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  1. This...as much as we complain about historical buildings being removed/replaced, why on earth would the church move? I imagine the powers that be behind Ion may have thoughts about how they may be able to utilize the parking lot, and I'm sure the church has their thoughts about it as well.
  2. Yea! I walked to the Eagle this afternoon and saw that and said out loud "hey that's new"
  3. Yeah just went, it was still pretty crowded at 7pm on a Sunday
  4. !!! But also aren't they opening another asian food hall blocks from here?
  5. It was bonkers when I went at 1130 today. Wonder how crowded it will be in the future and how much of that was based on it being opening day.
  6. Nice! Summer 2020 you say.
  7. Ah! I was driving to work down La Branch and saw the shell and some people in their PJs (one half naked man holding a child) walking around it checking it out. Was wondering.
  8. My church looks beautiful in that Eagle and Fannin looking West shot
  9. Ugh I’m at the bus stop across the way and thought I had Breaking News. Alas.
  10. Yeah, the museum sent an email yesterday: JUST ANNOUNCED The Susan and Fayez S. Sarofim Campus will be completed in fall 2020 with the opening of the Nancy and Rich Kinder Building Gary Tinterow, Director and Margaret Alkek Williams Chair, the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, today announced that the institution’s multi-year project to expand and redevelop its Susan and Fayez S. Sarofim Campus will be completed in fall 2020 with the opening of the Nancy and Rich Kinder Building. With more than 100,000 square feet of space, or 56 percent, dedicated to the presentation of works of art, the Kinder Building increases overall MFAH exhibition space by nearly 75 percent. A series of major site-specific commissioned artworks will be inaugurated with the Kinder Building, serving as portals that connect this new structure with the other components of the campus. Commissioned artists are El Anatsui, Byung Hoon Choi, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Olafur Eliasson, Trenton Doyle Hancock, Cristina Iglesias, and Ai Weiwei.
  11. corbs315

    Reve At Montrose

    Kinda nifty lighting feature that rotates through different colors at night.
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