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  1. BeerNut

    HCC Central College Improvements

    The nice oak trees make it hard to get a great picture.
  2. BeerNut

    More coming to Midtown!

    Guess the land owners had some legal issues is why this is taking forever
  3. BeerNut

    More coming to Midtown!

    A little over a year later...
  4. Yeah you're right about the resolution for GPS...maybe BLE or something similar.
  5. BeerNut

    708 / 712 Main Renovation - The Jones on Main

    Walked through Finn Hall around 8pm and there was a decent crowd and they had a musician playing a guitar. Prices were about what I expected for a place like this. The clientele looked like people staying out late after work and people on dates.
  6. For those that are against scooters under what legal/technical frame work would you allow them? The parking could possibly be handled by geofencing parking areas that are determined by the built in GPS. You could encourage users to park in these areas by a implementing a "good neighbor" refund or ride bonus. As for riding on sidewalks, I see people ride bikes on the sidewalks all the time. Maybe slow down traffic speeds through road design and have bike/scooter lanes in areas that people travel. I'm not sure what the right answers are but scooters/dockless bikes fill a niche for people that would probably take an Uber for short range trips.
  7. @bobruss When is the HAIF meetup going to be at BrassTaps? Liked the layout and pricing, will definitely be on my radar as suggestion to meetup for watching games. I also took some pics of signs for future businesses opening. Eye Theory Project Panic Houston not currently listed
  8. Getting adjacent counties to contribute to commuter rail is one issue. Gulf Coast Rail District is supposed to be intercounty organisation to develop commuter rail.
  9. BeerNut

    How often do you work?

    14 days