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  1. Demolition is currently happening. The building along Emancipation is gone.
  2. Don’t know if this means anything, but this sign is new.
  3. They said they took it down for a tune-up, but it is going to be back. This is how they responded to someone’s same question on Facebook.
  4. I live down the street from this development, in a newer townhome, and I happily welcome this development. New Hope keeps their developments looking great and I believe it is possible for different types of housing to co-exist.
  5. Chick-Fil-A had a pop-up in that space for the week of Super Bowl. It is not permanent.
  6. Pappadeaux is open! Started serving dinner at 5 pm and handing you a gift card for dinner tonight!
  7. Marriott Marquis officially opens at 11 am today. Took a tour of this amazing hotel this morning and it is a game changer for this city. So proud of what they've done here and how every detail was inspired by aspects of Houston. The pool, hot tub, and lazy river, which are all heated, open today, as well. The hotel representative did say Xochi will open January 16, but Biggio's and Walker Street cafe will open today.
  8. I went to Bowl and Barrel at CityCentre this afternoon and met a construction manager from Free Range Concepts. He came up and asked how we liked the place. It really was cool and I will definitely go back. I asked him about this project and he confirmed that this block is going to The Rustic - their live, outdoor music venue, kitchen and bar concept. Had no specifics on the time, but they are really excited to bring it to Houston.
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