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  1. I would post my mailer but it got wet...
  2. Supposedly these fines are $200 but saw several people on scooters in Discovery Green. A busker was playing piano behind this sign which which surprised me for Houston.
  3. The Event Venue is open but couldn't good any good pictures due to reflections. I saw a TABC sign on the side.
  4. That sidewalk intersection looks nice. Wish they would have done that in my Third Ward neighborhood when they made the sidewalk curb cuts ADA compliant...
  5. I think 609 Main(could be better) and Texas Tower have the right idea of lighting the crown atrium. The maintenance should be less frequent because it's located indoors.
  6. This a good looking building. Can't wait till the building is complete and the crown is lit.
  7. @Luminareis in charge of the community created map, he move to Utah to start a new job so not sure how involved he wants to be.
  8. I rode these in Seattle last week. Were more comfortable for longer rides than the scooters.
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