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  1. See you just choose to see what you want to see. I live with a lot of Muslim neighbors. Heck I think you and I even live in the same neighborhood. I have a strong sense that the Muslim neighbors that live around me are what most Muslims are like. There is just a rowdy and dangerous few that f*** it up for the rest of their race/religion. And it's the same thing with all races. Stereotypes are hard to lose for some people. And now we have Trump making race relations even worse and inciting races to be suspicious of each other.
  2. Jason, So what makes your Muslim neighbors the good kind of Muslims? Since apperantly they all come from a fascist culture?
  3. Awesome stuff happening in Dallas I'm really excited. I know there is more to come.
  4. I actually liked that street a lot because of the older feel that it has compared to the rest of the metro. Very few areas in the metro have the feel that east Dallas/Lakewood have. I like it more than the park cities and I really wish developers don't tear down anything more. There is tons of vacant land in east Dallas. I hope they build there. Lakewood is already beautiful as it is.
  5. See the thing is that you can actually walk from Downtown Dallas to Uptown Dallas. Can't really say that for Houston. Houston is all about how the towers look from the freeway and from afar.
  6. The Dallas galleria area kind of reminds me of Houston. I don't know what it is... Just the whole design of it reminds me of Houston.
  7. http://www.dallasnews.com/business/commercial-real-estate/headlines/20160210-att-hires-firm-to-study-downtown-dallas-office-options.ece Hopefully they do build in Perots site.
  8. So once again you basically said that 2727 Wesleyan is better because it's taller. But okay okay I digress. We just have different priorities of what we want in our cities.
  9. And with all due respect many Houston people get too caught up in how cool skylines look from afar. Sic'EmBears is right. One Uptown is stellar because it adds a lot more to the neighborhood and increases the desirability of the place than if you you made it look cool for people driving in 75 or 35 or whatever freeway. More and more of these is what creates a true urban environment; they don't have to be very very tall in order to create a good urban environment.
  10. I bought and am currently buying property around there; don't know much about anything but hope it turns out to be a good investment. Do you guys think that this park would be plus for my investment?
  11. Because some people here get offended when others post pretty renderings of buildings planned in Dallas lol. They start telling us that it might be that WE are insecure.
  12. Dallas and Houston are the biggest cities in Texas. San Antonio doesn't even compete with Austin and it's fallen way behind but hey thanks for the expansive city limits San Antonio has they can call themselves the second largest city in Texas.
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