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  1. Went to Post Houston this past weekend and was driving down I45 from the north. Didn't think it would make an impact from this vantage point but wow it definitely adds a presence to the skyline!! No pic sorry was driving!
  2. Does the Toyota Center own the parking lots there on the left? Would se nice to develop that and make this neighborhood whole
  3. its lit up, its hit or miss with 609 sometimes it is sometime its not
  4. There's a video on SnapChat map over downtown it shows the light green crown light up, looks awesome
  5. Im so glad that this project will cover up that horrid building from view from Discovery Green
  6. Agree, its a big difference in market Square in the last 5 years. I think by 2030 downtown Houston will be completely different. Im hoping it happens by the World Cup in 2026
  7. Ill be honest, im still not a fan of the building. Does it look good, yes! Could it have been much better, yupppp!!!
  8. Drove by downtown today, crown of the building is nearly complete. They're fast! Looks really good too (no pic sorry guys)
  9. Chances this actual happens? low im guessing given current events
  10. Dallas is too flashy, suits them but its not Houston. We're more chill lol
  11. Im not a fan so far of this project, hoping the crown changes my mind. If it lights up extra points, we need more lights in our downtown. (but nothing like Dallas yuck)
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