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  1. Not familiar with the phrase "transit corridor". Does a it mean rail or bus, or just rail? Or does it just mean a busy street? Would FM 1960 be a transit corridor even though parts have no mass transit but tens of thousands of cars? How is the width defined and by whom? Questions, questions.
  2. I don't understand the basis of complaint regarding this high rise. Aren't there already several high rises in the area? Is there a law which limits the number of high rises in an area? On what legal basis can this high rise be stopped?
  3. Do you know how the estimates on population for the Houston Metropolitan Statistical area are arrived at? I've noticed that the numbers are sometimes revised the year after released.
  4. I'll give it 60 more years, or until my twin daughters can't walk around much. They and their friends love the place unlike most other malls.
  5. I live along a canal on the lake and my property is heavily wooded. One section is relatively untouched east Texas forest. We have opossums, skunks, raccoons, which traverse our yard. We love it except all the skeeters we have. Having said that I still think the design looks ugly and the folks who live there better be ready for insect and potentially vermin problems. Rats and mice will have no problem climbing all that greenery. Saying is nature could include cancer, tornadoes, malaria etc. We have houses to keep much of nature out.
  6. I respectfully disagree. Not only does it look displeasing to the eye, in my opinion, but they are inviting an increase in insect and rat problems throughout the building.
  7. Turned onto Fannin from Congress. Was surprised the effect this building has. The skyline along Fannin appears more stretched out. It was very surprising. Can't wait to see what the other buildings of this development are going to do.
  8. I am not as surprised about the massive investment in midtown. Midtown in the 1980's and into the mid 1990's was derelict and run down. The change in the last twenty years has been amazing. Considering midtown is close to downtown with all it's sports and entertainment venues, the Theater district, Rice U, the museum district, Hermann Park, etc I would be surprised if it had not developed.
  9. The Astros-Mets playoff game was one for the record books. Unfortunately the Astros lost.
  10. At night the view will also be beautiful. Tropical drink by the pool after a day of work. What a way to relax.
  11. I don't understand the source of friction. Some people like living in the suburbs, some don't. Some people don't like living near low income people some don't care. Some people like living in the countryside or small towns some prefer an urban lifestyle. Some people love Paris some hate the place. So what?
  12. Regarding construction towers: The furthest to the left is the Montrose Tower by the Colombe d'Or, To the right of center is the River Oaks tower, and the furthest to the right is Hanover River Oaks.
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