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  1. The Horseshoe pit was built by Mr. Fine who lived in the trailer park at the Trailer closest to the pit. I lived in the Village Way Apartments on the other side of the fence. I lived in the same apartment for 17 years, I also had a friend that lived in a house on Plum Creek named Tim Clendinum, also a friend that lived in the other apartments on Plum Creek his name was Mike Kimsey and then the brother and sister whose parents owned or operated the trailer park, thier name was Rhino and Janice. Small world.
  2. What a small world. The guy from Brinks is my older cousin, and my grandmother never drove a day in her life, she always took the bus. I remember going with her to First Baptist Church downtown on the bus she would always let me pull the line to to stop the bus with a ding. between the air conditioning blowing up on the windows, where I had my face planted watching everything and the smell from the diesel engines it was hard to stay awake. It really was a great place to grow up.
  3. Thats one of the worst things I have ever seen. I see someone has already roped off a spot to park a Taco Truck, you know the early bird gets the worm (after he drinks all the Tequila).
  4. Does anyone remember the Airline Drive-In Theater across from Northline Mall? Didn't see it in the photos
  5. I remember the Malibu Grand Prix off I45 near Little York one of three that were here in town.
  6. editor is 100% right, and he is talking about a brand new game with a release date within the last month or so. Just imagine if a computer company, hardware or software company, has been building or making a product for years. There not making something that is going to spoil on the shelves or the stock gets rotated. When new stock comes in it is usually placed in front of the old stuff, so it is very likely that you could be buying something that is a year or more old and several revisions behind. To bad they don't have "born on dates" on all products. TODAY's TIP: When buying computer pe
  7. I remember back in the early 90's there was a rumor that Walt Disney was thinking about putting a theme park West or Northwest of Houston but didn't think the economy could support two parks. Does anyone else remember this? or was I dreaming.
  8. TJones is right, sounds like part of DirectX was removed, I would Download DirectX first and see if that fixes the problem. Even if that isn't the problem it doesn't hurt to have the latest version on your computer. http://www.filehippo.com/download_directx/ If you still can't see graphics or post to the site without getting the error, then the next thing to try is go to your system tray, down by the clock, and right click on one icon at a time and close or exit just one then try to view the graphics, if it still dosen't work try another then another. If it is a program running in the backgr
  9. There is a difference between Macromedia Flash Player and Microsoft DirectX, The DirectX is a interface between hardware and software, that allows multimedia content to work smoother. I can not count how many times customers would bring computers in that when loading an older game, they would accidentally load an older version over the newer version which would completely mess up the audio and video. So not knowing which version you had on your computer, this link is to the latest one DirectX 9c ( its 33Mb) http://www.filehippo.com/download_directx/ Then after you download and install that t
  10. I worked 11 years in test engineering in manufacturing at Compaq and the only difference between there Presario (consumer) and there Proliant (commercial) products, was the case in which they put everthing in. We built all the motherboards with all the same parts pulled from the warehouse. Computer manufacturers would like everyone to believe they are getting a better built machine (business class) thats how they can charge the big bucks for them. The difference between a normal $1000.00 laptop and a well-built $3000.00 laptop would be a titanium case instead of plastic. They are all built
  11. Not that its more easily hacked, but there is more opportunity to hack into a computer and when access is achieved, more time to steal critical information about you (bank account numbers, credit card numbers, name, address, phone numbers, social security numbers) its called identity theft. The best way to combat this is only put information that is needed into your computer, never type in your social security number for any reason, only put bank account info in, if you use Quicken, Microsoft Money or online banking and online bill pay on a regular basis. If you have set one of these program
  12. This is a question that, no matter how you answer it, someone will usually argue the opposite. Some people are worried about voltage spikes when turning a computer on, back when they had "AT" power supplies that probably could of happened and over time would stress components into an early failure. Now almost all home computers, not sure about apples, are running "ATX" power supplies. The way these PS work is, when the power button is pressed the PS is initiated, then it sends a power good signal to the MB (motherboard), which tells the MB its ok to boot, all voltages are within specs for
  13. Would anyone have any pictures of the inside or outside of the gulfgate cinema or maybe even a close up picture of the walkover bridge from gulfgate mall? I have seen alot of aerial photos but you can't see any details and it looks like they were taken before the cinema was built.
  14. All in all seems like the weather hasen't changed a bit.
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