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  1. My wife and I stayed at the Moscow Radisson. Beautiful hotel but a favorite of the folks you mentioned. Read about Paul Tatum, the American businessman who was a partner in the hotel. Gunned down during the day in one of the busiest train station in the world. No "witnesses" of course. No arrests made. Nasty folks.
  2. Haif says 42 floors, Emporis says 43, and this fellow says 44. Anyone know how to find out what the number actually is?
  3. I just saw a youtube video of the skydeck views ( there are several) from the One Vanderbilt in NYC. It is impressive. Got to pay though.
  4. Can always look at it somewhat philosophically. People are going to hate something, it seems to be in our DNA. Hating buildings is fairly harmless. I can't stand the Tour Montparnesse in Paris due to its location, but still love Paris. One can adjust.
  5. That lot of land is practically screaming High rise residence or high rise mixed use.
  6. And their parking garage now being replaced by the Brava highrise.
  7. By your desription it appears as if Skansa owns all of block 251 and 3/4th of block 276. This is good news. Skansa seems to get things done. Hopefully it will be arrevderci to those two surface lots in the not too distant future.
  8. You are getting your wish with Texas Tower, Discovery West and Brava. Very glassy and classy.
  9. Wonderful plans and design. My only fear is location. Unless some shuttle is provided the number of office workers going there for lunch is going to be minimal.
  10. What happened to Farshid Moussavi? I thought she was designing it.
  11. There is also a 10 story going up at Main and Jefferson and some other apartment north of the baseball stadium. Still, I think a few years back ( 6 or 7 years ago) there was more construction.
  12. I fully remember. I was worried block 98 was going to be a repeat. It all worked out well. The site occupied by 609 Main advertised a high rise apartment which never happened, but look what is there now.
  13. You are very correct, as we found out three days after we moved to our house bordering Lake Houston. What a surprise that was. Don't see that in Kansas.
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