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  1. Little concerned about this one. The place looks dark and cleaned out, and we haven't heard anything from them in a while. Also, there used to be signage for that gaming arena and now it's gone. I wonder what happened to this block.
  2. I love Molina's and it's my go-to, only because I was raised near the one on Westheimer. Also the vinegar salsa is my love jones. I have a hard time convincing others that it's good though.
  3. Reported this to 311. They forwarded to code enforcement. Doubt anything comes of it but hey what was ever wrong with complaining?
  4. I was just thinking that but didn't want to look for this thread What is taking so long? What is it even supposed to look like? Also any ledes on what the restaurant is? I saw something about Common Bond getting a midtown location, so I was curious if that might be it
  5. Looks like the Montrose market! Will upload shots when I get home unless someone beats me to it.
  6. This is crazy how did I miss all this! https://www.click2houston.com/news/new-h-e-b-causes-concern-for-third-ward-residents Should this move to going up?
  7. Really? Any more info? What'll happen to the lot?
  8. corbs315

    3100 Fannin

    Another permit filed for Two Headed Dog yesterday
  9. Going on minute 30 of sitting on the tarmac in this Alaska Air flight. Can sympathize.
  10. Construction has been ongoing slowly. I'd send a pic but I fled the office a bit ago.
  11. El Tiempo announced they'll close 11/11. We'll see if that actually comes true this time. I expect so because 2 buildings on the block are on the demo report today: Montrose Tire & Wheel and 1419 Marconi.
  12. Yeah, but the church presumably likes the parking lot, has owned it forever, and just had a huge sanctuary renovation project. So no one's going to bite at a new "cathedral." I'm also sure the church isn't interested in allowing their parking lot to be used for unrestricted development. I'm sure if it actually got to be an issue (and it hopefully will) there will be negotiations about putting up a parking structure in the lot or at least allowing outsiders to park in the lot.
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