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  1. I saw that. There are also some new(?) houses/townhouses going in down Airport closer to Almeda and then more going in east of 288. Plus a whole lot of new warehouses/distribution centers going in along 288 as well. Just massive development. But that area has need an influx of jobs and development. This should also provide a lot of blue collar jobs which should be locally supported.
  2. I drove that recently when 610/288 was awful. I was wondering if it would ever be developed. Great news for that area.
  3. I had an apartment in college that was four bedroom with individual contracts. We had a friend back out and took a fourth random person in that the apartment found. It was a nightmare. Awful roommate who never chipped in for utilities. It is a good concept but sucks when you get stuck with a dud.
  4. Looks like something I would see an average suburban subdivision HOA have set up between the pool and basketball court.
  5. The lack of GFR is really disappointing. Of all places, this one makes a lot of sense to have GFR.
  6. Now I really wish the Disco Kroger development was something more than a wrap. At least the former Mattress Firm/Specs/Half Price Books location should also be a sustainable development. But if the Disco Kroger location would have also been a high rise, it would really have a nice affect on the area.
  7. Oh no a skybridge! Won't someone think of the walkability? /s
  8. I was hoping for bigger and at a bare minimum GFR. Very basic and forgettable design. Shame that the legendary Disco Kroger is being replaced with something that no one will remember exists.
  9. Got a bunch of these trophies along any highway in the city. Bringing the 'burbs to TMC.
  10. As far as landmarks go, a lot of people knew about Disco Kroger for better or worse. I do wish the new development here kept a grocery on the street level. I loved being able to walk here and get groceries for years.
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