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  1. That board on top of the column looks reminds of sticking some paper under a wobbly table leg.
  2. I guess what I'm trying to say.... Herman park is my usual go to park and it's nice with lots of amenities and programming. I've always thought of Memorial as the wooded micro version of Sam Houston inside of the city.
  3. I know everyone loves the new developments but is there any concern that park will become too sterilized and over planned.
  4. I hope this relief is saved if the building is ever tore down.
  5. Hmm...grapes in beignets and crawfish in seafood gumbo.
  6. I can deal with it taking a little longer but the on time performance has to improve.
  7. Congratulations @rechlin. I saw the email where you and someone else have completed the tour.
  8. Harris County's most costly redo ever, $1.3B Ship Channel Bridge rebuild, finally starts to rise
  9. I'm sure that will still get built at some point because it's meant as a minimum stop link between downtown and northern stop of the silver line.
  10. It supposed to have walkon/walkoff like LRT. I would hope there would be areas for people to bring their bikes.
  11. The Ion and Wheeler Transit Center are really close to this location.
  12. No it couldn't. Turn radiuses for at speed travel would have it deviate outside of the ROW. Also TXDOT isn't given up any of their ROW when they'll want to tack on more lanes in the future.
  13. I'm not giving up just taking a forced break. I was off this past week so I figured I would do as many as I can until I'm back from work the last weekend of October. I also had to ask someone to let me in the gate at TSU apartments. Magnolia Transit Center for the East End is not in app map because it is being painted(art station). Mary DeBauche(mary@houstonbikeshare.org) said you could just email her a selfie at that one and any non working stations. Luckily I haven't been stranded at any stations and Bcycle has been responsive to my phone calls when stations didn't register my return. I've also used the metro as some stations were far from others and it's a nice break in AC.
  14. My Bcycle sprint has come to a close. I was able to complete all neighborhoods except Inner Loop SW and Montrose(not counting the bonus). I traveled to areas I had never been before which was really cool. Things I saw on my ride: The sheer amount of empty lots and abandoned buildings on the edge of popular areas so much room to densify the Inner Loop. White bikes where I had to cross intersections(the city still needs still needs improve crossings throughout the city) Parks...Some parks are kinda sketch with people laid out, doing drugs, etc(Houston does well in this area comparatively but still not a good look if it's your local park). Also what's up with all the people chilling in their cars next to parks? Other than that Houston has some great parks and some were empty while others were packed. TMC was a super chill area to bike ride outside of the busy areas. Except for my near death experience when some asshole floored it to drive in front of me while I was in the crosswalk with walk signal. Bonus: Saw my first black squirrel in Houston and somebody taking their bird in a cage to the park.
  15. BeerNut

    Sawyer Yards

    Houston's Buffalo Bayou Brewing sued after nonpayment of financial services
  16. Metro eases into land development, aiming to connect transit, housing and jobs
  17. With all the people running red lights and stop signs we could use more roundabouts.
  18. Myself and some friends are planning to sign up to do this. I'll be working most of the month but will try to knock out several neighborhoods Oct 1-6.
  19. City of Houston Housing & Community Development has announced preliminary plans to renovate the existing site of Wesley AME Church for mixed use, including affordable apartments, retail, and live-work units for small business incubation. Sales document
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