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  1. I'm guessing hurricane Harvey may have cast a veto, but not certain. After all Harvey and the October 1994 flood would suggest proceeding with caution is best.
  2. Houston's "eccentricities" can stack up easily against any other city in the U.S.
  3. To paraphrase what Abraham Lincoln said out George McClellan, "they've got the Slows". Certainly do not have "the Runs".
  4. Someone correct me if I am wrong. I understand, that with Exxon Mobile move, the Houston area will have the headquarters of 25 Fortune 500 companies. This will solidify further Houston's number two position in this ranking, NYC being number one.
  5. The way I understand "River Oaks" is north of Westhimer, west of Shepherd , and east of Willowick with a further westward bulge to Inverness. All this calling areas all the way to the Loop "River Oaks" seems like to put it politely pure piffle. If you don't live in River Oaks pretending doesn't make it so.
  6. A quick and somewhat irrelevant question. Is this large development considered to be part of the Greenway Plaza area? Visually it looks connected to the Greeway plaza area and not quite close enough to Upper Kirby. Our great city is tough to define it being multivarious.
  7. Depends where you are at. I imagine in Egypt, Fertile Crescent, Turkey , China or the Indus valley 78 years isn't much. A drop in the bucket. Or for that matter Europe. Houston on the other hand.
  8. Weren't two more residential towers planned for downtown? One, I believe, was north of Minute Maid Park, the other around Toyota center. A twin of Camden residential.
  9. It is quite an urban setting with all the highrises, the convention center, hotels, sport stadiums, and and the park amenities. Great place to relax and people watch. Hopefully the city will built the "W" hotel to add to the area.
  10. Blimey! I guess I'll hav to now travel to England to see the Cotswolds.
  11. From 1900 to around 1915 they were the 4th largest city. Had a remarkable World's Fair. Their population peaked in 1950 and has since fallen over 50%.
  12. Thanks for the information. One odd thing though, the list leaves out the Allen.
  13. Do not claim to be an expert on cancer. I believe there are over 100 different types of cancers. The cell has a mind-boggling complexity and amount of information within it. They are the basic units of all life and they are very adaptable. The book "Emperor of All Maladies". gives some idea. I hope I'm very wrong, but I think this fight is going to go on for some time.
  14. I say chaps won't get that sort of Mayfair class until it's called "Ye Olde Londoun House" ! Pip pip.
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