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  1. I vaguely remember going there. I think it was called the Rumble Seat.
  2. Zappo's was much better in my opinion. I think Schlotsky's had already been open a couple of years before Zappo's closed. When they remodeled the shopping center they raised the rent, which is probably why Zappo's closed.
  3. I remember the location at 59 and Gessner. I went once when I was 6 and bought my mother a Joan Walsh Anglund ornament. She was surprised I found one that she didn't already have Good memories...
  4. The Frost Brothers store was inside the mall, next door (or very close) to Foley's. I was only 8 or so when the store was open, but my great aunt loved to go there when she visited us from CA.
  5. Haha - I'm glad you brought that up. My sister cried one time because she thought our parents were taking her to eat dog food.
  6. I remember when they chopped down all of the beautiful, old trees in the interior courtyard. What a sad day that was. I don't even remember why they did that - was there a plan to enclose the mall? What a silly thing to do. I remember as a little girl going into a gift store with my mom (on the end where Woolworth's was) and buying little ceramic birds. I also remember eating at a restaurant called 'The Rumble Seat." There was a big antique mall there for a while, too. (Right before they bulldozed the entire thing.)
  7. What's the Pavillions site? I don't live in Houston anymore...
  8. What a great opportunity for Houston to create a mini "Central Park." The row of parking lots connecting the Toyota Center to the main downtown area looks like a great place to me. A park would also attract people wanting to live downtown. I can see all kinds of developers wanting to build residential high rises that look over the park. Here is what it could look like - not the best rendering, but you get the idea...
  9. In addition to the T-Rex project, Denver also has plans to turn the historic Union Station building downtown into a transportation hub. You can read more about the plan here: http://www.denverunionstation.org/master_plan/
  10. I live in Denver and have sat in traffic on I-70 more times than I care to think about. I-70 is the only direct East-West route through the state. Traffic on Sunday night is bad year-round from people coming back to Denver from Utah, skiing, camping, etc. The problem was really bad this ski season because of the amount of snowfall we received. When there is a lot of snow, they have to close Loveland pass and send the haz-mat trucks through the Eisehnower tunnel. For those of you who have never been here, the Eisenhower tunnel is a very long tunnel that goes through the Continental divide. Love
  11. Boulder has some of the highest housing prices in Colorado, so that may not be an option unless he wants to pay 400,000 for a 800 sq ft house. However, try looking in Broomfield, Louisville, or Thornton which are just outside of Boulder. There is a lot of new development going on in these areas and I'm sure he could find something nice within the price range you gave. I live in downtown Denver so I don't know much about the cost of housing north of here, but I don't think your friend needs to move all the way out to Aurora to find a place to live. Especially with the cost of gas now!
  12. Hah! Now I have that silly jingle stuck in my head. "If you need a brand new car, go see Cal..." sung to the tune of "If you're happy and you know it clap your hands..." Go see Cal! Go see Cal! Go see Cal! I haven't thought about the guy that would "stand on his head and eat a bug if he couldn't sell you a car" in years!
  13. Does anyone remember Zappo's in Meyerland? It was a sandwich place in a strip center across the street from the mall that made "Schlotzsky's-type" sandwiches (except that Zappo's was way better.) It closed after the area was re-developed in the early 90s. I also vaguely remember a restaurant called the Rumble Seat that was located in the old Meyerland Plaza mall.
  14. I grew up in a suburb of Houston and moved to Denver a little over three years ago. Denver is anything but boring. But if what you mean by boring is a clean city where people care about their surroundings, then I'll take it. Unlike what you may think, though, the sidewalks are not rolled up at night. Many people live downtown and there is always something going on (art festivals, outdoor concerts, crazy people doing what they do best) every night of the week. The weather is condusive for going outside almost year-round, so there are always people walking up and down the 16th Street Pedestrian
  15. I moved to Denver about three years ago and am fascinated with this Web site that tracks infill development and revitalization of downtown Denver. This site would serve as an excellent model for any city focusing on replacing surface parking lots and rehabilitating existing structures. I would love to see someone create a similar site for Houston. http://www.denverinfill.com/
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