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  1. I think Austin's "weirdness" is contrived and predictable. I find Houston more varied and to some degree eccentric. How many metro area have three ecological zones ( the piney woods big thicket, the marshy southeast, and the prairie like western suburbs), several clusters of large downtown like areas, huge international presence both in population and with 92 consulates, the space center,the largest med center in the world, one of the largest ports in the Americas, and the largest rodeo. Try to give that a simple label.
  2. Realizing quantity is not the same as quality the MFAH at 300,000 ft2 has surpassed the Art Institute of Chicago to become the second largest art museum in the U.S. and I believe the 8th largest world wide. No mean feat.
  3. With all these high rises plus the ones planned for the River Oaks shopping center the population density is certain to dramatically increase. I imagine some serious water main and sewer line works are on the agenda.
  4. The beauty and the ugliness of Houston has to do with the power of money and vision for the future. Here in Houston, old families or aristocracies do not count for much except in cocktail party conversation. There is more freedom and less restraint. Hence the destruction of many old architectural gems, but the fascinating growth and change of our city. I have a cousin in Europe who is a duke, a member of the high nobility. He and the other Grandees are used to a certain deference regardless of financial net worth. He finds Houston to be a fascinating yet puzzling city. We pay little attention to things of the past as they do in Europe. Houston is almost the personification of money talks, bull**** walks.
  5. The new open parking garage certainly is an ugly pimple in an otherwise splendid area. Still better than the pustulant canker sore that was the chronicle garage.
  6. No problem. Hopefully we are not into groupthink on HAIF. Just curious, why don't you?
  7. Let me understand this. There are 33 ft of clay followed by 37 feet of sand? Which is then followed by 25 feet of clay, 25 feet of sand, and finally 30 feet of clay. Amazing. Here in Houston I thought it was clay to the Earth's core.
  8. Doesn't happen often, but sometimes glass shatters especially when exposed to temperature extremes or some type of vibration.
  9. My uncle and aunt worked at Menningers back in the 60's and early 70's. The west campus with the tower was beautiful. It's all boarded up now. Hope it will be preserved.
  10. According Tropical Tidbits its beginning to look as if Laura is going to be a problem for us, Marco may get clipped by wind shear.
  11. I love La Defense. It is visually pleasing. Glad its where it is. Just wish tour Montpanasse was here instead of it sticking out in the older parts of the city. Paris is a gem of a city. An expensive gem at that.
  12. All my children were in orphanages in Siberia. Our twin daughters were in a pre-WW I building. It was nasty and has been replaced with a new one. Our son from a newer orphange. I don't know what life is like for Americans after they leave the orphanage, but it isn't too bright in Russia. It's a tough country to grow up in. Their GDP is smaller than Texas.
  13. I would have put "Johnny on the Job edifice" for #12 and parking lot as #13, but your list is spot on.
  14. I would also include jermh, who I doubted when first read their post. Thought they were seeing a mirage from the heat.
  15. With construction finally starting on this one, I believe that leaves only two left from the downtown living initiative: Another Camden Conte and a Marquette highrise north of Minute Maid Park. Looking good.
  16. Hope your right Luminare. This project has had so many starts and stops it was feeling like Charlie Brown and Lucy with the football. Too bad about the trees though, but if it goes up it will be a decent addition to the skyline view along I-69.
  17. Maybe the developers have something like Boston's curse of the Bambino or Chicago's curse of the billy goat. The good news, though not an expert on curses or hexes, those two curses had an expiration date. Perhaps this one does also.
  18. Is this a 38 or 39 stories? I saw 13 missing. I know about the superstition surrounding the number 13. Is this common in many buildings. I guess I never paid attention. Nevermind. Just saw the "PH". Can't imagine that refers to hydrogen cation concentration, so it must be "Penthouse".
  19. Spoke yesterday with a lady at the Azalea trail. She is a volunteer at the Botanic Garden. Told me they've had a "soft opening" of the Botanic Garden with the major opening scheduled for the Fall.
  20. Something like the Aquarium of the Americas in New Orleans? Or better. That would be magnificent.
  21. Luminare, this is a Tour de Force. Magnificent job.
  22. Maybe Austin with it's magical 1.5 miles of subway can rocket from being a gamma global city past Houston's Alpha ranking, to be an Alpha ++ with NYC and London. Then it can walk around with the big boys and big girls.
  23. Isn't there another Campos residential near Toyota center that is part of the DLI? Only one Campos has been built.
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