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  1. Surprised. With the proximity to the bayou, the theater district, market square park, numerous restaurants, walking distance to the rail, bayou walking paths, and stunning views of the skyline I would think something more than this would be developed. Surprised.
  2. Drove through Dallas yesterday. What are those highrises going up along US 75/ I-45? Everything looks impressive
  3. Too bad can't use a wrecking ball. Those things were fun to watch when knocking down something atrocious like this garage. Oh well.
  4. As bad as the rainfall in Kingwood was, look up Kickapoo Creek , near Lake Livingston, October 1994. An area there received 25 to 36 inches in a 6 hr period. This area of the country can get incredible rainfalls. Though some flooding is unavoidable, it is the epitome of folly to knowingly ignore steps to reduce this risk.
  5. There is a population ranking for world "urban agglomeration" which does that. I believe it is from Germany. There numbers are different from the OBM. Obviously this is not an exact science.
  6. Now that you mention it, I am curious as to whether residential is included in square footage or is it only business. Currently I believe the TMC is larger than downtown in terms of square footage. The Uptown area is certainly huge, but is designated as having approximately half the square footage ad the Med Center. My eyes do not see it that way.
  7. Thanks for the information but I was thinking of the Gondolas. Though come to think about it, people kayak the bayou and haven't heard of anyone getting chomped.
  8. This is choice real estate. Proximity to the Bayou, the Theater District, Restaurants, Park, Other high rise apartments, and walking distance to the rail and Minute Maid Park.
  9. We have gators in Lake Houston. I've seen one from my backyard. They don't seem to bother people, dogs may be problematic. They tend to stay away from populated areas. Is there a gator situation along the bayou?
  10. Great photo. The downtown min-loop looks like skyscraper city. What an improvement from years back when it was lopsided with most of the high rises west of Main St.
  11. If midtown keeps with the high rise development, the Med center and downtown will achieve a semblance of connectivity.
  12. Perhaps this has been mentioned before. Are there plans for the downtown connector bus, I believe is called greenlink, to have a route to this area?
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