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  1. Assuming it is accurate, it may have cost more because of the pace of construction. Remember the insane foundation pour?
  2. Really happy to have Hanover and Hines building in this city.
  3. I think it'll be white 95% of the time, kind of like The Post Oak diamonds. Then for major events or something they can be changed. The Post Oak went red for Rockets playoff wins. The only changing LED colors I support are the arches on 59/69. It adds a lot to an otherwise barren "canal" on the highway. Of course it looks bad when some of the lights go out or don't change correctly.
  4. I think that was why the crane in Dallas blew over a couple weeks ago. It was locked in place and unable to rotate when the high winds hit.
  5. Please build. Time to get my hopes up yet again for them to be crushed.
  6. It will be interesting to follow this one. It is very striking but will probably get a lot of push back from the locals.
  7. We always talk about townhouses losing their views but these guys are truly in the shadow.
  8. I like it aside from the parking lots. The one in downtown Dallas is always packed but has better access to residential and no massive parking lots.
  9. Same folks that took years to finish on West Gray. They have serious funding issues.
  10. It is great infill and as Naviguessor stated, it helps add downtown residents. Not to mention, it's way better than a surface lot. Is it the best, no. But it's is much better than what is in this part of downtown. I hope it gets back underway. I am sure it will. Just going to take 5-7 years to finish.
  11. Even the wood looks like it's weathered a lot
  12. The glass and facade on this will look really nice when done.
  13. I like how the ADA ramp is not usable and runs into the mailbox and stairs.
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