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  1. Quite a while. Nothing in Houston is on rock. From skyscrapers to refineries to airports everything is on pilings.
  2. The crown will be added too. This one has a pretty good height to it. This and the BHP tower really stand out and look great.
  3. Only starting the 17th floor almost 30 to go. Should be going quick now that they are on the tower portion.
  4. I saw this was approved at the 3/5/20 meeting but not sure what it will do. I tried to find additional info and learned that Brazos Presbyterian Homes already owns and operates The Hallmark. They have owned it for years.
  5. I see the darker glass that was mentioned. Maybe they liked the look of the glass on the new tower in Uptown.
  6. I really hope it is like when school ISDs move into old grocery stores and it looks really bad. Hopefully, they do a full face lift.
  7. That area is historically important. It shouldn't be moved or discounted because the ultra rich moved in. They can coexist. The City does need to go in a repair some the apartments but they do look much better than they did 10 years ago.
  8. This one looks great driving by but that parking garage is trash and is on prime real estate. The whole City Center development is pretty cohesive overall but I feel this garage ruins it unless they put an exterior on it.
  9. That is good to hear. I hadn't heard anyone talk about it since the pandemic started but I am going back to work next week and was curious.
  10. I haven't been to that location yet but heard negative feedback from those that have. Said it was bad compared to other Ninfa's locations and terribly slow service. Hopefully, it was just new restaurant issues that work out. It is super close to my office so I plan on going.
  11. You are right he cost would go to the developer. If the lines need to be raised for traffic going in and out, the developer will pay for that too.
  12. I knew Mr. Hines was highly influential but never realized he and his company designed basically every major tower in Houston not to mention the Galleria and Water Wall. Truly an icon not only here but worldwide in the business.
  13. Do we know what restaurant will be in the Post Oak/San Felipe corner yet?
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