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  1. That board on top of the column looks reminds of sticking some paper under a wobbly table leg.
  2. I guess what I'm trying to say.... Herman park is my usual go to park and it's nice with lots of amenities and programming. I've always thought of Memorial as the wooded micro version of Sam Houston inside of the city.
  3. I know everyone loves the new developments but is there any concern that park will become too sterilized and over planned.
  4. I hope this relief is saved if the building is ever tore down.
  5. Hmm...grapes in beignets and crawfish in seafood gumbo.
  6. I can deal with it taking a little longer but the on time performance has to improve.
  7. Congratulations @rechlin. I saw the email where you and someone else have completed the tour.
  8. Harris County's most costly redo ever, $1.3B Ship Channel Bridge rebuild, finally starts to rise
  9. I'm sure that will still get built at some point because it's meant as a minimum stop link between downtown and northern stop of the silver line.
  10. It supposed to have walkon/walkoff like LRT. I would hope there would be areas for people to bring their bikes.
  11. The Ion and Wheeler Transit Center are really close to this location.
  12. No it couldn't. Turn radiuses for at speed travel would have it deviate outside of the ROW. Also TXDOT isn't given up any of their ROW when they'll want to tack on more lanes in the future.
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