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  1. OST/Almeda TIRZ for the part that goes through Third Ward. PDF for TIRZ map
  2. Has anyone else noticed that several of the bike signal lights on Caroline & Gray protected bike lanes aren't functioning or seem to have weird timing?
  3. Went bike riding downtown yesterday and there were scooters everywhere. I saw several electric scooter rental places setup in parking lots.
  4. I feel ya on this one. I used to go to New Orleans quite a bit for work and even took megabus a few times because it was so cheap. Every time I looked at taking the train to New Orleans the travel time and on time performance made me nope out. I can deal with it taking a little longer but several hours longer and not knowing when you would get there is unacceptable.
  5. Amtrak sets sights on Texas Triangle, frequent Houston service
  6. Isn't TXDOT moving forward to start on the segment near the Innovation District before others?
  7. Maybe they should read HAIF...
  8. I'm also looking forward to the BRT stop near me. Two stops to Red Line and four to Purple.
  9. This group doesn't care what MRA does with all their properties in Third Ward. They said as much when they spent several minutes in one meeting praising all the work Coleman through MRA.
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