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  1. What is already an amazing view is going to be more of an eye full in the near future with The Preston, Texas Tower, The Allen and The Aussie Midtown high rises going up.
  2. Anyone know when the pour is scheduled? Grab a gyro or pizza and watch
  3. It's quite beautiful. What did this building first house?
  4. Time will tell if this is correct. This structure may become a photogenic signature area for Houston. Like the Astrodome used to be before it was copied. I don't know any other city that has something like this. Anyone know?
  5. The words " consumed by fire" and a high rise apartment building don't seem to blend well.
  6. Cody's Restaurant in Montrose, used to have a view from 10 stories, in the 1980's. At that time my wife and I thought the view was spectacular . Can't imagine how much better it would be now. The building has been torn down and replaced by an even taller apartment building.
  7. In addition, other cities also have sprawl: DFW, Kansas City, Minneapolis-St. Paul, Indianapolis,LA. All had the great majority of their metro growth and design after the War when families were larger, folks purchased automobiles and wanted to live in single family houses. It's less expensive and roomier to live in the suburbs when you have children to raise. No children or just one child, the city may be more affordable.
  8. Perhaps one stake for the "International Tower" (International Garage?) adjacent to this building.
  9. The TMC3 portion is very impressive.
  10. Twinsanity02

    Skyline update

    You're right. Finally see downtown as it is not as it was 4 years ago. It looks great.
  11. Amazing growth. Great photo. We must have one of the largest, if not the largest "edge cities" in the USA.
  12. My daughter loved going there. I couldn't stand the place. Maybe that's why my daughters liked it so much.
  13. The TMC website depicts a 'double helix" of sorts ( not to be too pedantic, but it is lacking all the Nitrogenous bases having only the sugar phosphate backbone). Okay that was pedantic, nevertheless there is a sort of double helix depicted. So what is this about no double helix?
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