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  1. I saw a neat one in Mexico City and always wanted one here. There is one on the backside of Tillman's car dealership at the Post Oak. It is nice for when you eat at his restaurants in the tower you aren't staring at a concrete wall. I think this parking garage will be amazing because of the size that the vertical garden will be.
  2. According to their website... Our extensive range of projects and services includes: Luxury apartment homes Student housing Senior housing Affordable housing Single family urban development Property management Land development Design Budget development Project management Building construction Conceptual design General Construction They have a handful of properties in the Houston area. Mostly outside the Beltway.
  3. This helps prove it is a food desert. Most of the options are miles away. Randalls is more expensive than average grocery stores. The new HEB is probably the best option. Going to Fiesta or Walmart on Wayside, HEB in Gulfgate, or Fiesta by NRG are not great options.
  4. This will have quite the presence coming around the bend on Memorial.
  5. I just now realized this building doesn't curve like a sail and than both side curve toward each other.
  6. I drove by this weekend and it is such a presence and strong addition to that block. I love how it curves.
  7. That one and the one at 610/San Felipe are also a full dollar higher than the average. I hate working in that area because you have to remember to get gas before running out near the office.
  8. I am glad for the photos> i can see this one from work as well as others and it is weird not seeing what may be the last one for the time being out the window. I have gotten to see ton go up in the Uptown area since I started this job five years ago.
  9. I liked Disco Kroger because I could easily walk to it when I lived in Montrose. My complaint is that it was too small and the overall selection of items is limited.
  10. They are making the podium look a lot better, I may have spoken too soon when I said it was as bad as a RD podium.
  11. I think it will look fantastic from street level. We will find out soon enough.
  12. I am the opposite. I'd rather be in a cube than open concept.
  13. Kind of wild that none sold. I wonder what they will do? The parking would be a huge no for me at that price point, as if I could ever afford it in the first place.
  14. There is a Metro stop at that corner on San Felipe. It may also cut of traffic noise and having to stare at backed up traffic when they arrive to drop their car off.
  15. And capping it off with what I assume will be a bland parking garage
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