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  1. Houston. This is one of the few places where one area of the metro ( around Katy) there are still drought conditions and another area ( Northeast) we've had half a foot to two feet of rain from Imelda. Certainly not boring.
  2. I worked at TMC for 22 years. One advantage the UH Med School will most likely have in its location, is much better parking. Parking at TMC is expensive and if your cheapskate like me, a long walk.
  3. My dream has been for a meteor to crash into it at 3:00 am when no one is around and it all tumbles down into a very neat pile. No gets hurt. No traffic blocked. Don't really expect that to happen, but heck, one can dream.
  4. Are they actually going to call it the 13th floor? I know superstitious folks think if the 13th floor is labeled the 14th floor that magically takes care of the problem. As Spock says "that is highly illogical Captain".
  5. Tonight (August 17th) is the 50th anniversary of Hurricane Camille, after the 1935 Labor Day Hurricane, is the most powerful hurricane to strike the United States in the 20th century. Made landfall in Pas Christian Mississippi. Killed over 250 people of which over 100 people were in Nelson County Virginia! After crossing the U.S. it reformed into a Tropical Storm in the Eastern Atlantic. It was truly a storm which provoked shock and awe.
  6. I'll put my two cents in. If the choice is between numerous mid size buildings ( 20 to 50 floors) to a one or two super (300 meters+) or mega tall (600 meters+), I prefer the midsize skyscrapers. These mid size skyscrapers have done a nice job of filling up our downtown and adding to the skyline. The Hines buildings are wonderful examples of this as are several others. Nevertheless I would love a few supertalls like One Vanderbilt in the downtown. I understand the market doesn't justify it, but one can dream.
  7. I'm not greedy, only want three or four One Vanderbilt Place Skyscrapers preferably in the downtown.
  8. Using an estimate of one floor every 12 days: 26 days for August, 30 days for Sept, perhaps by October 16th they begin on the tower portion. All bets are off if a hurricane sneaks in.
  9. What a unique interstate highway I-10 is. Houston and eastward to Florida, I-10 could be called the Aquatic highway for all the myriad of water ways ( swamps, rivers, lakes, bayous, bays) west of Houston it becomes the Dry highway.
  10. I totally agree bobruss. It is one of the best skyline views in the United States.
  11. The plat was approved without the variance as I recall. For us untutored in this business, like me, I take this to mean the builders can still proceed with construction within the parameters of the plat. Just cannot stray from the plat designation. Correct? So I suppose the variance was not essential for the construction of this building.
  12. Sorry to hear this. This is at least the second great architect lost in one year. Loved Pelli's buildings.
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