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  1. Great find! I like this idea, though the towers could probably be refined.
  2. I play soccer on Monday's and Wednesday's across the street at Toros HTX (https://www.toroshtx.com/) and I noticed a sign tonight. I don't remember this sign being there on Monday and I don't see this posted here already. The Oliver @ Sawyer Yards
  3. Is this the same development? I was looking at this thread and clicked @Urbannizer's link. http://www.andersoncanyon.net/portfolio.html I noticed under "Multi-Family Residential Developments" there's a project called "East End on the Bayou" Looks like it reads Nagle Street on this last image. When you go to http://www.paduarealty.com/#our-work these are the images that come up.
  4. If you're using Google Chrome, right click the link and the click "Open Link in Incognito Window". Microsoft signs on as ‘major tenant’ at the Ion In another win for Houston’s technology sector, Microsoft has leased space in The Ion, the former Sears building in Midtown that Rice University is redeveloping into a collaborative hub for innovation. “Having Microsoft as a major tenant is a huge step forward in realizing the vision for The Ion as a dynamic hub bringing together key elements of innovation in Houston,” Rice President David Leebron said in a press release. Microsoft will occupy space on the building’s fifth floor, said Rice Management Co. announced Thursday afternoon. In addition to becoming a tenant, Microsoft will play a role in professional and workforce development through community and start-up initiatives to be housed at the Ion. Microsoft will host executive forums and virtual symposiums, said Rice Management, which manages Rice University’s $6.5 billion endowment fund. City leaders have long touted the importance of growing Houston’s technology sector. “Over the last several years, Microsoft has made it clear it is committed to Houston,” Mayor Sylvester Turner said in a press release. “With the work Microsoft is already doing with the City and The Ion to support entrepreneurs, workforce development and energy transition, it is only fitting its new home should be in our City's hub for innovation. This news is an exciting next step in our partnership with Microsoft as we continue to grow Houston's innovation ecosystem and become a leader in the global energy transition.” Over the summer, Rice announced its first tenant for the building: Chevron Technology Ventures, an arm of the oil and gas giant that scouts and funds energy-related tech startups. The company will occupy space on the third floor. The Ion is designed to anchor a 16-acre “innovation district” in the Midtown area that focuses on bringing together entrepreneurs, incubators, accelerators, corporations and academics, and the community at large when it opens next year. The 288,000 square-foot building at 4201 Main will include shared workspace, prototyping and maker resources, event space, classrooms and communal areas with shared amenities.
  5. I watched the first episode last night and there were some great shots of Houston. I know to be prepared now. Thanks!
  6. Upload your pictures to Imgur then right click the image and click "Copy Image Address" then paste that into your reply and it should automatically change the image address into the image itself.
  7. Those "seniors" look pretty ripped. I hope I look that good when I'm a senior. Nice find @Urbannizer
  8. Posted by "CTroyMathis" on https://skyscraperpage.com/forum/showthread.php?t=199012&page=279 "Just a heads up for this thread also, the FAA received a request last week for 1025 FT for the 98 Red River site. If you were looking for it searching Austin, you probably wouldn't have found it. Someone submitted the wrong city, but, all else is correct including map, lat, long. https://oeaaa.faa.gov/oeaaa/external...257981&row=359" 1025 FT means this will indeed be the tallest in Texas. This was posted on the same page by "The ATX"
  9. Posted by "The ATX" on https://skyscraperpage.com/forum/showthread.php?t=199012&page=278 Here's another rendering of 98 Red River with a nice view of the project's second tower 99 Red River. The third building is a rendering of Tower 1 in the approved Travis Towers project. Tower 1 ~600' and Tower 2 is ~700'. Though people on that forum seem to believe @Paco Jones renderings are more recent.
  10. More details revealed about Hunt Realty's massive Uptown mixed-use project https://www.bizjournals.com/dallas/news/2020/11/09/uptown-mixed-use-site-could-feature-1.html Behind a paywall for me but this was quoted on the skyscraperpage.com Forum. “ The centerpiece of the 11-acre project, as seen in renderings, will be an 83-story mixed-use tower. Plans for the tower include a 500-room hotel, which will sit below a 595-unit residential high-rise. At a proposed 890 feet tall, the tower would be the second tallest building in Dallas, coming in just shy of the 921-foot Bank of America Plaza.” Oak Lawn Committee Sees Changes For Knight Street And Night Sky https://candysdirt.com/2020/11/10/oak-lawn-committee-sees-changes-for-knight-street-and-night-sky/
  11. According to the website there will be an Illuminated Crown. Me too. I leave the Houston Skyline Webcam on one of my screens for something to look at while I'm at my desk. It looks really good during the day but at night it starts lacking and the Dallas cameras starts to look more impressive. Houston Cam Dallas Cam https://www.earthcam.com/usa/texas/dallas/?cam=dallas Reunion Tower Cam https://www.earthcam.com/usa/texas/dallas/reuniontower/?cam=reuniontower I've always thought Heritage Plaza was unique looking and instantly recognizable. You can see it prominently in The Matrix Reloaded megacity skyline along with some other Houston buildings. You know for sure the Houston skyline is included because of Heritage Plaza.
  12. @Paco Jones You're famous https://austin.towers.net/downtown-austins-first-supertall-tower-plan-arrives-at-waller-creek-site/ "Plans for the western tract, also known by the address 98 Red River, were leaked along with some renderings earlier this week by a user named Paco Jones on development website Houston Architecture Info, showing a 74-story tower containing a total of 2.7 million square feet."
  13. New tallest in Texas. I wonder if this pushes developers to build something taller here in Houston and/or Dallas.
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