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  1. Yes, I remember one being inside the Sears at Baybrook mall, in the late 80's. It was at the main entrance, where the optometrist is today.
  2. Yes. That shopping center is still there- at least part of it is. It made a "U" shape, and Texas Tumbleweed was in the back corner. 2/3rds of the shopping center was torn down to make way for a new Krogers. I remember the original, existing section housed a Wiener's and Walgreen's (it's now a River Oaks Diagnostic/Imaging).
  3. I remember going to the Parkview Twin Theatre on Spencer Hwy. (at Burke) in Pasadena as a kid. It was a "Dollar Movie" up until (at least) the late 1990's, and I always remember it being as such. It was kind of gross and dirty with mildly greasy floors. It's now a Hancock Fabric store. Sadly, they gutted the place out and leveled the floor; all remnants of it ever being a theatre are gone. I also remember an old bank being on the opposite corner, as well as an old Wyatt's Cafeteria. They were both torn down in the mid 90's to make way for a Walgreen's and Eckard's (now a PetCo). Anyways, does anyone ever remember going there? Did they ever show first run movies, or was it always a dollar movie theatre? Does anyone have any pictures of the theatre, Wyatt's, or the Bank?
  4. Does anyone know what this was? It looks like the world's biggest golf tee to me.
  5. The other day I was as work, working on an exhibit map, using in MSN maps, and I noticed this. It
  6. This is a much, much newer version of the commerical. Look at the registration tags on the windshield. Also, the commercial with the white Cadillac was from the 1980's- I remember it from when I was a kid. Oh, and this video was filmed on Harrisburg- definitely in Houston, and is obviously for a shop in Austin.
  7. Food Town was a home improvement store called Builder Square. That one opened in the mid-eighties, and closed sometime in the mid-late '90s (1998?). There was also one on Fairmont in Pasadena, and on I-45 between Nasa Rd.1 and Bay Area Blvd. A Lowes now occupies the Fairmont location. If you look at the floor, you can see where there were once tiles on the floor. The Clear Lake location is now a Hobby Lobby.
  8. The Bradleys on Bay Area was an Atchfalaya was for about a year back in the mid-1990's. I remember going a few time w/ my folks. I guess it never really took off.
  9. The one in Baybrook Mall is a JC Penny's now.
  10. There was one on Bay Area Blvd. in Clear Lake. It was freakin' awesome. It closed & is now called BJ's (used to be Bradley's). They brew their own beer. Not too shabby- burgers & stuff like that- Cajun is considerably tastier though.
  11. The other day my dad, who works for TXDoT as an inspector, and I were driving on East BW8, near I-10. When we got up to the inter-change, he told me that when they were building the roads in that area, that the state acquired a lot of right-of-way. Pretty much they tore down EVERYTHING in their way, including an old mansion (on the South side of I-10, but North of the toll bridge). He told me about touring the munitions bunkers that are in that area, too (those were mentioned in a previous thread). When I was little (like four years old), he would drive by the work site on the weekends, and take a look around- making sure that barricades were in place, etc. Sometimes he would take me with him. When he started talking about the house, I started to VAGUELY remember seeing a house there. He said that it was two stories and had a large gate around the property. Does anyone have any information on this house/mansion, or has this been posted in a previous thread?
  12. Yeah, Almeda Mall is still there. It's kinda ghetto now. Everyone drives a few miles down the freeway, and goes to Baybrook Mall now. I On another note, the Physical Whimsical in San Jacinto Mall was pretty whip-a*s. On the other hand, I was six the last time I went there.
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