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  1. Sad topic. My Uncle Louis was one of the teachers killed in the blast. His father was a doctor who went out to help. Great granddad was a man with the intestinal fortitude to amputate part of his own finger but having to identify his son's body was something he took a while to come to grips with. He was a stickler for having all his children along with wives/husbands and grandchildren gather together for the holidays. Somewhere we have originals of the front page of the paper announcing Louis' death.
  2. Don't forget the Two Pesos on Gessner. They had a two lane drive-thru.
  3. Wasn't there a Sak N Save in that building? This would have been in the late 80s or early 90s. If I had the money I'd buy that Value Village. I've never been inside but I've loved the outside since the days when I used to bug mom for Andie's mints at Monterey House.
  4. The Laufman's was in the little building facing west along Long Point, right? Was dangerously close to buying a Constellation with the tuning fork movement a couple years ago. Was scared off with tales of rapidly disappearing parts. And now my '67 Connie has been sitting at the watchmaker's for a year waiting on a calendar part. Luckily the Cosmic is in good kit. I try not to think about how difficult it is to find watchmakers any more. At this rate I expect to see someone quoting The Rubaiyat.
  5. MK, Mom's was white with the same hubcaps as the one in your family. Black vinyl interior. Erin and I got so tired of being told not to wear shorts in the car during high summer. What else were you supposed to wear? And how my thighs fried on the back seat. She traded it for a Mailbu Classic in booger green that was less car and more rolling disappointment. It was that hideous replacement that first made me aware of nice cars, good cars, and mom's car, lol. Dad had a '75 Fleetwood that he sold to my stepmother's parents in '77 for a mere $200. It was the evangelist model - white paint, w
  6. Thank you. Put in my request. Had no idea that group existed. The longer I'm on the topic the more comes back to me. Like the old XX theater and honky tonk that were at Pech and Long Point. You better believe mom never let her wheels touch that parking lot.
  7. I hear you. For me the site is a memory jogger. The details fill themselves in. My mental version of Pencil Thin Mustache. My most familiar part of Memorial is between Chimney Rock and Gessner. Within were a broad range of size and styles. From the Coke Bottle house at San Felipe and Memorial to the colonial heavy area around Knipp Road. Here are two my dad owned. Both on the same street but with different wives.
  8. http://memorialbendarchitecture.com/bend.htm You should enjoy this site then. Have spent way too much time on it myself.
  9. Long Point was one of those streets that features a lot in my life in the 70s. I don't remember much about the strip between the railroad tracks and Antoine. I noticed the other day that Empress Chinese restaurant is still there. Looks about the same as it always has. Ate there once in the 90s. Next door was Speedy's where they had a game room and a go-kart track. From Antoine to Wirt was always a string a cruddy apartments. Mom always advised us to lock the doors through there. I think she figured Sissy Spacek's babysitter and her two youngest were prime targets. Weiner's at Wirt and Long Poi
  10. Though we were never allowed to eat there I want the big bull from El Toro d'Oro on Long Point. It's even cooler than the big boy in front of Kip's in Highland Village.
  11. Rong Sing in Town and Country. Panjo's too. Mom never let me get an airplane shaped pizza, lol. Monterey House on Gessner. God help us all if a stray onion bit arrived with my Saltillo Plate back then.
  12. Checked with my older sister and she doesn't remember the name of the place. Kinda reminds me of the Ranch 99 at Blalock when that was an empty lot. Explored there with my brother. I remember him making perfect miniature bricks out of wet soil there.
  13. Don't forget the Del Taco on South Gessner. Close to a Chicago style deep dish pizza place. A little bit south of Westpark if my memory is holding up.
  14. Shame they missed capturing the little locksmith building in the Sears parking lot. Was looking for the old Allied Bank building too. Why do I think that arcade had doors inside and outside of the mall?
  15. She's older and may know better. I'll post some memories in the relevant topics. I have been looking at West Houston archives. It's a little northwest for me. For the longest time Kempwood and Hammerly was the farthest corner of the world for me. Before shuffling along and since Carillion is close to the Woodlake center I'll apologize now if anyone here had a red Alfa Romeo Spyder at the club there one night in the early 90s and found it full of menthol shaving cream.
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