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  1. lived a few blocks from Kim Tai (McGowen and Fannin) for years and never been. Figured there was never as good a time as now. It was great! Good spring rolls, egg with rice flour cake, and bo luc loc! Hope they survive though the building sure does stand out..
  2. Well at least it's different!
  3. Also see this. Not sure if anyone has pointed it out. Says late 2022. https://www.ihg.com/kimptonhotels/content/us/en/stay/boutique-hotels-in-houston
  4. Has the Fiesta closure been confirmed anywhere besides Nextdoor? Just checking Oops, answered my own question:
  5. Your post made me seek out what Pizza place you could be talking about. Southside, right? I got it on Thursday and it was really good!
  6. There's a new lease sign on what I imagine is the proposed restaurant spot. Either good news or....maybe someone had it and it fell through?
  7. corbs315

    3010 Milam

    Thanks! Now how to delete a thread..
  8. corbs315

    3010 Milam

    Used to be Van Loc - workers were painting some kind of circular design on the outside yesterday. Anyone know what this is going to be? Anyone smarter than me able to find out ?
  9. This...as much as we complain about historical buildings being removed/replaced, why on earth would the church move? I imagine the powers that be behind Ion may have thoughts about how they may be able to utilize the parking lot, and I'm sure the church has their thoughts about it as well.
  10. Yea! I walked to the Eagle this afternoon and saw that and said out loud "hey that's new"
  11. Yeah just went, it was still pretty crowded at 7pm on a Sunday
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