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  1. Can always look at it somewhat philosophically. People are going to hate something, it seems to be in our DNA. Hating buildings is fairly harmless. I can't stand the Tour Montparnesse in Paris due to its location, but still love Paris. One can adjust.
  2. And their parking garage now being replaced by the Brava highrise.
  3. By your desription it appears as if Skansa owns all of block 251 and 3/4th of block 276. This is good news. Skansa seems to get things done. Hopefully it will be arrevderci to those two surface lots in the not too distant future.
  4. Wonderful plans and design. My only fear is location. Unless some shuttle is provided the number of office workers going there for lunch is going to be minimal.
  5. What happened to Farshid Moussavi? I thought she was designing it.
  6. There is also a 10 story going up at Main and Jefferson and some other apartment north of the baseball stadium. Still, I think a few years back ( 6 or 7 years ago) there was more construction.
  7. I fully remember. I was worried block 98 was going to be a repeat. It all worked out well. The site occupied by 609 Main advertised a high rise apartment which never happened, but look what is there now.
  8. You are very correct, as we found out three days after we moved to our house bordering Lake Houston. What a surprise that was. Don't see that in Kansas.
  9. Downtown surface parking lots may have to be placed in an "endangered species". Their boom times were the 1970's through the 1990's. They appear to be disappearing. My concern are the hideous high rise garages which bludgeon the eye, such as one can sees at Main and Walker. The ideal would be high rise garages such as the one at Preston and Louisiana.
  10. Urban dream? I've heard numerous accounts that SF has in large quantity, fecal matter, urine smell, trash, vagrants, and pick pockets. It has natural beauty and some great architecture but I don't think that's enough to cancel the negatives. It sounds like a disgrace of a city more than an urban dream, especially if your middle class or have children.
  11. Thank you for your marvelous photos. My late wife and I moved to Houston December 31, 1980. I enjoy counting all the new buildings and the renovations from that time. In this previous photo I counted 18 buildings built and numerous buildings renovated. I'm sure I missed a few. When we visited Montreal in the late 90's we mourned how anemic our downtown was except for the area around Jones Hall. Much has changed mainly for the better.
  12. According to Emporis Houston, The Brava is approximately 200 feet taller ( 198 ft for those who wish exactitude), than the Travis. I'm no optical expert, but the effect may be due to the fact the Travis is by itself, whereas the Brava is surrounded by buildings near or superior to it in height. Oklahoma City downtown has a building (Devon energy) that towers over all others. In downtown Houston, or more so Chicago or NYC, it would not be that noticeable.
  13. Bit of a side note. Preliminary population figures for US Metropolitan Statistical areas (MSA's) shows Houston MSA population at 7,154,000 in 2020 . That is an increase of 1.234 million from 2010. From 2010 to 2020 , Houston MSA's grew more than the combined MSA's of: NYC,LA, Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, and Pittsburg PA. Most of the growth was pre-Harvey, but post-Harvey the growth continued but at a slower pace. Not bad considering Houston the lack of mention by the nation's media.
  14. You may be right. I wrote off some Star jasmine and when I checked closely greenery was sprouting. Same with many of the gardenias. So hopefully you are correct.
  15. I read it as 1.5 months minimum time or 1.5 months +30 days maximum time. But you are in the ballpark with your estimate.
  16. Years ago you could seat out in a balcony at the downtown mall and see a park of sorts. This was before One Park Place. It was nice, but things IMO, are much better now.
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