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  1. I saw her on the other day... she is cute. Was there speculation she might leave or what?
  2. What happened to the forums/comments section at abc13.com ? I guess they closed them down... ???
  3. They also do this to annoy the hell out of non-toll-road users in order to frustrate them to the point where they DO purchase an EZ tag. Eff them.
  4. moo... She was always a little annoying... I think it was the way she would look to one side of the studio/off camera and kinda smirk...
  5. I think she will likely leave town... I think she just had a kid a year or two ago... I find her segments... benign and... almost too wholesome. To the point where she is un-noticeable. Don't get me wrong... she's not bad... just... invisible.
  6. About time... I like channel 13's weekend morning newscasts. However, I think it is nice to try another newscast from time to time. Refreshing.
  7. I've seen movies that start like that... it sounds like fun!
  8. Yay! That's 347 ppl a day moving to our region! :-) :-)
  9. Creole Country Soul? My my... that sounds interesting... I think I'll tune in to check it out... Last interesting genre thing I've heard on radio was GangstaZydeco on some other station a while back.
  10. I was reading the news and came across this article. Turns out Sugar Land has named one of their park "Memorial Park". I guess they are trying to benefit from the confusion between this one and the real on in Houston. Ugh. Ugh.
  11. *sigh*.... lets just get rid of the darned tolls one that particular stretch of road is paid for already?????
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