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  1. With my company they might adjust development timelines but even that is unlikely. There is a real concern of shifting energy policies and potential global slowdown. The key buzzword now is "value"
  2. I guess Instagram worthiness is now a reason to go somewhere...
  3. The urban debate involving scooters, bikes, pedestrians and cars needs to be reframed
  4. Tax Break to Help Poor Communities Became a Windfall for the Rich Not sure if this is best thread for this article but it does mention the Preston.
  5. Grand Parkway stays put in TxDOT’s 10-year road plan
  6. Exclusive: New Houston accelerator reveals its inaugural cohort and announces strategic partner
  7. I stayed here two weeks ago and had a great time. The pool was chill on Friday but Saturday was packed with people having their last pool staycation of the year. This is a picture I took before I went down and it got packed.
  8. Some of the locations had concrete barriers to separate car parking and bike parking. That could work.
  9. I'm not a big coffee drinker but how often do people go into a hotel they're not staying to get coffee? Also looking on the Lancaster Facebook page looks like they just re-branded their in house coffee bar last year to Speedy Boy Coffee.
  10. I recently visited Minneapolis/St. Paul and they have bike stations, bike racks, and scooter designated parking on the streets. Are there any areas in Houston with this? It's like the COH is encouraging bike use on sidewalks or that the streets aren't safe for biking. I know we're not at the bike friendly level that MSP is but I think we should start moving in this direction as more bike lanes get built.
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