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  1. Yeah, thats horrible misinformation. I'm surprised the one 3/3 unit came in at $9,400 a month. When that was talked about during development they were talking between $7-$8k/month. Guess they think they can fill it. In their defense it is the only unit like that and its got a damn nice view and tons of private patio space.
  2. @H-TownChris2 Its called a safety or debris net. Same difference.
  3. Don't expect anything more than a garage for the moment. The word is mum on anything else.
  4. It works out damn near the same though... August of 2016 is a week away
  5. Worse things could be built. And why not? Do a full block with a CFA drive though and then put a second level of retail and then parking and then they can top it off with whatever kind of building they want.
  6. I feel like there is no chance an 8/16 start date is going to happen... They got Hines involved and its out for bid right now. I can't remember when they said it was due it, but those things are going to take more than two weeks from now to shake out.
  7. Perhaps I should have gone with woof in response to the garage post. I'm sure it'll be hideous. I will say though, I would love a chic-fil-a over here. Barnabys is horribly expensive, Fusion Taco sucks and is expensive, Hearsay & Batanga are also expensive. I'm tired of eating at Market Square Bar & Grill. Walking to the garage to drive somewhere is a pain. There needs to be more options down here :/ Especially cause summer is hot AF and that kills any motivation to walk to the tunnels.
  8. I do know but can't share at this time. An above ground structure is all I can give you.
  9. Based on what I heard today, this is a green light.
  10. Or there is the a la Skanska route. Build a garage and wait for the tenant to come along.
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