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  1. The price point will be the biggest determining factor. Might appeal to someone that spends more time at work than home. Also with everything deliverable how often do you need to drive anywhere if you're already walking/taking public transit to work?
  2. I'm sure it's COVID related. Downtown pedestrian traffic is still way down. My company keeps pushing back their return to office.
  3. A hotel near Midmain would be a great location. That area has cleaned up fairly quick since they blocked the area under 59 and most of the area under the spur.
  4. Part 1 of 4: A Temporary Victory for High-Speed Rail in the Lone Star State
  5. Kinda off topic / on topic. Saw this youtube video of where this guy ranked Freweay Lids/Caps/Decks in the USA.
  6. Tx Supremes hear arguments on high speed rail
  7. @Luminare I might be interested in taking this on in a reduced capacity now that work has calmed down. Having a color coded google map with links referenced to HAIF post is probably the most useful tool for someone with casual interest in developments.
  8. Hopefully a developer picks up the Caydon properties. A Kimpton would have been a nice addition to midtown so hopefully another developer with vision does something with these lots.
  9. Cleburne rebuild cheered as latest renewal of Third Ward
  10. How an old Sears location was reimagined to help Houston’s industries collaborate
  11. Harris County to spend nearly $300M more to fix Ship Channel Bridge project, starting with demo of work already completed
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