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  1. There's something similar in place in Lajitas (about 2 hrs south of Marfa, and right at the entries to both BBNP and BBSP). But seems like it's mostly for the resort https://www.lajitasgolfresort.com/default.aspx?pg=airport
  2. I think the 300K is to renovate one of the GFR spots inside this tower - Meaning the WF catty-corner at 2801 Kirby will likely not be around too much longer.
  3. 471 ft for the "IMP Building" and 268 ft for the student housing building https://oeaaa.faa.gov/oeaaa/external/searchAction.jsp?action=displayOECase&oeCaseID=446566214&row=288 https://oeaaa.faa.gov/oeaaa/external/searchAction.jsp?action=displayOECase&oeCaseID=446566207&row=287 Overview Study (ASN): 2020-ASW-10281-OE Prior Study: Status: Work
  4. Looks like some new updates on Medistar's site: https://www.medistarcorp.com/in-development/
  5. Oil is drastically down because of the price war between Saudi and Russia, not so much because of the virus. Fracking / shale can react quickly and be started and/or stopped quickly, while offshore / deepwater is super slow to react. I'm afraid that offshore activity is going to be depressed for a long while....
  6. https://communityimpact.com/houston/bellaire-meyerland-west-university/development/2020/02/17/work-on-new-zoning-district-for-former-chevron-property-inches-forward/
  7. https://communityimpact.com/houston/bellaire-meyerland-west-university/development/2020/02/19/meyerland-apartment-community-nob-hill-is-for-sale/
  8. And if the gateway station would ever get off the ground too. It shares the same block as the A&M development. I wonder if the A&M development will be a tipping point for the transit center . https://mcmunnnicholas.wixsite.com/nicholasmcmunnarch/copy-of-confidential-casino-and-res
  9. ABC13 just had a blurb saying that A&M is releasing an announcement today at 11 about a development in Houston that would be “one of the largest in the country”.
  10. Still there, still rotting away... Interesting video KPRC did about it: https://www.click2houston.com/news/investigates/2020/01/18/once-popular-houston-shopping-destination-now-riddled-with-violations/
  11. Dang, you’re right. My bad guys! Triton is also right on the 42 story and block 42
  12. A structural permit was issued for this back at the end of September. It also lists it as 46 stories http://www.cohtora.houstontx.gov/ibi_apps/WFServlet.ibfs?IBIF_webapp=/ibi_apps&IBIC_server=EDASERVE&IBIWF_msgviewer=OFF&IBIAPP_app=soldpermits&IBIF_ex=sold_permit_d&CLICKED_ON=&PN=18099112&PT=13 Project Details Project No: 18099112 Date : 2019/09/26 00:00:00 USE : HIGH RISE SHELL & CORE FOR APTS 1-46-1-S Owner/Occupant : *BLOCK
  13. Wow, this thing doubles in height every 6 months!! Can't wait to see the renders in 2020! https://bkvgroup.com/project/bristol-cove/ Completion in early 2021... They better get a move on!
  14. Saw some surveying stakes and some markers around trees at this site this morning. And there's new renderings on the LoopNet listing:
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