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  1. toga


    Adriono now has a Italian restaurant in College Station,still serve their famous beef cannelloni. I spoke with his wife and Pino is still doing good!
  2. Also a place called Fishermen s Wharf, I think it was near the astrodome, had a 7 or so course meal and it was fantastic, at least when I was a kid. I remember the big biscuits and strawberry jelly Dermeris BBQ too
  3. toga


    There might have been an original one on Voss, but this was on Hillcroft near Westhiemer as far as I can remember. Pino and Adriano owned it, Adriano had a Pantera he always parked out front.Yes Marvin would come in some, a lot of the Rockets and Oilers too. The beef cannelloni was killer.
  4. Pino's Safari, a steak house I think in the Galleria area.
  5. toga


    Anyone remember the restaurant? I loved the food, was a busboy there in 1975-76
  6. Lived on Sharpcrest from 65 till 81, well I moved out in 78 parents in 1981. Nothing but fields around when we first moved in, went to Neff, Sharpstown jr and sr high, grad in 1978 . I had forgot most of the stuff people posted about the area. Fun read, We played baseball, football, and other games in back yard, our house and the Beans didnt have fence between the houses, Fun stuff.
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