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  1. Yeah this was my go to gas station. I'm curious as to what they're going to do with that corner. Hopefully it's not more parking for HCC...
  2. haha. I don't think keeping current fiesta building is part of the long term plans. Also with all this "innovation" happening they're going to need a place to build prototypes and run small scale test.
  3. How Greentown Labs became the epicenter of clean tech This is what their other location interior looks like. I wouldn't be surprised if the Houston location is more like a industrial workshop than a computer lab.
  4. Not sure where you got that link from. This is the current one that @Luminare and others were updating. https://www.google.com/maps/d/drive?state={"ids"%3A["1uy6qAEQioisw7lKYbZoJNDrl2k6Ef8ck"]%2C"action"%3A"open"%2C"userId"%3A"100367964234737055652"}&usp=sharing from this thread.
  5. And this is why University line being BRT is disappointing... Everyone knows LRT attracts better development but the cost to build is higher than it should be. It's forever Third Ward...well according to some people on the internet.
  6. I don't mean that in a bad way it just seems like most designs in Houston are safe. I personally would love more interesting and bold designs. Honestly I don't see why this isn't already the case with our mishmash neighborhoods, "no zoning", and lack of city wide NIMBYs.
  7. https://defendernetwork.com/news/local-state/new-20m-facility-opening-in-midtown-for-recovery-from-alcoholism-drug-addiction/
  8. Just enough to get mentioned in press releases and say they're attached to the project.
  9. The city already tried this and the results were about one would expect for a free for all naming program. https://cohegis.houstontx.gov/cohgisweb/adopta/ https://abc13.com/houston-adopt-a-drain-street-flooding-in-adopt-a-drain-names/3417076/
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