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  1. Hardy Yards Development

    It's a condemnation proceeding, related to the Hardy Toll Road Extension. The cause number is 2016-13877. See attached PDF for details. Harris County v CR V Hardy Yards.pdf
  2. Hi all, This is my first post here. I'm about to close on my first property, here inside the loop. There's a structure on the property that the city condemned. I plan to tear it down and build later, probably a few years down the road after I rebuild my savings. The structure is a frame house, a little over 900 square feet, sitting on pier and beam. There's also a small concrete porch. A few questions: What should I expect in demo costs? Would it be more prudent to wait until later to tear it down, when the market becomes a little cooler, and there's less demand for demolition contractors? Also, can the city make me tear it down before then, or fine me if I don't? I certainly don't plan on moving into the structure. I appreciate your help. Thanks in advance!