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  1. Thanks for the solid write-up. I deal with RFQs and RFPs at my job but know my company would pass on a "competition" unless there was a specific reason to chase the work. It is what I typically refer to as free consulting. If the client or project are worth the risk then maybe pursue it but in general the bigger players have enough other work to chase.
  2. How does this work? Since it is a competition it seems different than a formal RFP process. I don't know how architecture bids work as far as design goes. It seems like this would be looking for "free" designs by making it a competition. Or is it normal to provide a design as part of a RFP and then once awarded the project, flesh out how it would work in reality?
  3. I would have to think the company was smart enough to know what they could develop before going this far ahead with design but then again it is amazing at what gets ignored or looked over in development.
  4. I would like if they just took the old trees and relocated them like The Post Oak development did.
  5. Great reporting and I like that you told him you were on HAIF so they still feel comfortable sharing knowing it'll go more public
  6. I still like it even though I really loved the offset look it had before. I count 33 stories as others have. 40 would have been amazing but glad this project is moving forward and will take up that massive empty plot.
  7. I get I went too far but NIMBY stuff just wears thin on me. I can't stand those with the haves pushing things on the have nots just because they can afford to lawyer up. They are basically saying the development is fine as long as it isn't in my prestigious neighborhood. If someone was to say hey this development isn't warranted anywhere period, that is one thing. But when it's not here but over there is okay even though it affects that area as much as it would affect us, that is where I have a problem.
  8. Boohoo NIMBYs "There are plenty of commercial sites not within an existing prestigious neighborhood and street that would be more accommodating / have adequate parking, etc. for this massive high rise retirement residence." Go eff yourself
  9. Value Engineered Eye Sore in White Stucco
  10. What floor are they currently on?
  11. I'd have to think so. I used to live down the street and it didn't seem like the office was being used for a while but I went by today on my way to lunch and it looks like it's gone for good with the sign showing pictures now gone.
  12. Sales office closed and sign on site gone
  13. Trashy trailer with boarded up windows is now onsite
  14. Ugly but would find it funny if it was in River Oaks.
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