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  1. Also with elevated there is the possibility of travel across town after heavy rain events.
  2. The Station Museum is closed and the lot/building is for sale. I've seen some really cool exhibits here. https://www.loopnet.com/Listing/1502-Alabama-St-Houston-TX/30057053/
  3. Another article about issue. Overgrown lots, neighborhood activists sparked city probe of fired Midtown official
  4. Houston redevelopment official ousted after overgrown lots lead Third Ward residents to take action
  5. This place is so locked down even when not in use. I wanted to use NRG Parkway to access the Bcycle station on the other side and they wouldn't let me cross. You think they're going to let anything happen at the dome when events are happening at NRG Stadium or Center?
  6. I'm sure I could string a few R buzz words together as to why he's against trains.
  7. Texas congressmen push to stop funding for Houston-Dallas bullet train
  8. What about making easier for people that don't have an interest driving. Who enjoys getting on the Mad Max roads of Houston? When I was in high school everybody couldn't wait to drive to hang out with friends. I think most high schoolers don't care as much because their are so many options to interact with friends from home and hanging out at the malls isn't a thing anymore. So people are delaying learning to drive then realize typical commute driving sucks and it's expensive, so what's the point.
  9. I would go to those Whole Foods on occasion because it was the closest grocery store to me. It always seemed dead when I would go. It never gained the traffic of other Whole Foods.
  10. Blodgett complaints mainly coming from current and former TSU students.
  11. Yeah these new transit centers are disappointing with no residential or retail component.
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