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  1. Drove by downtown today, crown of the building is nearly complete. They're fast! Looks really good too (no pic sorry guys)
  2. Chances this actual happens? low im guessing given current events
  3. Dallas is too flashy, suits them but its not Houston. We're more chill lol
  4. Im not a fan so far of this project, hoping the crown changes my mind. If it lights up extra points, we need more lights in our downtown. (but nothing like Dallas yuck)
  5. 3 dead at the site, witness say construction workers
  6. Honestly hate this view, my least favorite in the city. Not sure why people are so in love with it. The view from 45N, 288/59 interchange and I10E are the best imo
  7. I like the contrast tbh between darker and lighter towers
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