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  1. I now office in the former Bob Bailey studios building at 931 Yale St with Houston House & Home Magazine and Dallas/Fort Worth House&Home magazine . I know that the former "Houston Life" magazine ran his/their photos on their back page back in the mid 90s. So there may be some archives you can look for of that magazine. Also, I believe the main library downtown's adjacent historic building has some of the photos. If not, the currator is an encyclopedia of Houston history and can point you toward more information concerning the Bailey series. It is apparently the largest collection of historic city photography not currently being displayed. The Houston Press did a story on the Bailey collection a couple of years ago. You could search their website for back issues concerning info. Hope that helps. Not sure when the restoration process at UT ends and can't verify where or when they'll end up at A&M. But isn't it about time (much like many cities) we have a City of Houston Museum in conjunction with Sesquicentennial Park or The City of Houston or a historic preservation council? It would be great for school children to be able to take fieldtrips to such a facility where they could see Bailey's photos of Houston over the last 80 years as well as learn about some of our interesting characters who helped create the place we all live.
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    Here's all I've come up with so far: http://www.pps.org/info/projectexp/houston_park Originally, if I remember correctly, this new GRB fronting park was imagined to be similar to Bryant Park in Manhattan. Bryant Park is roughly a great lunchtime gathering spot with a patch of grass for free concerts, lined with trees around the park's perimeter, adjacent to the main branch of the NY Public Library. It works really well there, and that concept could also work really well at our convention center since it is adjacent to the office buildlings and would attract office workers of Houston Center buildings and the conventioneers from the GRB and Hilton Americas Hotel. It may also spur residential high-rise growth along it's borders. There is a small rendering on the above website url link. Hope that is helpful.
  3. I thought I just read in the houston business journal that this location is going to be leased to a starbucks franchise.
  4. i agree. i too lived in san francisco pre-ipod/digital internet music days and loved walking three blocks from my apartment to the virgin megastore and listening to music, reading/perusing books, and having a bite in the virgin cafe. the new nordstrom here pales in comparison to the west coast nordstroms, so i can only assume that a downtown houston virgin megastore (if ever realized) may be a middle america/second-tier version as well. but i suppose we could keep our fingers crossed.
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