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  1. Midtown Park along the rail was brilliant idea that has spurred development around it. Seems everyone wants to have easy access to it. It is a nice little spot to visit too. Really ties the area together.
  2. It is crazy that in four years these six plots are now three completed structures, one under construction, one breaking ground, and only one left to develop.
  3. I keep forgetting how "thin" the tower will be.
  4. The Rangers copied Minute Maid Park for their new stadium and now the Astros are copying their mix use around the stadium
  5. I like that it claims 360 degree views of downtown but in reality downtown is only on one side of the project.
  6. Two Rows! $1 Wednesday and free appetizers.
  7. You are correct. They are part of the red crane for mud rotary installation of pilings.
  8. Are they a public company? It almost seems like they getting these projects set up and started to show they have an active portfolio and then cut funding and let it sit. At least the one on West Gray is all but wrapped up.
  9. Assuming it is accurate, it may have cost more because of the pace of construction. Remember the insane foundation pour?
  10. Really happy to have Hanover and Hines building in this city.
  11. I think it'll be white 95% of the time, kind of like The Post Oak diamonds. Then for major events or something they can be changed. The Post Oak went red for Rockets playoff wins. The only changing LED colors I support are the arches on 59/69. It adds a lot to an otherwise barren "canal" on the highway. Of course it looks bad when some of the lights go out or don't change correctly.
  12. I think that was why the crane in Dallas blew over a couple weeks ago. It was locked in place and unable to rotate when the high winds hit.
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