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  1. Hope your right Luminare. This project has had so many starts and stops it was feeling like Charlie Brown and Lucy with the football. Too bad about the trees though, but if it goes up it will be a decent addition to the skyline view along I-69.
  2. Maybe the developers have something like Boston's curse of the Bambino or Chicago's curse of the billy goat. The good news, though not an expert on curses or hexes, those two curses had an expiration date. Perhaps this one does also.
  3. It wasn't South Carolina it was West Carolina ( or maybe East Carolina don't remember). And they raised their air tax not gas tax. If any of this makes sense you need help! Haha.
  4. Is this a 38 or 39 stories? I saw 13 missing. I know about the superstition surrounding the number 13. Is this common in many buildings. I guess I never paid attention. Nevermind. Just saw the "PH". Can't imagine that refers to hydrogen cation concentration, so it must be "Penthouse".
  5. Spoke yesterday with a lady at the Azalea trail. She is a volunteer at the Botanic Garden. Told me they've had a "soft opening" of the Botanic Garden with the major opening scheduled for the Fall.
  6. Something like the Aquarium of the Americas in New Orleans? Or better. That would be magnificent.
  7. Luminare, this is a Tour de Force. Magnificent job.
  8. Maybe Austin with it's magical 1.5 miles of subway can rocket from being a gamma global city past Houston's Alpha ranking, to be an Alpha ++ with NYC and London. Then it can walk around with the big boys and big girls.
  9. Isn't there another Campos residential near Toyota center that is part of the DLI? Only one Campos has been built.
  10. From the picture : the lower left hand corner is the remodeled former bank building, the one facing Fannin street will be built where there is a parking garage which will either be torn down or incorporated? into the design, and lastly the tallest building on Main will be built where currently stands a one or two story building. Amazing project. Not an Aggie , but nevertheless Way to Go!
  11. The site I thought was well suited for Amazon were the empty lots downtown west of the Hilton. Very urban environment with the Theater district, Sports venues, rail, hotels, dining etc all nearby. Also quick access tho the airport once the Hardy toll road extension was finished. Alas Bezos thought otherwise. I think he finds NYC and DC more sexy and of course Harvey didn't help.
  12. This is Site for the new the Mann Eye Clinic building correct? I therefore assume the Museo Plaza building is kaput.
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