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  1. Was that Coffee Caravan? We LOVED that place. Walked down there at least once a week, wonderful cakes, coffee, tea, even light lunch. It was great. I always thought it was the Studewood reconstruction that did them in. That's a shame, tell your friend that they had a LOT of fans, regardless of what else they heard.
  2. I was the one that posted the picture. It is not this actual development, just one I saw they did elsewhere that I thought might be similar to what they have planned. I've since learned a few more details. There will be twelve units. Six of them will be large, and will be new floor plans they've never built before and priced in the mid to upper six figures. Then there will be six more smaller units and priced close to 400s. Take that for what it's worth. Looks like framing might be going up soon. Ought to be interesting to see the outcome. Based on the driveway/sewer connects, looks to me like the six big ones will face out onto Beauchamp and the the smaller six will be on the back side.
  3. Yep, definitely missing it already. They had a pretty awesome wine selection (in recent months/years) too. Great place to just run in on the way home. I'll miss that about it. And the music was the best freakin overhead mix I've ever heard in a store. I would have bought a CD of it, ha.
  4. Drove by tonight to pick up some things and it's officially closed up and dark. I'm sure demolition will come pretty soon, as soon as the store is emptied (unless it already is?). Farewell little Fiesta.
  5. A friend signed up for the mailing list and she got a reply that said there would be 12 homes. Here is a photo from another development they are building, this ISN'T this one, but I'm guessing this will be pretty similar to what we'll get.
  6. Because the one in the picture is way wrong for the neighborhood. That being said, I'm OK with the parking lot going away that's been a bit of an eyesore anyway. I would just would like to see something that at least looks nice in the neighborhood and not like Katy has come to inside the loop. I wonder if that spot is governed by the historic designation? Ought to be interesting to see what they build. As someone else said, I can't see more than a few there. That lot is not very deep but pretty wide. Maybe 6 in a row?
  7. Saw a sign go up for this today on the lot: http://www.davidweekleyhomes.com/new-homes/tx/houston/houston/central-living/beauchamp-estates# The 'why settle for old' with the picture of a suburban house scares me. Has David Weekly built other homes in the Heights?
  8. I heard on another forum that the owner of the new building is negotiating to buy out Someburger and just make additional parking. Anyone else heard this? I wonder what the rules would be to put Someburger in my front yard? LOL! Just kidding, but I'd hate to lose this place. I suppose it was inevitable when the new construction started.
  9. How long until one of the residents of the $400,000 lofts complains about the grilled burger smell from Someburger and they have to close? Don't mess with my Someburger!
  10. Just saw an article online that Kroger purchased the property at 1400 Studemont, by Arne's. It borders Summer Street to the South. Anyone have more details? Wish HEB had purchased it for a "Heights Market".....
  11. Was just there today and one of the owners was telling everyone that they are moving, to Rutland and 20th...not exactly sure where, they said they would have an official announcement later. I could be wrong, but I thought she said they were there at Fiesta through next Friday and would move after that...Sorry to see them have to move though...
  12. So can someone please enlighten me...Is Karen Derr still in the race? I don't see her signs coming down anywhere, in fact the other day I was driving and saw someone putting two signs in a yard... She's not my choice, but I'm still curious as to her status?
  13. At the risk of sounding redundant, NOOOOO! Not my quickie Fiesta! I love going to that place more than just about any other grocery store in the Heights. Their produce is always cleaner and more abundant than Kroger, and gnat free as compared to the other big Fiesta. The have a better wine selection than just about anywhere else that's close by, and I've been to Kroger many times over the years with my shopping list and when they were out of something, I'd stop at that Fiesta and they had it. And as someone else said above, they have the greatest 'overhead music'. I guess it sounds like they will still be there for awhile, at least I hope so. I'd love to see Fiesta pump some money into this location and really jazz it up. Even staying a Fiesta, if it was changed up a little, 'freshened' and updated, I think it could really put a bigger dent in the other stores around here. Fiesta doesn't know what potential they have in that location...
  14. Thanks, didn't think about that. I mean, in years past we have seen a bit creakier in the winter, but it just seemed worse this year. Of course, I guess the weather has been very up and down this year too, cold one day, hot the next....
  15. We're noticing a lot of creaky boards around the house (more than usual), in various rooms of the house (pier and beam). We had a bathroom water leak once upon a time and got that fixed. Creaking floor is in other parts of the house far from the bathroom so I doubt that's connected. So we thought it might be settling, though a couple of years ago we had some piers shimmed up a bit. But we had someone come out again to see if there was any house settling and they said no. Now we are wondering if there is there someone that can check out the subfloor by crawling around under the house and looking for rotting wood or anything that might be causing the floor boards to be creakier than normal? Thanks guys! *edit to clarify request
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