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  1. Wow, very in-depth info. Brio and Southbend should have way more discussion on here than t currently does
  2. I've always wondered about the story about the Aldine Mail Route name. Why was it named this and was this road named something different before that?
  3. Kinda an off kilter topic, but I was walking through a Tractor Supply in Greenville, SC today, when I happened to look up at the ceiling. Lo and behold, there were 4 of the huge AC vents that seemed to be in every Kmart.I remember these things creeping me out as a kid, and as we all know, even in the mid eighties, most Kmart store felt old, dirty and creepy. I am kinda fascinated by these monsterous devices that only Kmart had. Am I the only one??? Please feel free to use this as a Kmart Discussion topic as well.
  4. Is this why they built and never opened the Kingwood Mall? ( Now Kingwood hospital)
  5. What is the history on this building? It was the Sack NSave for many many years, and now it is some sort of fleamarket. What is the history, if any, before Sack N Save?
  6. Mine is a nod to our family's trucking company that was started by my Grandpa's brother in Paterson NJ in the 60's. In the mid to late 70's, he decided to open another terminal in Houston, and appointed my Grandpa to run that one. So that is how my family got to Houston as well (before I was born). My dad drove for them as did 2 of my uncles. The Houston terminal started out in the warehouse district at the East Loop at McCarty behind the Wendy's, then moved to Mesa Rd off of Wallisville, and wound up off of Hwy 90 just outside of Liberty in Ames. That was the last terminal when we were bought out by Quality Carriers in the early 200's. Side note, this the only online application that I didn't use my usual username of Frito-Bandito, lol.
  7. I always thought the Pantry stores were downright nasty looking, smelling etc inside. When they closed the one in Porter and removed the freezers on the back wall, there was a lot of mold behind where they stood.
  8. Old post, but I remember when the HEB in Cleveland opened and I remember when that was a Safeway. Also I remember the Safeways in Kingwood and Humble as well.
  9. I agree, it's been 10 years, and I didn't evacuate, but I still get chills thinking about how erie and depressing the whole situation was. I don't know if I could ever joke or laugh about Rita...or Ike as a matter of fact.
  10. I have been wanting to make a post asking what was in this building a couple of days now. Some reason it clicked when I seen the title of this thread, that there is no way there would be any reputable furniture store anywhere near Jensen Dr these days lol
  11. That's what I thought, I remember the old style merchandise only Walmart being there, I always thought there were some rough people in there. Is the Whataburger and the Cavenders still on that property?
  12. Are you positive on that one? I could've swore that the Walmart was in the building currently occupied by Academy.
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