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  1. 1318 Telephone - Coral Sword Cafe

    Apparently, the barber shop next store door is getting tired of people asking about it, they've made custom stickers that say "Coffee shop still not open"
  2. Admittedly, I am pretty pessimistic for this specific area. The East Village project won't be directly facing the cap and cover park (which looks to start at Lamar St), and it will be losing Polk St connectivity to the GRB. It's also important to keep in mind that Klyde Warren Park was anchored on both sides by high rises, hotels, and cultural institutions. EaDo is still a lot of old warehouses with spatters of townhome farms.
  3. It will be harder to determine exactly what the feel of the area will be after the 45 reroute. All the new bars and restaurants in this area will now be immediately facing a massive freeway. And of course everything on the other side of St.E will be demolished. The noise and visual blight may be enough to kill this part of town.
  4. A new brewery literally a block from 8th Wonder? I'm starting to wonder how many craft breweries this city can absorb...
  5. There's still Kombat Kroger and Phoenicia in close distance. Not exactly a food desert.
  6. Amazon HQ2

    One Shell Plaza? Shell's vacancy is putting a million square of primo class-A space on the market. Good access to mass transit. Lots of parks and amenities. And walking distance to city hall which will make future bribes very convenient.
  7. $1.3 million seems like a lot of money to build out a restaurant space. Can any industry people comment?
  8. Not that often. Though it might be more and I might just be sleeping through them.
  9. I moved last month and have really been digging it. They did a great job renovating the building. The train can be pretty loud but I've lived in a few different places in the East End and have always lived close to the train tracks. I don't really mind it.
  10. Downtown Restaurant and Bar Scene - More Coming

    I know I'm feeding the troll here, but the sandwiches and pizzas are pretty legit at Sundance; it's not just popcorn and milkduds.
  11. 2619 Polk St

    I rode my bike by there last night and it was full of people. I think it really adds to the fabric of the nascent neighborhood and I think it would be smart for city parks to emulate this concept.
  12. Lockwood @ Harrisburg

    Any information on this neighborhood center anywhere?? This is the first I'm hearing of it.
  13. 420 Main (Byrds Lofts)

    I frequently eat on the patio at Honeymoon cafe or Barnaby's which are both around the corner. I've had homeless ask for change a few times but I've successfully never been eaten alive, whatever that's supposed to mean.
  14. I'm really excited about this project. The price seems really fair for new development. I think the key will be the commercial space next door. Hopefully they can have a cool coffee shop or restaurant. The only thing holding them back is the specific location. It's still too industrial with not enough places to walk to.
  15. Block 309 Parking

    It's crazy this wasn't a parking lot already considering it's two blocks from Toyota Center and two blocks from GRB. Just goes to show how much of a dead zone that the southeast corner of downtown still is.