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  1. Less than two years from ground breaking to opening. I thought this went fast but that almost seems impossible with the size.
  2. Crane is actively coming down. I am curious how the "fins" on top will get hung. The brackets are in place but I assumed they would need the crane to place them.
  3. So weird to see it come down. Of all the projects where demo happens, this one hits home the most. While I won't miss it, I spent a lot of time in that Half Price Books and Specs.
  4. It looks like they cleared enough for at least what is in the top part of the image. Maybe not the bottom three buildings but it is hard to tell. That high rise is dope.
  5. The link is now dead. I wonder if this one died with the market/COVID along with the protesting neighbors.
  6. I am pretty sure it has topped out and the crown is next.
  7. It looks decent for being all boxy. The amount of glass helps. Great for Midtown infill.
  8. Wait, they are just putting a new paint job on the Fiesta and that is it? It is like when BP had their offices in the old grocery store in Texas City outside of the refinery.
  9. Looks like they scaled back some of the building heights but this still looks incredible when all the phases are completed. Between this and TMC3, Houston will finally catch up quickly to the world leaders on the research front.
  10. There is a good chance they get dirt from TXDOT or other major road construction projects. Dirt from construction projects goes all over. In MoCo it has been used to backfill old sand pits, in the Pasadena/Clear Lake area, HPP will take it and backfill land for future development, and other parts of town take it to just raise land above floodplain levels prior to new construction.
  11. I still feel this is a brilliant move by RD. He protects all the eastern views from his condos, gets good use out for the property, and covers his ugly podium all in one move.
  12. D&Q Beer Station is pretty much next door to this. Easy for residence to get some good brews.
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