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  1. Wow, pretty harsh Luminare. Yes it's only phase 1 so far, but this has helped bring a little bit of notoriety to the small and often overlooked city of Stafford. The restaurants are usually packed. They are currently doing some more work on some parts closer to the 59 feeder road for some new buildings. It's not the urban development we all on this site want, but a nice addition to the city of Stafford and the other phases were always the parts that were supposed to be more urban, not this phase. I've also heard rumors that Torchy's is considering putting in a shop here in one of t
  2. Few more pictures from The Grid. Sorry they are not the best quality. I had to make them really small and reduce their quality to be able to post them here.
  3. Few Pictures of the completed section of The Grid
  4. I actually live in Stafford so I'll try and give more updates on this development. (eye test, I don't have an inside source unfortunately). So far only Verizon and Chipotle have opened up on airport/59 feeder. No signs for who might take up the available store fronts by Verizon and Chipotle. The streets for the development have been coming along and the very large oak trees have fences around them to preserve them for the development which I am very happy about. So most of the progress so far is roads, sewage etc, I'll try and get some pics next time I am driving by.
  5. I actually moved to Stafford earlier this year and drive by here on my way to/from work. Frames are going up on 2 separate structures close to airport. They have been up for a few weeks. If I am driving by there this weekend, I will try and grab a couple of pictures.
  6. I was wondering what eventually would go there. I used to live in Cottage grove and would always drive by it in the mornings when I would go to work. They used to have a small billboard that said some sandwich shop was coming soon. I guess they found a higher bidder.
  7. The Bunker Hill HEB is by far the most profitable store HEB has in its' portfolio*. I went to the Montrose one regularly when I lived in Midtown and now live by the bunker hill one and Bunker Hill is far busier. They even have cops on Sundays directing traffic there. It probably helps the montrose store that it has the buffalo speedway location near by. *Source is my friend who works for HEB's Houston offices.
  8. Am I the only one that gets disappointed in the suburban design of stuff around Houston? All these cool shopping areas that they build now, ROD, City Centre, this project, are all great but have literally no interaction with the city. It is a place people drive into and out of. it is literally the modern day mall, just that developers have figured out how to skimp on having to pay for A/C. It doesn't invite people to walk to from the outside, only encourages you to walk within the project after you have parked in a 4-6 story garage. I understand it for projects farther out like City centre, bu
  9. I actually meant to put this here a while ago bc it was discussed at the church in January. They are currently at 1010 Lamar (just rent the space) on Sundays. I think this will be a great add for that area of downtown!
  10. Say no to Dicks. Why would you give it to the competition when Academy's headquarters are located in the Houston metro (Katy)? Support local.
  11. the building looks awesome. Whats up with these little patches of grass on the corners? what's the point? Why not just pave over them?
  12. I used to live in Cottage Grove and parking was definitely an issue, especially since I lived in one of the town homes with a shared driveway. The other thing they need to work on, is to cover up the ditches on the side of the road (not just this neighborhood but others in houston as well). I have seen so many people fall into them while driving.
  13. And that price is probably before any concessions. I would imagine the price would be reduced by a couple hundred dollars.
  14. Agreed. A City Target like the one in portland would do really well. This would be perfect in the old Sakowitz building.
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