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  1. Greyhound Bus Station

    People talk about the Pierce being a physical barrier. That area is an olfactory and verbal barrier to me traversing on foot.
  2. Wasn't able to get a picture but TXDOT was getting soil samples east and west of I69 on Preston St this morning.
  3. 609 Main at Texas: Hines Next Downtown Tower

    I have checked recently but have they finished the crown lighting?
  4. Midtown Streetscape Improvements

    They were there before and now some are missing or hanging. Probably should be secured better.
  5. Midtown Streetscape Improvements

    I was walking along Main St from MidMain to McGowen Station.
  6. Midtown Streetscape Improvements

    They haven't even finished the improvements but people have already vandalized the street markers by knocking letters off.
  7. East River - KBR Site Puchased by Midway

    I'm thinking more like the ferries in Bangkok.
  8. Went by yesterday and it was covered. Anyone know why?
  9. Theater District Master Plan

    If they wanted to do something more immediate, they could just do the area between Alabama and Elgin first. Get appropriate variances and install bollards to block/limit vehicular access. This area already sees a decent amount of pedestrian traffic and new developments have been pedestrian focused. I think Ensemble theater is the only business that has a Main st focus vehicular access(valet).
  10. I think this is based of 2010 Census data
  11. Not wanting to derail(har har) the PostHTX topic even more but wouldn't direct bus transfer to a Red line stop be sufficient. I would love a east-west rail line extension to the TCR station but that will never happen.
  12. Any noticeable changes since the last drawing?
  13. Theater District Master Plan

    There is also the proposal making Main from MidMain to Downtown a pedestrian through fare with bike lanes. Aren't they also planning to make a dedicated bike lane when they redo Alabama?
  14. High Speed Rail / Texas Triangle

    High speed train from Houston to New Orleans?
  15. Hmm... I wonder if these companies will support Texas Central Railway in their plan to use Japanese train technology.