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  1. It's close to being in my sightline when I'm sitting at my desk.
  2. Just curious is there any idea about the prospective tenants of this place? I'm sure I could click back a little but is it office/retail/apartments/etc?
  3. Beautiful. I will say in furtherance of my talking about the weird facing of the store, I realized when I went to HEB on Dunlavy yesterday that of course it moons its main thoroughfare (Alabama) and that certainly isn't hurting it. Just thinkin out loud.
  4. I hope it's doing well. I drive by it on the way home all the time and I never see people there. (tbf it's usually before 6pm)
  5. There's a kind of tall stand-alone plaque for Midtown Park on the northside of the building. I didn't get a photo but noticed it on my drive-by today.
  6. This is really coming along and looks like it'll be great! But question. It's going to be mooning the north-bound freeway with the ugly rear side, and you can't really see it from the south bound side. What was the reasoning for having the main entrance facing away from traffic/the main feeder road? I can't think of another store like this (or I'm just not thinking very much or very hard).
  7. Yes - permit filed: Plumbing Pmt *HUONG VO/OCCIDENTAL INVESTMENT COMPANY 2402 AUSTIN ST 77004 3530 SF CONV SHOP TO GAMING BAR W/MEZZ 1-1-2-A2-B '12 IBC SPK/FA
  8. Yeah it seems to be doing very well! Can't wait to go back.
  9. I definitely first read said dentist as Polish (eastern Europe) dental.
  10. some Debbie Downers here... https://www.houstonchronicle.com/techburger/article/Innovation-1-14021608.php Edit: Maybe not completely. Didn't finish reading the article before posting And there's a part 2 coming!
  11. Sorry if I missed someone else posting it, but there’s a billboard on 59S before the Fannin exit edit: I took a pic and tried to upload but I’m still woefully inept at it. Here’s a link. http://imgur.com/fbWwpZw
  12. The quote about Towers A and B is in response to a question about Laneways, so it certainly reads as though it's 2 more towers (he said optimistically) edit: twinspeak^
  13. Good and unique pies. Will be curious to see what they do pricing-wise - right now they are more expensive than, say, Dolce Vita. Will be interesting to see if they can carve themselves a niche. Pizza is a hard business to figure out I'd think.
  14. Insta story 30 minutes ago saying opening soon too. Sorry for my earlier panic!😂
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