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  1. I live a short walk from Axelrad so that's my usual spot. I went to Social Beer Garden once and the service was non-existent...
  2. yeah it's like they went to Axelrad and were like "This is great, let's copy this but we have a strict budget".
  3. I wonder how the reception will be at this meeting vs the one on Tuesday.
  4. I think that's part of the problem is that bike lane isn't finished so it's not properly marked.
  5. Let’s All Hope Tony Buzbee Drank a Lot of Water Last Night
  6. Houston, famed for sprawl, bets on growing up
  7. Houston residents celebrate Buffalo Bayou Partnership's plans for the east side
  8. Midtown TIRZ has committed to pay to move utilities underground due to setbacks.
  9. November 2nd https://www.facebook.com/events/2745722542171384/
  10. https://www.containerhacker.com/2019/10/23/mcgowen-container-house-usa/
  11. I always think the focus on town homes is misplaced. The lack of home ownership and rising property values is driving the affordability problem. My area of Third Ward was mostly vacant lots when I moved into the neighborhood. So the newly constructed town homes haven't directly displaced anyone in my immediate area.
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