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  1. Does anyone know how the Hardy toll road extension to downtown (if ever built) will connect to all this?
  2. I hope Baker "bakes" them and Bochy "botches" it.
  3. I think Monarch's "How on Earth Does This Even Happen" needs to be seriously studied. DFW has landed many economic plums in the last few years. Many more than Houston. This latest bit of news is humiliating considering the tens of thousands of biomedical professions in our city. I have my scapegoats; poor flood planning, bad media from previous tropical cyclones, and of course everyone's favorite, bungling politicians. In truth the answer is likely more complex. This hopefully will be a wake up call.
  4. Not Including the ramps, I count it as a 48-lane roadway. Even larger than the current Katy or anything in Argentina or wherever. We win! Though I must admit to one fact I find difficult to believe. No eighteen wheelers? In Houston?
  5. This is pathetic. How can anyone get their facts so twisted up? Good luck to you all if she becomes your mayor. If elected she will be a major representative of Houston, which is soon to receive enhanced publicity from the Moon landings and other events.
  6. Under the "Shame of Texas" Are those quotes for real? Did she actually state those things? Some of these things suggest either misquotes, deep ignorance, or no respect for the public on her part.
  7. I agree with much that you say. But one should not be surprised by what the teams are doing. Millions of people pay for clothing which gives free advertisement for companies or celebrities. The teams at least are getting some compensation.
  8. Just wait. The "World Class City" hustle should soon kick in.
  9. My guess is that the exterior isn't as "sexy" as LA's or Atlanta or Dallas. I cannot think of anything else the place lacks. There are 30 stadiums. In terms of capacity we rank number eight. Is this because we have the 2nd or 3rd largest art museum in the US and now feel the football stadium should rank the same? Just asking.
  10. Good thing folks in Hawaii didn't take that attitude. Hawaii has only one native palm species. There is no problem planting palms as long as done intelligently. There are many palms which can take our winter beside the Sabal minor: Pindo, European fan, Windmill, Lady palms, California Fan, several Sabal species as grown at Highland village. Look at all the palms in New Orleans and Pensacola. I think they give these places a certain tropical look.
  11. I don't feel bad for the "meag-rich". I don't love or hate them. I cannot imagine them trying to stop one highrise, which appears as if they will not succeed, will have such a cataclysmic effect on Houston. Just do not understand this heat, anger and hatred toward these folks.
  12. I do not care one way or the other whether this goes up or not. I have no money involved. I don't understand why several of the posts are so hostile toward the neighbors who do not like this project. Why care unless you have a stake in this? It is not like Houston suffers from insufficient high rise apartments. I like high rises and hope we get many more including a few supertalls. But one or two make no difference to me. More will come along.
  13. Want it stopped? Hire the bunch contracted to build the Beltway 8 shipping channel bridge. I've driven by that for 1 year and seen no activity. Appears to be stopped cold.
  14. I think many ethnic and racial classifications are sloppy and pointless. In my home during the 2010 census, including when my wife was alive, there were one "anglo", three children from central Asia form Siberian Russia, one "hispanic" who is ethnically half Lebanese hence half Asian (me). Our house was labeled Hispanic household though I was outnumbered 4 to 1. Now I am sometimes labelled a "Latino" having been born in Havana of Cuban parents, though I spent 67 of my 70 years in the Midwest or Texas. I once tried explaining to a fellow Chinese scientist that here we call them "Mongloid" and I am called a "Caucasian", having to do with the Caucuses mountains. He thought our labels were weird which I agree. His labels weren't any better though.
  15. I see two Helmut Jahn buildings in the top photo. Sadly, we missed the opportunity to have one in the 80's as the Bank of the Southwest bank building.
  16. Unfortunately you are correct. I've lived in the suburbs of Houston >40 years. Most folks think anything in the Loop is downtown including TMC. As a former worker at the TMC I found it irritating. When even my children use the suburban terminology after numerous times of correcting them, I've given up. I think what may add to the confusion are the numerous clusters of highrises within (and just outside) the loop.
  17. The media is only interested in reporting scandal and ugliness. I tell my students studying to be nurses and medical techs, about these projects, and not one has heard of them.
  18. There is hope when one can turn a parking garage into something beside an eyesore. The one by the Wortham is also not bad looking.
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