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  1. So generalized comments from the meeting... They going to ruin Museum Park and turn it into Midtown Where will we park? buffering, buffering, buffering We're not anti density but we don't want our neighborhood to change
  2. As someone that lives on Hutchins St, blocking access to 'cut through' traffic has been trans-formative.
  3. https://houstonbikeplan.org/polk-street/
  4. So this on the agenda for the June 11th Midtown SN meeting. The Planning Department’s proposed plan to reclassify LOCAL streets to MINOR COLLECTOR streets in Midtown, and add them to the Major Thoroughfare and Freeway Plan (MTFP) Peter Eccles – Houston Planning and Development Department
  5. I guess we missed all these construction videos when they were current... I just included the most recent one from 5/2019. Also official name is Fred & Susan Dailey Building https://recenterhouston.com/fred-susan-dailey-building/
  6. https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/2222-Emancipation-Ave-Houston-TX/18641071/
  7. Should everything Caydon be in one thread with the different phases starting at different times and Kimpton being a project worthy of it's own thread?
  8. https://shopcompanies.com/sites/default/files/606 Dennis St 6_4 2020 Compressed.pdf
  9. BeerNut

    2416 Brazos St

    Linked for reference.
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