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  1. Man you thought The Cosmo was mad, I bet Embassy Suites is pissed. Blocked their best views and the pool. In the end it is a hotel over an residential building so it won't matter as much. The guests are temporary and a lot of people will book and not realize the new views.
  2. Is it because some companies are willing to pay a premium for new office space that is LEED certified, as high end and new amenities, and other incentives that help with hiring a workforce? I can see the older buildings that are all outdated being hard to lease up. I always wonder what will happen to all the old brown and white Soviet looking building from the 70s around town. Some will dump money to renovate the inside but a lot of just bad. I have worked in a couple older buildings and they just don't feel like a successful company works there. Obviously, remote working and moving to campuse
  3. Great start to filling in this side of downtown.
  4. I am happy that Williams Tower will finally have a friend
  5. Glad it is keeping the height. Looks like one of the towers is gone, at least in this phase, from the original release. I liked how the first tower was a little offset as well. Seems like they got rid of that, similar to The Allen.
  6. I never realized that. Thanks for the examples. You learn something new on here all the time.
  7. Are there examples of towers being added on to after they are completed and occupied? I know there are for parking garages but that seems a lot easier to manage and workaround.
  8. Beautiful. There is also a midrise in the old disco Kroger parking lot in the background.
  9. My first thought was the view of the Cosmo but then I saw the text.
  10. It says there was no sign of forced entry. Not sure what a concierge could have done if the person was allowed to visit.
  11. I was hoping they'd do a little more with the parking garage but this looks great from Post Oak.
  12. Really sucks to lose the theater. I love seeing movies there. Take out the Mens Warehouse instead.
  13. WOW! Another high rise in this area. Development never seems to stop. I hope they put a couple more on the southside of Post Oak between San Felipe and the RD tower to complete the corridor look. I was just thinking I won't get to watch more construction from my office but this keeps the years long tradition going.
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