. When they don't realize where you are born matters. The schools, access to healthcare, food, and jobs aren't the same. Social economic issues are real and most of us will never know what it is like to grow up in extreme poverty. Some make it out but it is the exception, not the rule.
  8. It is more of hey you've ignored this area for decades and now that you want to develop you want to ignore those that live there and push them out. Best case scenario when you develop an area is to improve that area and help lift it up. It does no good to push them out and say go somewhere else and continue to suffer. These areas were racially created decades ago in the name of white flight and suburban development. Now that development is returning it would be great to also provide opportunities to create jobs for the neighbors and improve access to other things. The worst thing to do would be to bus them somewhere else and make them someone else's problem. That doesn't help anyone. This doesn't mean that a developer should be stuck with solving the major long term issues in the area but it means they can do what they can to make small improvements that fit the development and not just ignore it. The same thing happens in suburbs but those areas don't have as many systemic issues.
  9. The asphalt parking lot is actively being dug up.
  10. Just remember how classy The Astoria was supposed to look
  11. Tillman did the same counting on his Uptown project. They probably subtracted one floor for 13 so elevator count will go one higher and then there is probably a maintenance area or something they are counting on the roof that isn't really a floor but they will count.
  12. Tower crane currently being brought onsite. Crane removing pieces from trailers.
  13. I mean at least it has a decent facade. That's all I got after thinking residential was coming.
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