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  1. According to www.wulfe.com, the leasing agent, the following have signed leases or are in discussions to locate in Bryan Town Center: Burlington Coat Factory, Anytime Fitness, EyeMart, Baskin Robbin's, Shipley Doughnuts, CitiFinancial, Maurice's, Rack Room Shoes, Rue 21, Nail Topia, Logan's Roadhouse, Salt Grass Steakhouse, IHOP. I heard a rumor that Coldwater Creek was looking at the center for another location. Nothing too earth shattering just yet but I'm hoping the ball will get rolling once Target opens this summer.
  2. Here's a real blast from the past. Anyone remember the "Tokyo Steakhouse"? The Coldwell Banker office just north of Texas & University was originally an upscale japanese steakhouse if you can imagine that. I remember a few dinners there as a small kid. Had the sliding paper doors and everything if I recall correctly. Fajita Ritas! One of the hottest spots in town til probably the mid-90's or so when all of the franchise places started popping up. Now some random lil' mexican joint that can't be long for this world. Casa Thomas...in the center at Rosemary & Texas. Used to have a
  3. You're right. The HQ building on Tarrow was nothing but a concrete shell for probably a decade before A&M bought it and completed it. There were several structures like that that began in the early 80's but were victims of the Texas bank crash of '84-87. Most sat vacant for quite some time. The St Michael's Academy building on South College was originally going to be an office park that sat incomplete for years. The Crystal Park Plaza building at Hwy 6 & Emerald Pkwy was never completed and it sat there with broken out panes of glass for close to 10 years up until the mid '90s. Ad
  4. I have a very reliable source that tells me they'll be open no sooner than June 1 and most likely late June, early July. Can't wait. Not that I'm that into German food or Irish Car Bombs but from what I've seen and heard the facilities themselves should be pretty impressive and avery nice addition to Downtown Bryan.
  5. I literally laughed when I read this. I'm a B/CS native. My parents were born and raised in Bryan and when I was about 5 we made the "big" move out to College Station. We lived in Southwood Valley on Van Horn in a new house my dad built. The Kroger center you mentioned was literally as far south as College Station went, retail wise, at the time. It was one of the cooler centers in town for the period. The Kroger used to have this big, glass entrance with a sunroof....totally early '80s retro. The center had a Chuckie Cheese in it for a while before the oil bust of the 80's killed the lo
  6. Cinemark 16 (aka Hollywood USA at the time) opened in 1993 and now has 18 screens, I think, so they'd still be larger than Premier. I remember it clearly b/c I saw Jurassic Park for the first time at Schulman 6 in Bryan then saw it again with a friend at the new theatre. The sound at Cinemark was so much better it was like seeing a different movie. Amazing difference for the time considering all we had was the Schulman's and the two or three 3 screen theatres scattered in town. Wasn't "Aggieland Theatre" called Campus Theatre? Pretty sure if you pulled the wood trim off of Shadow Canyon yo
  7. Bringing back an old topic. My how things can change in a year and a half. Not only did Bryan secure the Texas A&M Health Science Center, though at another location in west Bryan, but they've already broken ground and the plans appear to be more grand than I'd ever imagined. I feel it will be a true boon for western Bryan, including Traditions, and the city as a whole. Texas A&M Health Science Center at Bryan, who would've ever thought. But, thats not what I'm revisiting here. I want to go back to my original post regarding the Bryan Municipal Golf Course. I was driving down Vill
  8. For anyone who travels downtown often I'd guess the fact that Doe's Steakhouse closed down is no big surprise. Though their other US locations appear to have done well this one just never caught on. The atmosphere was sparse and didn't really draw anyone back there from my and other's experience. However, whats taking Doe's place might be better in the long run. Opening soon is "River Bridge" which is the newest venue opened by the successful owners of the Koppe Bridge locations in College Station. Apparently they're taking the theme thats worked well at the other two locations and upgradi
  9. It looks like this topic has been discussed pretty thoroughly already but I can't help myself. I have MANY memories of Manor East Mall, unfortunately, no pictures. Someone had posted them on this forum in an earlier thread though. I was born in Bryan in the late '70s and Post Oak Mall wasn't built until '82. As a kid I referred to Manor East as the "white mall" and Post Oak as the "new mall". I recall stores such as The Fair (which became Crafts, Etc later), a jeweler, an asian import store, an Orange Julius, the JC Penney (which later became Food 4 Less), there was an upscale lady's stor
  10. There's currently a proposed multi-use development for the plot of land between Tom Light Chevrolet and McCoy's, between the Highway 6 frontage road and Boonville/FM 158. It appears to include an upscale Best Western hotel and has space for quite a few other retail, business opportunities. Austin's Colony Parkway would supposedly be extended through the development, ending at Highway 6. If you drive by there now there's a real estate sign showing an available "hard corner" at the proposed new intersection. This is pretty exciting...that plot has been proposed as so many things in recent ye
  11. You're probably correct b/c the Target in College Station is only 5000 sq ft different in size than the square footage referred to in the Lauth press release. I guess they'd be hard pressed to fit a Super Target in there. Not sure we needed ANOTHER grocery store anyway. The site plan is on the city's website. I think they've got the link to this specific project blocked but its the last one in the list. Bryan Current Project List
  12. When the rumors about this deal began circulating around town about a year ago I heard that Target wanted to exand in this market but that there was no room at their current location. The rumor was that they'd close the CS location and build a Super Target in Bryan and that Old Navy would follow them. I'm now thinking thats probably just rumor. As far as I know the CS location will remain open as a regular Target and the Bryan location will be a Super Target.
  13. Here's a link from the developer's site. Sounds like they're having some more interest at least.Lauth Press Release
  14. I actually attended a luncheon hosted by the Research Valley Partnership held at Pebble Creek Country Club a month or so ago regarding this proposed development. Several members of the "task force" attempting to bring this to B-CS were there. I believe at that point B-CS was on a list of 16 remaining communities still under consideration. There was to be an envoy from the government visiting the proposed site within a week of that luncheon to make an actual physical tour of the site. I haven't heard anything since then so I'm thinking we may've been cut...but who knows. Our community had
  15. Looks like it is going in between University Dr. and Villa Maria on Texas Ave. This will be good for that corridor. Currently it is mostly mid 20th century shopping centers. Along with the Tejas Center, this should give a nice boost to that corridor. Yes, its going in at the NW corner of Texas & North Avenues in the new North Park Plaza. I agree that it should really help spur growth along Texas Ave by increasing traffic somewhat to that area. Anything that pulls some visitors north of University should be helpful and help continue the direction the area is currently going in. I hone
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