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  1. TxDOT creating new Highway 290 HOV lane for reverse commuters
  2. Inside the Ambitious Plan to Redesign Houston’s Biggest Park
  3. People on Nextdoor are losing their minds over the extremely bright lights on the garage.
  4. Probably won't be till they finish I45 realignment and East River development.
  5. You could probably install your own bike lanes and the city wouldn't know until everyone started posting how much they loved the new bike lanes.
  6. Before I moved to Houston I always thought this area was the Warehouse District.
  7. Pingo Seems interesting with the free promotional rate and flat $2 normal rate. Reminds me of the jitney service they used to have that catered to the party crowd.
  8. Haven't lost power or water in Third Ward at all...
  9. I always love seeing green walls and roof tops in other cities. Is it cost/climate or both that prevents more of these in Houston?
  10. Once The Ion opens that whole area is going to be cleaned up. Rice isn't going to tolerate the usual bs.
  11. The new BikeHouston boss has a vision for safer streets for all
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