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  1. It was a great place to go dancing. They didn't always card you at the door.
  2. Telephone Road - the first Tex-Mex I ever had was at El Patio. I believe it was the original location. I don't know if any are left now. Also, Globe Discount Shopping City in the original Gulfgate, first mall in Houston. It was, I think, the first of the "Walmart-type" stores. The kolache shop down by El Patio.
  3. I loved PIno's. I lived in an apartment complex on Hillcroft, late 60s, so close we could walk. Loved the food. So sad to see it go. Same thing with Ballatori's. I forgot the street, but it was in a bank vault across the Gulf Freeway from UH. Their carciofi fritti was to die for.
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