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  1. We wore dresses to the opening of the Astrodome and to shop anywhere in the city. Even up until the 1980's a person that was cultured wouldn't be caught dead walking into the Galleria -- newly opened without dressing proper. Ladies generally didn't leave the house unless makeup and clothing were presentably conservative. Now the culture is Wal-Mart rules, scratch the panty hose, comfort not style and who cares what happened to the finger bowls with a good set of china; which is really massed produced dinnerware from the another time. Who has time for course meals any more? Dump it and lump it
  2. Sakowitz was at Gulfgate. I shopped there with my mother often. Dad would get on to her for over using the charge plate and then she would use the Joskees for a while.
  3. Dad and Mom purchased our very first sleeping bags from the Oshman's in Sharpstown. It was for camping near Conroe. The old tent cots, Coleman stove. etc. We also used those sleeping bags for Boy and Girl Scout camp. Then one Christmas Dad thought the boys needed firearms. He bought them pump b-b guns. They enjoyed shooting their little sister in the arms and butt.
  4. Both my brothers played Fun foot ball in the early 60s for the Little Oilers and then I think the Bears? I would have to double check. My Dad was a couch as well. I belong to the "Pom Pom" Girls. Oh that was so many years ago,
  5. Anyone have any old photos of Frizell's Pontiac at Gulfgate?
  6. I know I am late responding to this topic but there was an underground bar and bowling alley at Gulfgate along with Gulfgate State Bank, Sakowitz, Joskees, One's a Meal and several other shops. Joskees had a (I can remember the name of it) modeling program to teach young ladies how to behave in public, wear their clothes, walk properly etc. They had a fashion show that went with it. Across the street was Frizell's Pontiac and on the corner was Globe Department store which later became K-Mart.
  7. Joskees and Sakowitz were the place to be in those days. You are correct that it was Sakowitz that had the dogs. There in the mall was Ones-a- Meal, the underground bowling alley and bar.
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