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  1. RT @sockihtx: @nicolas___jaar how are you?

  2. Just call it as it is. 'Richmond Railway' was scuttlebutted by @CongCulberson! Call him out, lets get that dude out of office! @METROHouston

  3. @kylejack @cmoney_htx @allynwest December 2002* Correction. https://t.co/liTyd7HIm2

  4. RT @aaronecarroll: Some people are saying that Trump is sniffing so much cause he was snorting coke before the debate.

  5. @cmoney_htx @Urbanmediatique thousand dollars yeah man. Let's podcast it up

  6. RT @verge: Behind the wheel of Uber’s first self-driving car https://t.co/6e5TWGmznF

  7. RT @BikeHouston: Go to https://t.co/CenxGZMLLV to send comment of support for The Woodlands walk & bike plan.@TheWoodlandsTex https://t.co/…

  8. RT @METROHouston: TONIGHT: Hop on the 56 & see newly restored Mecom Fountain with @SylvesterTurner at 6 pm (Main/Bissonnet stop) ^B https:/…

  9. @cmoney_htx just another broken egg...

  10. @HouSymphony @SethMacFarlane excited to see your performance tomorrow! Hope you enjoy your time in Houston too! :) #htxRenaissance

  11. Latest report has several models directing #Invest99L directly into the Houston Region. We are all going to Die. https://t.co/KHPt11qNcd

  12. We thousand dollarsed... #Invest99L https://t.co/hDreFjVMtL

  13. RT @METROHouston: Chair Patman remembers longtime transit-rider Mark Hogue : "He was a very sweet and thoughtful person." https://t.co/Ea0F…

  14. @Uber_Houston @Majic1021OnAir bring driverless cars to Houston please!

  15. Anyone out there find a torrent yet for Lo and Behold?

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