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  1. H-GAC committee offers support for I-45 rebuild, but not without concerns
  2. TxDOT may take Grand Parkway out of future highway plan
  3. Montrose Center Breaks Ground on LGBTQ-Affirming Seniors Housing
  4. A new vision for I-45. And for Houston. Houston Chronicle opinion piece.
  5. This map doesn't look complete. There is a section in NW Third Ward that has no parking minimums. I understand why they didn't include all of Midtown based on the Super Neighborhood opposition. I hope there is a plan to incrementally increase this area in Midtown and possibly to Emancipation in Third Ward. Sharing previous MBP proposal map from from another thread.
  6. Holiday Inn Express & Suites Houston - N Downtown
  7. Regional Policy Entity Should Delay Vote on $100 Million for I-45 Expansion
  8. Americans Shouldn’t Have to Drive, but the Law Insists on It
  9. Not sure how I missed this but there is a small parcel near 69 that is listed on HCAD as being owned by Sears. I would think Rice owns or will acquire this parcel also.
  10. Downtown Living Initiative
  11. Thank you for all the work. I'll be bookmarking for sure.
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