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  1. Years ago you could seat out in a balcony at the downtown mall and see a park of sorts. This was before One Park Place. It was nice, but things IMO, are much better now.
  2. Beast is good, beastly bad. At least according to the Brits, old chap.
  3. Nice to read something about Houston besides floods and freezes. Houston has become quite beautiful which would have sprouted hoots of derision 30 years ago. Our museum of art is a gem.
  4. Are there more than one rendering? If so which one is the most probable?
  5. We live along a canal of Lake Houston. Lost power Monday through Tuesday for 23 hrs. Drained the pipes. Only irritation was when my twin daughters sleeping in front of the fireplace went into twin+insanity or twinsanity at 3 in the morning. After attempts to calm them down , Dad (me) threatened to cut the gas. That did it. My son slept like a log all night.
  6. Duluth Minnesota. Isn't that around 120 miles southeast of International Falls a.k.a the icebox of the nation. I suspect the 120 miles miles south doesn't make a great difference in temperature. Why is that?Is it the driving or the hills?
  7. I've been through nasty winters in Ohio and Kansas, not to mention Dec 1983 and Dec 1989 here in Houston. I fear icy roads a great deal.
  8. There appears to be an escalating arms race in luxury apartments. Expecting Brava or someone else to up it to a chauffeur driven Rolls Royce Phantom driving you to your luxury apartment where in the lobby a world class pianist is playing on a Bosendorfer Imperial or Steinway Grand Piano. Just saying.
  9. Back in 2001 my wife and I were in a busy government building in central Siberia. I was writing down some information displayed on a giant Public map. A security guard came over and told me I had to stop because that was not public information. Hundreds of public people were going in and out of the public building. Go figure. Nevertheless I stopped. IMy wife and I were averse to jails, especially ones in Siberia.
  10. Can't say I have. That Kroger or any other Kroger, or HEB. Guess I missed out on something. Must of had a great sound system.
  11. Here's somethings which may be used for vanity. Houston was the 2nd fastest growing metro from 2010 to 2019 in the US growing at an annual average of 127,300. We were the fastest for over a decade until, I believe, 2014 when DFW passed us. Austin is also growing fast , for it's size, but only 56,800 per year. We also have some of the most buildings going up after NYC and Toronto if Emporis is accurate. And think of all the great things being built at the Med Center, Downtown,Uptown, and Buffalo Bayou areas. Not bad for a city which doesn't get fawning media.
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