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  1. For what ever its worth. Read an interview done by the Houston Chronicle from February 2014 with Mr. P.V Banavalkar of Vertika Structural . He stated that the JP Morgan tower ( 71 stories, 1002 feet) has a foundation base of 4 basements whereas the BP Group tower ( 46 stories, 632 feet) has a foundation base of 2 basements. I suppose this refers to how deep the foundation hole was. Anyone know what it is for the Hines Texas Tower?
  2. If this goes up will, I believe that leaves only three more DLI projects: Camden's second tower, Block 98, and some apartment tower north of the ballpark. Anyone know different?
  3. My error, not plastic straws, but plastic bags. Nevertheless it seems extreme to verbally abuse our state over a dispute over this sort of thing ( not by you samagon. Your posts shed light on this issue). With other folks in the "environmental movement" there has been much hysteria since the beginning. I remember the first Earth Day in 1970 ( I was in high school) and all the Paul Erlich doom and gloom, followed later by Global Cooling, followed by Global Warming, followed by Climate Change all infused with levels of hysteria. It is tiresome. Very little light but much heat in discussions. As for reducing pollution, who can be against that? I live along Lake Houston and am appalled at all the trash that winds up there. Some of it is due to the rapid growth in the area, some to sheer carelessness. It is irritating and disgusting. If industry could make these things decay, and decay much faster that would be helpful.
  4. While some of you are bad mouthing Texas ( over straws? how trivial) hundreds of thousands are moving here for a better life including a student I taught who moved from Rwanda after her parents and most of her siblings were butchered. This butchery an off shoot of the Great Congo wars in which over 5 million have died. Vietnamese and Cambodians moved here to flee the communist terror in the homelands and have a better life. These people had real problems. Texas has provided opportunity for millions making it the fastest growing state in the U.S. But does Texas deserve praise? No .It's a assbackward state according to some of you. You should be grateful for this splendid State and not verbally abuse it over small issues.
  5. Plastic straw ban? What trivia. I suppose I'm suppose to worry about cow farts also? When I think of the problems my parents and mother in law's generation faced: The great flu pandemic, the Great Depression, their parents dying at an early age, the Dust Bowl, WWII, the threat of global communism, polio epidemics, raising numerous children , sorry but plastic straws are a mountain out of a mole hill.
  6. I count 46, since SkyHouse Main are twins. Thanks for your work Timoric.
  7. Great picture of our ever growing skyline. Coming from the Great Plains/Midwest that cloud looking thing in the middle of the photo would cause serious anxiety.
  8. Within the next year to two years, 3300 Main, The Texas Tower, and maybe two more Caydons will be visible from this angle. It's going to be fun.
  9. I think parts of midtown, museum district, and rice village area are there, uptown has a ways to go. When I stroll through uptown there are very few pedestrians which is surprising considering all the high rises in the area. If the museum district would get ground level retail and restaurants like the northwest area of midtown it would be almost European in ambiance.
  10. I think many people love their cars.It gives them a sense of freedom and control. I for one took the metro as often as I could when working at TMC. Nevertheless The Houston MSA( as is DFW) is very large in area, nearly the size of Massachusetts, growing, very rapidly, and inexpensive for middle class families, unlike Boston or SF. We are going to be a automobile oriented city for a very long time.
  11. Those of you old enough may remember the area of Market Square park 25 to 30 years ago. It was crowded with winos and homeless people. This change is not as surprising as the collapse of communism in the 80's, but as a local event it is astonishing. If the international tower is ever built that will be icing on the cake.
  12. Sorry to hear this. Loss is part of life, but I don't have to like it.
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