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  1. In the 60's we lived in the southeast neighborhood of Overbrook, and because of my allergies, my mom would drive me to the medical center every Friday for a weekly allergy shot. From time to time mom would combine these allergy clinic visits with a downtown shopping visit to Foley's and of course drag me with her. It was during one of those of those downtown treks that I discovered Howard's Fun Shop nearby Foleys. What a magical experience for a kid! There was a cowbell on the door to alert employees of our entrance. I'm not sure if Howard was still alive when I discovered his fun shop as it w
  2. I used to frequent that Buffalo Speedway Luby's quite a bit in the 90's/early 2000's. One of the things I recall is how often I would see sports reporter Kenny Hand and Chronicle columnist Ken Hoffman there. I'd bet Kenny Hand ate there almost every day judging by how often I saw him. Even with that retirement home behind them and Greenway Plaza right across the freeway, that Luby's location was usually uncrowded, which was one of the reasons I went there often.. but unfortunately probably why they closed it. Not sure why that Luby's wasn't more crowded, but it may have been due to competiti
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