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  1. There's nothing downtown. There's Morty Rich Hostel in Montrose and Wanderstay Hotel in Third Ward. I don't think downtown Houston would be the place for a micro-hotel or hostel. East Downtown would be perfect though.
  2. Rice University Students to President David Leebron and Board of Trustees: Not In Our Name
  3. Movie and I45 Panel Discussion with Council Member Plummer
  4. We should just go back to Ward designations...
  5. Developers begin to look past parking as costs rise
  6. Is that open air seating I spy on top?
  7. They finished building the median on Alabama to block through traffic on Hutchins a few days ago. The number of cars using Hutchins has gone way down...so much better now.
  8. in google chrome right click -> open image in new tab. copy link and paste. If it's your picture you can go to images under your name in imgur. Click on picture in gallery, then copy direct link to paste here.
  9. H-E-B MacGregor store brings fresh food, concern to Third Ward
  10. Neartown has been quiet but Midtown seems supportive.
  11. Shouldn't be any push back on Hutchins between Elgin and Alabama. Most people have sufficient garage and driveway space. The shotgun houses near Hutchins and Francis might have issues but they still have adequate side street parking. I guess this is one advantage of mandated parking minimums when you want to go back and have a road diet...
  12. Considering the size of Houston there are people that never venture inside the loop and think people that live there are crazy.
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