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  1. Haha same! I texted my mom and sister that last week.
  2. an "interesting" mix of "insightful" "comments" in a reddit thread this week
  3. Great question! I don't have an answer!
  4. Caroline has so much potential. And yet..
  5. had some good ones from Kim Tai on McGowen/Fannin the other day. As good as Crawfish and Noodles (Viet style) but much cheaper ($8 a lb)
  6. somewhat off topic but they need to do something about the northbound main street lanes at the intersection with Wheeler/Richmond. I've almost been clipped 3 times in the last 2 weeks by people unaware that the right lane is turn only. How can they fix that?
  7. There’s a peace sign on God’s chest now. Not sure if that was the artist or graffiti.
  8. no real update, but every time I've walked by in the last 2 weeks there have been some kind of crew doing something. Sorry for lack of real info, but Stuff Is Happening..
  9. I went in for the first time for a delightful pastry. I have walked by a few times. In all these times I have never seen a customer other than myself :|
  10. Not really Mid-Main so not sure if it deserves its own thread buttttttt insert *itshappeningronpaul.gif*
  11. That lot across from W&M looks like it's finally getting cleared out. It's been full of Construction Stuff for the last several years.
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